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The Rev. Rebecca Nickel, Rector

Sunday Worship Service @ 10am 
Godly Play @ 10am
Sunday Bible Study @ 11:20am

Sunday Worship and Bible Study are livestreamed 
for those who are not yet comfortable meeting in-person
This Week at St. Timothy's - December 2, 2021

8pm - Al-Anon
8pm - AA 


Story of St. Nicholas

10am - Holy Eucharist Worship Service (In-person & livestreamed)
10am - Godly Play Attend Worship to hear the story of St. Nicholas  
11am - Coffee Hour 
11.20am - Bible Study in Williams Hall and live streamed
5pm - CS Team Meeting
6pm - Leadership CS Mtg



7pm - AA (WPBP Group)



8pm - Al-Anon
8pm - AA 

12p-6p - Private use of Craine Hall 

Consecration Sunday
10am - Holy Eucharist Worship Service (In-person & livestreamed)
10am - Godly Play Class
NO Bible Study this week
11:15am - Celebration Luncheon

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Gary Allen; Jennifer Allen; Ellen Bell; The Rev. Ray Bradley; John and Sylvia Brockman; Daniel Brown; Tessa Molli Cassetty; Judy Champa; Gordon Chastain and Tom Honderich; June and Dick Cunneen; Leanor Formo; Susan Giles; Jerry Gillooly;  Ron Gulley; Steve Joyce; Sherry Kobe; Greg Latimer; Misty Lewellen; Siafa and Taj Massaley; The Rev. Dr. Jackie Means; Sam Ostrander; John Prey; Kait and Jonathan Riddle; Penny Smith; Pauline Tischner; Carla Cummins Tuite; Veronica and Anitra Tyler; Brett Wallace; Mark Winter; Caroline; Connie; Dawn; Janice Ann; Jeff; Joe; Lee; Missy; Steve; Wanda.

The above prayer list are friends, family, current and former members of our parish family. Please email Linda Dernier at with additions or deletions.  


The Second Sunday of Advent

Trinity, Anderson;
The Rt. Rev. William Smalley

Rev. Rebecca Nickel (12/7)
Abraham Nyonpon (12/8)

  • Reverend Rebecca is available by appointment. Please email: or call her cell phone.
  • If you or a loved one goes into the hospital or if there is a death in the family immediately call Rebecca.
  • Rev. Rebecca’s Sabbath is Friday. See the monthly church calendar for updated information regarding her schedule.
  • When Rev. Rebecca is out of town or on vacation and you have a pastoral emergency please call the Rev. Dr. Jackie Means or Rev. Canon Raymond Bradley.
Prayer List Requests

email to Linda Dernier

Please email ALL correspondence directly to Linda Dernier at:
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Godly Play 

The Story of St Nicholas

All Children are asked to attend the 10a Worship Service


During Advent, we will be collecting items for the patients at Payton Manning Children Hospital. There will be a box in the hall for your donations. In order to ensure the health of all the patients, all donations must be new and in original packaging. Choose from this list of their Top Needed Items or go to make your selections at the Payton Manning Children’s Hospital Wish List on Amazon

Greatest Needs List
  •  Art Supplies: Colored pencils, Markers, Glue, Paint (washable) Crayola brand are the best.
  • Board Books
  • Lego Sets
  • Decks of cards/UNO, Phase Ten
  • Doctor Kits
  • Handheld infant toys/Infant toys with lights and sound (all plastic)
  • LEGO/Duplo blocks
  • Playduh/Model Magic/Modeling clay
  • Small toys featuring popular characters (ie, Elmo, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train, Disney Princesses, Frozen, Paw Patrol, Marvel Superheroes)
An opportuntiy to view s
pecial items made by Ciana Authier and Nwane McLane will be on display and for sale during coffee hour on Sunday, December 5th.

These two wonderful women could use our help to promote their businesses. Folks are under no obligation to make any purchases.

Ciana runs a small business C’s Creations, and makes all handmade, all natural creams, lotions, soaps and scrubs. The products are suitable for all skin types, men, women, young and old. You can follow and "Like" her Facebook Page
Nwane finds many ways to repurpose old items into a new creation, she loves to design and create crafts on a small budget.

