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Today - DECEMBER 27th 
Marks 2 Very Special Anniversaries for
The Seth House

12-27-2017 - After over a year of talking about how it would be a great idea if this place could be restored and open to the public - Kate and Oshara decided to go for it. Let's do it, we said, let's start The Seth House. We bought the domain name and started putting the vision and the intention onto a website. Then we started working non-stop for 2 years, sometimes wondering what the heck we were doing to ourselves. Now we couldn't be happier.

12-27-2018 - We received notification that we were approved by the US Government as a 501c3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization. Yay, we became official and people knew they could entrust us with their contributions to the cause.

12-27-2019 - And here we are today, sending this newsletter out to you now to THANK YOU for your support of this project. 2019 was a wonderful year for The Seth House. It’s been an amazing year of growth, progress, meeting great people and moving forward. We deeply appreciate all the love, support and encouragement we have received. Keep it coming. 

* 2020 * - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
With high hopes for the future we step into 2020. We are energized and clear in our vision of what this place can mean to so many people. 

We hope the coming New Year will be something beautiful for YOU too! 
With personal insights, much love and beautiful awakenings to light your way.



M A N Y   T H A N K S

To Barry Noonan for gifting us with this lovely 101 year old vintage
POSTCARD of The Seth House as it was in 1918. 

There it is, front-left when it was a 30 year old yellow/white single family mansion. The huge tree in the front yard today was but a wee sapling in its baby picture below. The wrap around porch became the bedroom and kitchen for apartment #1A when it was converted to apartments in the 1930's. Jane and Rob lived in apartment #5 from 1960-1975 and created most of the Seth books on the 2nd floor, where you can see the ornate 3 vertical windows in what is now the small kitchen. Left of that you can see 2 out of the 3 bay windows that were to become the living room where Seth spoke and Jane's writing area. This is such a time-travel experience. Zoom in to get the feel of it. (The 9056 top left is the stock number from the manufacturer.)

This is so heartwarming and beautiful. We hope that you'll be able to time travel and space travel to see us in 2020 when we have this place up and running. Blessings to you all for all your support to help make this happen.

F U N D R A I S I N G   

We are continuing our Holiday Fundraiser through early January. We thank all who have been supportive of us during this amazing 2-year journey. 2020 is the year this 501c3 will restore and preserveThe Seth House, and keep it safe and loved for all time. Let's make 2020 the year that this place will be ready for the world. If you donate now, we'll be ready for your visit and sleepover in 2020. Yippee!

You can use Facebook
PayPal on our Donate page.
Checks and money orders work fine too.

Or if you'd like to make a Direct Deposit or Wire It In
from your account to the 501c3 Bank Account - 
Here's the Numbers:  Our Account Number: 2510255801
Name: The Seth House • 458 W Water St Ste 1A, Elmira NY 14905
Our Bank Routing Number: 021307559 • Bank Name: Community Bank N.A.

Please see our Donate & Volunteer Page - Chock full of possibilities.


  E V E N T S  

"Seth Groups" and "Seth Socialsare meeting at The Seth House on a regular basis right now. Stay tuned and see the website for those details...

We had 3 big events in 2019 and we are planning more in 2020. So as we dream 2020 into a beautiful new reality, we are putting the intention out there to...

Celebrate Jane Roberts' 91st Birthday
with a big Multi-Day Event on & around
the Weekend of May 8th

Be watching for future announcements and mark this on your calendar - 


We Love Our 150-plus DONORS 
Who are Making this Real!


See our Donor Wall where we thank each of you by name.

It's so easy for you to 
Be a Hero at the Seth House.

You will get a Thank You Letter back from us.
Your name will be enshrined on the Donor Wall.

See if anyone you know is already on the Donor Wall
If you've already given, make sure your name is there.



Life is Good!

See our Website & Donate & Volunteer Page to find out how you can be part of co-creating this experience. We look forward to taking the next big leap forward into 2020 with many new friends who we'll be meeting along the way. 

Please support our work to restore this important landmark building and to bring people together for a sense of community, wellness and fun.

Okay, that’s our Love Letter from The Seth House. We look forward to hearing from you and we feel such a deep sense of "kindred spirit" for all who are sharing this journey with us...

With Warm Winter Blessings
& Much Joy for the New Year!

Oshara & Kate
(607) 442-1315 • office
(607) 302-8211 • cell



458 W. Water Street, #1A,
Elmira, NY 14905

(607) 442-1315

The Seth House, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization,
dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic building where Seth spoke.
Copyright © 2019 The Seth House, All rights reserved.

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