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2 Major Articles About SETH & "The Seth House"


The New York Times  •  2-page article on the Front Page of the STYLES SECTION!

The Elmira Star-Gazette  •  5-page FRONT COVER Feature Story. Wow!




We have both articles on a special page on our website - LINK

We are so happy that these articles are bringing attention to Seth's information, and to the work we are doing here. We hope that this will inspire more people to open the books and investigate the material. By the way, we offer support to help people study this amazing information...

You are Invited to Join us at our 

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We have had other public events in the past,
and we look forward to having more in the future. 

Again, we are so appreciative to these 2 major publications for helping us get the word out about the important work we are doing here. We deeply thank the journalists, photographers, artists and videographers who came here and worked hard on this lengthy creative process. This is sure to spread many seeds for future growth and development, and help people find out more about Seth, and what we are working hard to create here.

Please see OUR WEBSITE to find out more about what this is all about. Thanks!

Click this Link to see it all here - ARTICLES - VIDEOS - PHOTOS
There are New & Vintage PHOTOGRAPHS 
Plus 2 New VIDEOS created by the Elmira Star-Gazette.


We Love the Positive Energy with our Friends at the “ELMIRA SETH STUDY GROUP”


Setting Aside the Rumors...

There are people who are uncomfortable with this subject matter. We understand that this is a very ‘different’ source of information than many people are accustomed to. Many people feel that channeling is something outside of their comfort zone and would prefer not to hear about it. Obviously the Seth books are not considered a major mainstream spiritual belief system, but in no way are we competing with other religious groups. We just find wisdom in Seth’s ideas and are happy to study the books peacefully.

We promise we are doing our best to spread only positive and life-affirming messages and to promote healing and well-being. We want to make a decaying old house in Elmira look pretty and this will be an obvious benefit to Elmira. We just want everyone to know that we only intend to be good neighbors.

It is personally saddening and disheartening when we hear untruths about our motivations, who we are as people, and what we are intending to do here. As the gossip goes, we have heard everything from we’ll be opening a portal to hell, to we’ll be channeling false Seths, or preaching false doctrines. Worse is the accusation that our 501c3 paperwork is non-existent.

We are perfectly legitimate and are committed to doing all things with complete integrity every step of the way. We have a great lawyer and we are an established and legal 501c3 non-profit organization. Our financial reports are accountable to the US government and we intend to follow the letter of the law, and quite honestly, that’s a pretty easy thing to do.

When we’ve tried to gently respond to incorrect comments on social media, we were literally shouted down and accused of even crazier things. So we backed away from conflicts such as these, because sadly, we realized that it's not about us or this project. There are people who are dealing with complicated issues regarding their own inner peace.

We need to be wise enough to not walk into other people’s pre-existing dramas. When we realized these issues were in play we also realized the best thing we could do is not let them take our energy from us and to simply avoid that kind of drama.

So we try to ignore it, but then, what becomes most disturbing is when innocent readers reply to them with "Thanks for letting us know” and thereby encouraging those negative behavior patterns in the gossiper.

We feel that we should let you know that these things have happened to us. Our choice is to not become embroiled in other people’s social media ‘free speech’ even if we are a target of their misinformation, unkind words, and misunderstandings. 

We choose to dedicate our energy to positive pursuits and not be pulled into anyone else's negativity. We choose to be peaceful and do our best to create goodness in the world. 

On a personal level we prefer to hang out with our friends and study the uplifting and self-empowering Seth books, rather than give our energy to those who are unkind to us. But we felt that we needed to let you know that any such unkindness and falsehoods directed towards us is just plain wrong, and we hope you can be supportive of what we’re doing here. 



(Originally Printed in The Star-Gazette in 1970. Reprinted for our Recent Article)



Rumors can go to extremes, but the funniest ones we’ve heard are that the Seth House is either super-rich and doesn’t need your money; or a super-scam that wants to take your money; or that we’ll mismanage your funds, crash and burn, and your donation would go poof.

We could almost laugh if it wasn’t so painful to think that people are not supporting us because of tall tales they’ve heard. So let’s clear up those rumors with real-live actual math.

That's where Kate comes in. Please see our website for a clear and simple disclosure of our financial situation. We address this issue there with actual bookkeeping.

