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This newsletter is a little different than the ones that have been sent out in the past as we have a specific piece of news to share. This is Kate, writing from the heart. After much work and preparation, we are ready to welcome Seth Readers and friends to visit "The Seth House" in Elmira, NY.

I am taking the big step of renting out  (by the day through AirBnB)  the actual apartment where Jane & Rob lived and where Seth channeled most of the material. There has been a lot of thought and hard work put into taking these next steps. Some basic talking points are: 
  • at this time, money is needed to secure the ownership of this apartment for the future
  • we are using AirBnB to help facilitate this
  • this is one way we hope to bring Seth's House to the community
We are so happy to announce that the renovations are almost complete with Jane & Rob's original apartment. In an old building like this there will always be more to do. But this announcement is that we are ready to share Apartment #5 with Seth readers who would love to stay in the place where it all began.

To read the books in the very living room where most of the Seth Sessions were held. To sleep and dream in the bedroom where Jane dreamed. To contemplate creativity in Rob's art studio. To sit in the space where Jane wrote most of her books. And to gaze out of the original windows where they contemplated what their friend Seth was telling them about the nature of reality itself.  

Look out the windows that they looked through (yes, Oshara rescued the glass so these are original, even if a little cracked). Gaze into the mirror on the bathroom door that Jane and Seth experimented with during the ESP experiments early on (yes, there are 3 original mirrors here). We want to share this with you, our Seth Community and friends.

We have had the honor and privilege of feeling the overwhelming significance of this space, in these 5 rooms. Even as we have gotten filthy dirty trying to fix it up while exhausting ourselves and our own finances in the process.

Be forewarned, the rest of the building is not the Ritz, it's "The Seth House" but it's a very special place. Be prepared for it to not be perfect. Be prepared to see it at this early stage of renewal and becoming.

We will only be testing this out, at first, for the months of February & March to see how it goes. If it works out, we will probably continue after that. We are ready to take the first big plunge into these new waters... on Water Street.

As I'm writing this I'm getting a little emotional. This dream that Oshara and I had over a year ago is blossoming and morphing in ways we could not have imagined. We are finding new friends in all corners of the world. We are blessed to be living in this dream becoming reality.

As the year has progressed, and we waited and waited for the US Gov & IRS to approve our venture into the paperwork jungle of 501(c)(3) Non-Profit status, we were able to personally rent apartment #5 (their historic home for 15 years) and in August we started renovating it into a livable condition (it was not).  It was dirty, we found wasp nests, multiple moldy drop ceilings, all kinds of yucky things... As well as precious places invoking moments to be preserved... It was all worth it. Take a breath. Move forward.

Now for the news:

I have listed on the full suite of Apartment #5 as a place for guests to stay. This will help secure the apartment, keep it safe and restored and allow for the beginning stages of having Seth Readers stay at the Seth House. 

Here is the link to our page on AirBnB:
The Seth House at Airbnb
Above are photos of what the inside looks like today. The outside photo is from google maps.
It's pretty now. The apartment feels good now. But much of the rest of the building is shabby and sometimes stinky in the halls. It's still a work in process. Outside of #5 the halls have not been painted or cleaned yet. It isn't a pretty atmosphere, but it will be. This is the building where Seth directed his massive consciousness to manifest into this dimensional realm, and this is where he gave his words to us. We can see and feel beyond the grimy old paint to feel what happened here, in a timeless place, not so long ago.

For us, when you open the door to apt #5 it is like being transformed into another dimension. It is bright, cheery and clean... and we know what happened here. What we have created is a space for Seth Readers to simply be. To read the books in the very place where they were given.

We are taking baby steps, and huge leaps as well, to open this place to strangers, and hope for the best, and especially, to hope that we can receive financial support in all ways possible, to help keep this project moving forward. We need your financial support at this time to grow forward and make all of the necessary improvements to this building, a place of such profound significance.

Everyone is invited to join us in this great adventure. With your help, through donations, and through renting a stay with us, this will allow us to continue the improvements and to show a simple respect for the actual place where Seth spoke.

Just a disclaimer:  This apartment is NOT being rented by The Seth House, Inc. as it does not have the funds.  It is being paid for personally by us. So any stay with us, is not considered a donation to the 501(c)(3). You will find the links below to help us raise the funds to help purchase the house and keep it in good condition into the future. 

This means we are an acknowledged and fully accredited 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Foundation and certified to receive charitable contributions.This is a very big deal in the world of charity building and establishing our legitimacy as a trusted recipient of contributions and goodwill. Read more about what that means at the Guidestar Link below...


We also have a GoFund Me "Crowdfunding Campaign". 
Check it out to see what's going on there too.

And you can always use PayPal


THE SETH HOUSE can receive your tax deductible donations and you will receive verification from us for your records, and also a letter of appreciation from us.

Anyone who donates any amount to this cause will have their names enshrined upon a special artistic display in the "Welcome Center" at THE SETH HOUSE ... when we have a "Welcome Center", which will be our next big step. See the Donation Page on our website for more about that and other considerations for becoming a much beloved supporter and benefactor. 

For more information about this project and donating in general, check out the always improving Website starting with this link...



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Much Love From KATE, OSHARA 

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