Are you aware of anyone else at St. Timothy's whose small business we can promote? Please let us know by emailing the office at .
** December Bible Study Schedule

We will meet on December 5 and 19 ONLY, and will resume in January on the 9th for more hybrid versions of Bible Study using Zoom and in-person meeting on Sunday's @ 11:20am.

If you need the zoom meeting information contact Tim Kramer.
Christmas Poinsettia Flowers: Forms & Envelopes are on the entrance hallway table. Please return no later than Sunday, December 19.
We will be posting the minutes on the bulletin board, and we will continue to post the accepted minutes here for you.

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LIVE Stream to YouTube

Please know that to join us On-Line EACH Sunday go to:  St. Timothy's Episcopal Church Indy. 
Sermons on line Visit
In case you missed it .....

Recorded direct from the In-Person worship service in the Sanctuary
Watch the 11/28/2021 YouTube.
Rev. Dr. Jackie Means leads The Holy Eucharist: Rite Two service, and preaches on The Frist Sunday of Advent

To see all of the St. Timothy's YouTube recordings visit the YouTube channel
Why I Give, My testimony of gratitude

As some of you may know, I am a cradle Episcopalian, meaning that this has been my faith practice since birth. From infancy through high school, my family attended Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis where I received a great many blessings: my baptism as a baby, weekly Godly Play lessons (identical to those we provide here), acolyting when I was old enough and learning how to be a cross-bearer, taperer, banner-holder, and even a thurifer who (frighteningly) was trusted to swing the thurible of lit incense at Christmas and Easter services in my youth. One of the greatest blessings Trinity provided, in hindsight, was routine fellowship and time with my maternal grandparents, who were also parishioners. They are both with God now, but sometimes if I close my eyes, I can still hear them singing ‘Holy, holy, holy Lord’ or saying the Lord’s Prayer. I received these beautiful gifts for free.

Then, I was in youth groups from age 13 through 18, during which my peers and I were welcomed to bring our deep faith-based questions without judgement or lectures. We explored texts like the Book of Job and Song of Solomon that have a tendency to raise more questions - and eyebrows - than answers, and were never scolded for our curiosity and questions. When I was 16, my youth group traveled to Cody, Wyoming on a pilgrimage to appreciate God’s beauty in nature and to commune with members of the Crow tribe. It was a beautiful experience that I received due to contributions from both my parents and generous parishioners.

When I left home for college at Butler University, I met Father Charles Allen, the chaplain of Grace Unlimited, a blended Episcopalian and Lutheran ministry. When my parents separated during my junior year and proceeded to divorce during the following year, he listened patiently as I grieved what I was losing and tried to find my place in my new family framework. I was exposed to new theological ideas and religious authors, like Paul Tillich, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Peter Rollins, Rob Bell, and Rachel Held Evans. Contributions from the Episcopal Diocese, the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, and donations from numerous parishes around Indianapolis allowed me to receive these gifts without any out-of-pocket expense.

After attending Butler, I studied briefly at Northwestern University’s downtown Chicago campus where I spent three months eating a lot of deep dish pizza and living alone in a small studio apartment. It was my first time living entirely alone, and I missed my family and Tim, to whom I had just gotten engaged. During the week, school kept me incredibly busy, but the weekends were void and lonely. Fortunately, I lived within walking distance to St. James Cathedral, a beautiful Episcopal church with a full choir and the liturgy, music, hospitality, and big red door that brought me comfort and a sliver of home on Sunday morning. It was a weekly reminder that I wasn’t REALLY alone - God was and always has been with me. Even though I was not a contributing member there, the community welcomed me and the service provided me a source of peace.

Now that I am an adult, I can look back on these blessings in my life with a deep appreciation for the faith communities who provided them. I feel called to give and support the missions of St. Timothy’s because I know that we provide those same blessings to other ‘Kellys’ like me in the world who will enfold our beloved parish into their own spiritual journey. God calls me to give as a way to recognize all that I have been fortunate enough to receive and as a way to continue and deepen my own faith practices.