See our current budget report here:  LINK 

Spoiler alert - The grand total of all income, as of November 10th, is  $14,392.77 
This was raised during almost 2 years of giving this all of our heart & soul, and hard work. 

So our first and only admission of guilt is that, okay, we are not great fundraisers. And we admit that we do need help with our efforts.

However, we are clearly very good at budgeting what little we have. Most of that total has already been spent on legal fees, repairs, and other bills that go directly to making this happen. And boy, do we appreciate every penny we’ve received. 

We have concerns that people who may have otherwise been inclined to contribute and be our friends were spooked off because of a variety of weird rumors. We are good people who are trying to do good things. We work at our other jobs to support ourselves, then we volunteer the rest of our time to create this very big vision of the Seth House.

The reason we decided to make this a 501c3 is because it will be monitored by the US government. The government keeps close tabs on 501c3’s, which is why we thought it important to establish this as a separate legal entity that will be monitored well into the future and will outlive us all.

The other rumor to dispel is that there are plenty of people working on this project… Well no. It’s pretty much just Kate and Oshara. We honor our friends on the website "About Us" page who have leant a hand in the past with certain projects. But day-to-day it's pretty much just us here... and we're kind of exhausted with trying to keep up with everything. We need more people-power to move this forward.

Financially we are hanging in there okay. We are in the black. We are able to afford the day to day expenses. We are obviously very good at budgeting the donations that have come in. If we’ve done all of this with so little to work with, imagine what we could do if we had more...



If you’re feeling that now’s a good time for gift-giving, we would certainly like to encourage that feeling.

End of year tax deductions, or just itching to feel the GIFTY Spirit at this time of year - please think of us. We definitely intend to put all funds to good use for the best outcome for this place

We Love Our ALMOST 100 DONORS who are Keeping us Afloat!


See our Donor Wall where we thank each of them by name. LINK


Just saying - It's very easy for you to
Be a Hero at the Seth House.

Any amount you send us will illicit a Happy Dance from us.
And you will get a Thank You Letter back from us.
And your name will be enshrined on the Donor Wall.

See if anyone you know is already posted on our Donor Wall
If you support this project, we'll put your name on it - for as little as $10.
But we hope you have an intuitive flash that more is better.

If you have already donated, make sure your name is on the list, and think about adding more to boost yourself up closer to the top of that list... :-) 

See Our Donate & Volunteer Page to join our team... 


Picture of the THE NEW YORK TIMES "Styles" section. Seth made the front page.


We would like to HIRE PEOPLE
to run the day-to-day operations here.

... but we do not currently have the payroll in place just yet...

•  Ongoing support could help to give someone a paycheck here.

•  We could create regular open-to-the-public business hours. 

•  We could hire someone to make the AirBnB an ongoing experience.

We are looking for more people to be part of this project. So we invite others to join us in any way that is just right and perfect for them.

We could especially use some help from
Call us now - (607) 442-1315

This is a grassroots effort... are there more friends to grow with us in the green grassy garden of Seth? 

AirBNB ... Just to clarify, we're not offering the AirBnB right now. But we hope to do it again in the future. Be in touch if you'd like to be our guest, but please don't take it personally if we cannot accommodate your timing. We're kind of exhausted and worn out from so many things we have to take care of, so we're just not able to keep up with it. Again, this is one of the positions we hope to hire someone for.

Click here if you’d like to join our efforts in any way whatsoever:
Donate & Volunteer - LINK


Please contact us to find out how you too can be part of co-creating Seth History in the making.… There’s a lot that can be done here, but mostly it’s Kate & ‘O’ keeping up with everything from day to day…

Looking forward to taking the next big leap forward with new friends that we hope to be meeting soon… Please help this 501c3 take a big bold step into the future…

See our Website -

It’s getting better every day!

Oshara & Kate
(607) 442-1315


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Find out what's going on to save this historic building and create a beautiful new community center. This is the place where Jane Roberts “channeled” an entity named Seth. Together they wrote 45 Books that have sold nearly 8 million copies. Their most popular bestseller is “Seth Speaks”. All of their books are still in print. Their work has gone on to become some of the most significant and influential of its kind. 

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We need to raise a lot more money and are sincerely reaching out
to those who would like to see this project continue.

Please support the work of this 501c3 Non-Profit.

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458 W. Water Street, #1A,
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The Seth House, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization,
dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic building where Seth spoke.
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