The Seth House, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization,
dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic building where Seth spoke.
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         Last month we had our first "Open House" to celebrate Jane Roberts' 90th Birthday on May 8th. It was a huge success and we met so many wonderful people. It was so much fun that we're doing it again. It just so happens that Robert Butts' 100th Birthday is June 20th. Wow! As soon as we realized this we knew this would be the day. So please join us here at The Seth House for...
* * *  Our 2nd "Open House"  * * *
Celebrating Robert Butts' 100th Birthday!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

10am-9pm - Drop in anytime.

       Come see this historic building - The birthplace of the international bestseller "Seth Speaks". Find out what's going on to restore this (kinda shabby) house and make it into a new, beautiful community center. This is the place where Jane Roberts “channeled” an entity named Seth. This is where her husband Robert Butts (who we'll be celebrating on June 20th) masterfully transcribed Seth's remarkable teachings for over 20 years. 45 books were written and nearly 8 million copies have been sold. Their work has gone on to become some of the most significant and influential of its kind.

       Their actual physical lifespans were:  Robert Butts - June 20, 1919 - May 26, 2008 ... Jane Roberts - May 8, 1929 - September 5, 1984. We celebrate their lives and their work. We plan on having an Open House event here every month so that everyone can come back to see our progress as it happens.

The  Big - Big - Big - Big 

N E W S !

This Week...

         We are arranging an appointment to meet with our attorney, and our friend who is the current owner of the building, to work out the details for the actual purchase of The Seth House. This is really big. Negotiations are underway for the 501c3 Non-Profit to purchase this building where Jane Roberts channeled Seth. This is where most of the Seth books were written, so it's time to restore and preserve this house for all time.

         There's a lot of legal work to be done now. So wish us all the best. We are learning to speak Legal-ese. We are reading (and writing) the fine print. It's important to get all the details just right. There'll be more meetings, math and magic to come. Please keep us in your thoughts, we need to do eveyrthing just right, because this will be some of the most important paperwork any of us here will ever be signing. 


We Invite you to Support this Financially.

Now's the time we need your contributions the most. Whatever money we raise now will go directly towards making the actual downpayment on the house. This will make 
The Seth House dream become a reality. 


If You Would Like to, Please Donate to THE SETH HOUSE.
Anything You can Afford now will be Deeply Appreciated.

We've started a new "Crowdfunding Campaign"
to help raise funds for the downpayment.
Please click a few buttons here to help make history:


And of course there's good old Paypal:  

"Snail Mail" Works Too!
You can send Checks & Money Orders to: 
THE SETH HOUSE, 458 W. Water St, #1A, Elmira, NY 14905

Many questions are answered on our website, especially right here:
Here you can also find more ways you can bring your
creative energy and know-how to this project.

           We thank you with all our hearts for your support and for sharing this vision of a beautiful community center to promote the Seth material and for restoring the very building where most of Seth's words were spoken. We are looking forward to the time when more people will enjoy the wonderful and life-affirming message he gave. We hope to see you someday right here, at The Seth House, the place where it all began...

With Love, Light, and Deep Appreciation,
Oshara, Kate & The Seth House Team

458 W. Water Street, Apt #1A
Elmira, NY 14905

(607) 302-8211

The Seth House, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization,
dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic building where Seth spoke.
Copyright © 2019 The Seth House, All rights reserved.

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