Thank you!
Kelly Nickson
In this long season of gratitude and giving, Steve Polston will include short smartphone videos made by Saints in regular bursts on the St. Timothy’s YouTube channel.

If you can make horizontal videos of less than 30 seconds showing what you are thankful for, plan to send them to You need not appear in the video and you need not include audio unless the sound is part of the moment of gratitude.

Please include your first and last name in the email message with your video.
Christmas at St. Timothy's

Would you attend a LATE Christmas Eve Service at 11pm? If so, please see the sheet on the entrance hall table to sign up and let us know of your intentions.

Don’t want to stay out that late? No worries, plan to attend the earlier service at 6pm: the family Godly Play Christmas Eve Service, or the 10am Christmas Day Service.
To view a partial  DECEMBER
Participant List
Click Here
Those serving 
on December 5

YOUTH Sunday
Advent II

Rev. Dr. Jackie Means

Saint Nicholas
(Rev. Bradley)

Rev. Dr. Jackie Means

Music Director
Jerry Gillooly

1st Lesson
Chris Kramer

Psalm Reader
Sheryl Otter

2nd Reading
Tim Nickson

Prayers of the People 
Kitty Herndon

CS Speaker
Judy Noggle

M. Ellsworth
D. Ellsworth

Godly Play

St. Nicholas
Those serving 
on December 12

Conseceation Sunday
Advent III

Rev. Dr. James Lemler

Rev. Dr. James Lemler

Rev. Rebecca Nickel

Music Director
Jerry Gillooly

1st Lesson
Steve Alexander

Psalm Reader
Barb Helt

2nd Reading
Kelly Nickson

Prayers of the People 
Molly Ellsworth

CS Speaker

Margaret Cook

Godly Play

Judy Noggle
Patti Hall
The altar flowers are given to the glory of God and in thanksgiving of the 82nd birthday of my dad, Samuel K. Massaley
by Maima Dahl.
Join the The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis here at the IndyDio Virtual Abbey each day (except Sunday mornings) as we pray together using Facebook Live. English language prayer services at 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and Spanish language prayer services at 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Click on the words General Newsletter to see all the news and opportunities happening in/and around the Diocese.
General Newsletter as of 11/24/2021

Leadership Newsletter as of 12/1/2021


Although congregations are now meeting in person and on-line as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the bishop’s office is still offering to process online gifts on behalf of congregations, and will absorb all payment processing fees. Every dollar of a contribution will go to the congregation.

Click here to find the Donate Button

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Sacred Ground Alumni Action Alert
As a participant of “Sacred Grounds” we are asking for your assistance in fulfilling a 2020 Diocesan Resolution.  It calls for volunteer lay leaders to work under the direction of the local “Union of Black Episcopalians” (UBE) chapter to “Gather stories and examples of our historic complicity in acts of prejudice, discrimination, racism, and systemic oppression from our congregations, members, and community partners,”

We need your help by approaching Episcopal parishes in your area to participate in fulfilling this resolution by encouraging them to engage their parishioners to share stories and be willing to be interviewed with questions provided in advance by the UBE. Also ask for someone in each parish to search their historical records for evidence of historic complicity in acts of prejudice, discrimination, racism, and systemic oppression.
You would then Report to The Project Manager (Larry Krauser) names and contact information of persons willing to engage in the fulfilling of this mission. The Project Manager will then follow-up on the contact information.
The Project Manager will be documenting the stories and evidence found. Stories can be shared orally via Zoom interview, or in-person recording, or written.
There are some pre-interview forms and A/V release for the participants to fill out in advance.  1) Demographic information survey, 2) Interview prompts, 3) A/V Release and schedule request.
These forms are to be forwarded to the Project Manager to schedule an interview.  Forms can be filled out on-line or hard copy and mailed.
The result of gathering these stories will be to record and edit them into an educational documentary of our diocesan history and made available to the parishes in the Diocese of Indianapolis as a first step toward racial healing.
Please prayerfully consider helping in this important work.
 Mariann Scott  -UBE President
Larry Krauser- Project Manager
4503 N. College Ave, Indianapolis, IN      317-985-1121     
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