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Coronavirus: What You Need to Know
Nimiipuu Health Contact Information
Lapwai- (208)843-2271
Kamiah- (208)935-0733
Emergency- 911
This informational resource will provide an overview of items every person should be aware of when it comes to COVID-19 and the Nez Perce Tribe. All information is from and medical experts from Nimiipuu Health.
Additional information has been, and will continue to be, shared on the following sites:
All flyers are able to be enlarged and printed. Most text has an audio option included. This information will be updated as necessary. We encourage you to share with others. 
Coronavirus 101
What is Coronavirus? (text/audio)
What are the symptoms? (text/audio)
What do I do if I am sick? (text/audio)
Who is at higher risk? (text/audio)

How do I reduce risk if I am higher risk? (text/audio)
When can home isolation discontinue? (text/audio)
To isolate or to quarantine? (flyer)
The most effective means of control is elimination of COVID-19; we cannot do or control this.
Next we look to engineering means to reduce hazards with barriers. A partition, separate office, plexi-glass at counters, etc. are examples of these protective methods.
Our LEAST effective means of protection is PPE.
Cleaning & Sanitation
Workplace Decision Tool (flyer)
Hand Washing (flyer)
Respiratory Hygiene & Cough Etiquette (flyer)
Vehicle Cleaning (check list)
Masks & Gloves
Mask Wearing 101 (video)
Cloth Face Coverings (flyer)

When to Wear Gloves (text/audio)
How to Properly Remove Gloves (flyer)
Social Distancing
What is social distancing? (text/audio)
Be like ictiyehe (flyer)
The distance of a saq'antáayx (flyer)
Nez Perce Tribe Policy
NP 20-291 Return to Work (pdf)
NP 20-258 Amended Standard Operating Procedures (pdf)
NP 20-216 Declaration State of Emergency (pdf)
NP 20-215 Amended COVID-19 ICT (pdf)
Funeral Policy in Response to Threat of COVID-19 (pdf)

Idaho Rebounds: Guidelines for Opening Up Idaho (pdf)
Transition to Paperless
Finance Electronic Forms Memo (pdf)
Requisition (fillable)
Payroll (fillable)
Mileage/Misc. Expense (fillable)

How to Create a Digital Signature (pdf)