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This is “The Seth House” photographed March 2018 ~ Jane & Rob’s apartment is on the second floor. Let’s fix this place up and make it beautiful for generations to come.


Hello <<First Name>>, Seth Readers & Friends,


If You Haven't Already Heard About
Here’s the Scoop…


THE SETH HOUSE is the apartment building in Elmira NY where Jane Roberts & Robert Butts lived from 1960-1975. This is the place where Jane channeled an entity named Seth. Seth's teachings are profound, transformational and life-enhancing.

We are happy to announce that efforts are underway to purchase this old building, restore it, and open it up as a public place for all to enjoy. Our work to form a "501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation" is nearly complete. Creating a legal structure such as this will help preserve the building and honor the memory of what took place within these walls. 

The creative output that Seth-Jane-Rob brought forth here is staggering. Together they wrote 45 books, that have sold 8 million copies, and have been translated into 12 languages. In 1963 Seth began dictating what would become over 1800 sessions of material, ranging in themes from consciousness, inter-dimensional realities, and the eternal validity of the soul. This is the place where most of the material was written.

For more about what THE SETH HOUSE hopes to achieve and for more fun facts about Seth and this project, check out the WEBSITE:

was built as a mansion in 1888. It was converted into apartments in the 1930's and is still a functioning apartment building. Today it is somewhat run down in appearance and could be called a "fixer-upper". But it's totally do-able and it could once again become a beautiful building that honors the memory of the truly profound inter-dimensional experiences that happened here.
So let’s save THE SETH HOUSE  and make it a public meeting place for Seth Readers around the world to visit and enjoy.

This requires some financial support and some muscle too. We are sincerely asking Seth Readers and others who appreciate the value of Seth's message to support this vision.

The legal structure that is being put into place will assure the wise use of all financial considerations and that the creative visions will be thoughtfully developed. There is no other place on earth that is THE SETH HOUSE, so let's do this right.

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Very soon we will be offering free online Seth Study Groups, so that people around the world can join in and read the books together and discuss the material. 

Check out our directory on the Website. Chock full of info:


Here's how you can keep up with the journey of the Seth House…

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If you are in a financial position to pitch in a few bucks - great. If not, just send us your good vibes for the best of all manifestations.

Contributions from people who can afford whatever they can is what will help the 501(c)(3) purchase and restore the building and offer it as a gift for all generations of Seth Readers to visit and enjoy.

Find out how to donate here:
Donation Page

But again, it’s all about the wisdom and knowledge that Seth is sharing. This goes far beyond a house in Elmira, and Seth’s teachings are freely given.



Feel free to forward this email to everyone you know.


We never know when a new person may be sparked to look into Seth’s information and become inspired for the first time to dig deeper into what it’s all about. Let's all share and appreciate the wonderful words of wisdom from Seth.  

This project has such great potential and it could positively touch the lives of so many people. So as we embark upon this creative adventure we remind ourselves of Seth's sagely advice:  HAVE FUN!

Welcome to THE SETH HOUSE.
This may be the best news on earth in a long time.


  * * * Blessings Galore * * * 

From Oshara, Kate, Molly,
Daniel, Brian & Everyone Here on
"The Seth House Team"


Address:  The Seth House
                458 W. Water Street, Apt 1-A, Elmira NY 14905

Phone:  (607) 302-8211

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