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Eraserheader's Notable Numbers: fascinating facts to spire you to do more with your business online
Fascinating facts to inspire you to do more with your business online.
January 2019 edition. Did you also get that crazy cold/flu bug?

Over 4 million blog posts are published every day.

Wow that number makes my head spin! I bring this up not to make your posts seem insignificant. But we must understand that simply hitting "publish" doesn't mean anyone will read our content. Now that you know how many are published every day, and assuming your topic is covered in at least 0.5% of that content, what will you do to insure it's seen? Social media, newsletters, SEO and targeted ads, my dears! 


A legally blind fan of Beyoncé is filing a class action lawsuit about her inaccessible website

I've been appalled at the amount of scoffing people have been doing over the news of a legally blind fan of Beyonce filing a class action lawsuit about The internet was meant to be accessible to all, yet visually impaired fans of the mega-star can't even click her dropdown links or purchase concert tickets. Even if you don't think you'll ever be sued over this, I beg of you to audit your site to insure it meets basic accessibility requirements (WCAG 2.0). Fill in your alt tags on images at the very least!


Customer care teams are 10x more likely to resolve customer inquiries via private channels these days.

Conversocial released an interesting report called "The Definitive Guide To Customer Service in the Era of Social Messaging". In it, they mention how customer care is more likely to resolve issues via Facebook chat, Twitter DM and other private channels. Ten times more likely than more traditional channels just two years ago! No matter what size your business is, it's worth considering what you can do to insure your customers can reach you at their convenience. Especially for easy-to-automate queries such as hours of operation and return policies.


Content marketing results in 6x more conversions than other forms of marketing

I was reading this great blog post on 4 Ways to Use Adaptive Forms To Improve Your Lead Gen Efforts when I came across this stat. What is means is that if you offer something such as an eBook, video or webinar, people are far more likely to fill out your form. Basically, people want something worth their while in exchange for giving you their details. Want to get into content marketing? Dop me a line: I know a lot of different low-tech ways to start capturing your ideal audience without all the headache. 


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