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#7 July to September 2019 (Whoops a month late this time)

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CASE STUDY: Schrodinger the Manx Cat

I'm sure you have all seen Schrodinger over the past couple of years on my facebook page.  Schrodinger is one of my cats.  I adopted him as a 5 month old rescue deaf manx.  When I picked him up, he bunny hopped at speed as many manx cats do, and was exceedingly friendly and confident.  However as he approached the 12 month mark, we noticed that he stopped jumping as much, and although he liked human company, he didn't want to be touched. 
He had a few consultations with orthopedic specialists and a thorough work up. We discovered extra vertebra and prolapsed discs.  Pain medication trials only helped briefly.  In May this year he had deteriorated.  We could barely touch him, he was crouched, and had slow reflexes in hind leg and took excessively long to urinate.  We were considering the possibility of surgery.  He had a CT scan at which point we identified a few extra issues.
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Training Exercise - Teaching your cat to like his carrier

Many cats unfortunately associate their carriers with only unpleasant things.  Instead lets break it down and make it much more rewarding for your cat.

To begin - leave the cat carrier out, with the door off or tied open (so it doesn't accidently bang).  
Spray the box with feliway (feline facial pheromone), add some cat nip, and pop a few of your cats favorite treats in the box.

You can even take the top off the carrier and just work with the base to begin with.

Gradually increase criteria.  Reinforcing for choosing to stay in the box.  With time close the door, reward, open the door etc.  

This is a video I made when teaching Isaac and Temple to like their crate.

Before moving the box or taking your cat in to the car, cattery or veterinarian - cover the box with a towel  -this can greatly reduce stress.

When carrying the box, avoid using the handle.  Instead, bend with your knees, and pick up the box so that it is held close to your abdomen with hands on each side.  This will make for a much more stable ride and will help your cat relax. 

This link shows the difference between a good carry and a poor carry. 

It is also important to keep up the crate training.  Ensuring many more good experiences associated with the crate/carrier than negative ones.  A quick video with Schrodinger's continuing crate games is shown here

The crates I like the most are sturdy, with both a top opening and front door, and should be able to come apart in to a base and top, so that you can break the training process down in to manageable and bite sized pieces.

Article of Interest - Keeping cats happy.

There are so many things that should be considered when owning cats.  Number one, is they aren't small dogs.  Their needs are different and they need to be met if you wish to ensure your cat is happy and healthy.

A cat’s level of comfort with its environment is intrinsically linked to its physical health, emotional wellbeing and behaviour. (Ellis et al., 2013)

Things to consider include.

The social needs of cats and introductions to other animals.
Resources that they find valuable

  • Food stations
  • Water stations
  • Litter and locations
  • Resting/sleeping/hiding areas
  • Vertical space
  • Scratching areas
  • Toys
  • Human interaction
Read the article attached to find out how to best meet the needs of your cat.

Read more here.

Treat Test - Dine Creamy Treats

These are a paste like, super tasty reward that you can use as a training aid with your cat.  Carefully open the end to create hole, and gently squeeze small lickable reward reinforcers.  This has been incredibly helpful for both Bru (another cat I am working with), and Schrodinger to help capture those desired behaviours and reward stillness etc without overfilling them, or having to wait for them to chew a biscuit etc.

Toy Recommendation - Scream Slow Feed Bowl

The Scream Slow Feed Interactive bowl is a great tool to introduce a dog or cat to enrichment feeding. By providing 'obstacles' for food to hide between, the animals are forced to eat slower stopping food from being gulped too fast. The colour centre can be removed when first introducing this bowl to your dog or cat for an easier transition.

Pets and Technology - Real Razor Prank App

My niece introduced me to a great little app.  Its actually designed to prank people that you have used an electronic razor on them.  It sounds like a razor,and physically makes your phone/device vibrate.  When the sensor at the top of the phone is covered (by hair/fur), it also changes to the sound of cutting.  
This app has so much potential to help condition dogs and cats to the noise of clippers and somewhat to the feel of them as well.  Many people often only consider that long haired dogs and cats are clipped, however if your dog/cat goes in to the vet for blood tests, biopsies, ultrasounds, or surgery more than likely they will experience clippers at some point.

Important Dates

09/08/2019-18/08/2019 Brisbane Ekka (fireworks nightly)
19/08/2019 RSPCA Cupcake Day
24/08/2019 Paws at the park market - Gold Coast
25/08/2019 Dogs Day Out - Newstead House
25/08/2019 All Dogs Sport Spectacular - Durack
10/09/2019-14/09/2019 Getting 2 Zero (8th National Summit - Gold Coast)


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