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July 2021 - Issue #9
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1. CASLI's Certification testing process cycle once again active (ASL and English)
2. Welcome Star Grieser, RID's new CEO (ASL and English)
3. From our catalogue: Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Classifiers DVD (ASL and English)
4. Deaf Interpreters: Shaping the Future of the Sign Language Interpreting Profession (ASL and English)
5. Hurricane Season Preparedness Guide (ASL and English)
6. Out There:  Off the Grid Missions Request for Help (English)
7. The IC Book Club: Goodbye, again by Jonny Sun (English)
8. English Oddities (ASL and English)

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CASLI's certification testing cycle

once again active


CASLI (The Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpreters), founded on July 1, 2016, is a separate testing entity which administers, maintains and develops the exams used for RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) certification programs: National Interpreter Certification - NIC (awarded to ASL-English interpreters who are hearing) and the Certified Deaf Interpreter - CDI (awarded to ASL-English interpreters who are Deaf).

CASLI exams are currently transitioning, but they continue to have two components: a knowledge exam followed by a performance exam. The testing process cycle re-started on June 1, 2021 after a two-year pause due to the exam transitions and testing delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Candidates will have up to one year added to their time for testing eligibility.

NOTE: RID awarded the Educational Certificate: K-12 (Ed:K-12) from 2007 to 2016 through an MOU (Memo of Understanding) with Boys Town National Research Hospital. Certificants demonstrated an EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment) Level 4.0 or above. Although RID/CASLI no longer awards the Educational Certificate it is still fully recognized. It is unclear why this certificate is no longer awarded. The MOU is still in place today.

Read the full CASLI Testing Cycle article here on our blog.

Welcome Star Grieser,

RID's new CEO
A video message from RID's New CEO, Star Grieser. 
The RID Board has announced that Star Grieser will officially be RID's CEO, beginning on July 1, 2021.

Star is an energetic educator and industry certification leader, bringing a wealth of leadership experience and a passion for positive change.

From RID President Jonathan Webb:
When you look at the work that director Grieser has done with CASLI, her personal life, and her professional work over the years, it’s clear that she has the heart, the mind, and the integrity to ensure that RID’s mission and vision are upheld. 

From CASLI President Miako Villanueva:
I can’t thank [Star] enough for her dedication, her creativity and innovation, and the deep level of care she brings to her work on behalf of the interpreting field in serving Deaf communities,” said CASLI President, Miako Villanueva. “The amount she has done in support of CASLI has been truly tremendous, and her tireless work deserves our deepest gratitude.”

- From our catalogue -
Cover of the DVD Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Classifiers

Angela Petrone Stratiy's Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Classifiers DVD is for you if you've ever experienced challenges using classifiers in your interpreting.

Angela is an eloquent native signer and presents 35 short passages in this DVD. For example:

How do octopi protect themselves?

What happens to baby teeth?

and, featured in this newsletter, What do mice do? 

Angela Petrone Stratiy in ASL, "What do mice do?"
Watch the FULL video on our

Deaf Interpreters:

Shaping the Future of the

Sign Language Interpreting



Eileen Forestal, PhD
Presented at Street Leverage - Live 2014, Austin, TX

Eileen Forestal in ASL.  Video published by Street Leverage. 

Here is a portion of the English transcript of Eileen's presentation. See below for a link to the full transcript.

“Community Based” Interpreting Model
vs. “Mainstream” Interpreting Model

Let’s talk about “community-based” interpreting and how we, as Deaf Interpreters, approach our work, versus the “mainstream” model of interpreting, the more machine-like, simultaneous, fast-paced interpreting. The “mainstream” model of interpreting goes “against the grain” for Deaf Interpreters.  That model of interpreting focuses primarily on speed, on the fast-paced production of information in an unending stream. Speed is really the only goal for this model. “Community-based” interpreting, on the other hand, focuses on more holistic goals: relationship/rapport, message comprehension, maintaining linguistic and cultural identity and community cohesion. As Deaf Interpreters, we have to recognize that “mainstream” interpreting does have its place. At the same time, we need to make some shifts to utilize the “community-based” interpreting model more frequently.

Reclaiming the “Deaf Interpreter Norm”

It is time. It’s time to reclaim the “Deaf Interpreter norm.” The rich contributions Deaf Interpreters make need to be infused and incorporated into the sign language interpreting profession. Along with the influx of Deaf interpreters I’ve described, there are also a host of Deaf researchers who are looking at translation, interpretation, culture and any number of other relevant topics. The expansion of Deaf participation in the field is not intended to exclude hearing interpreters but to embrace them and bring us all together. At times, hearing interpreters may feel we are pushing them away, but that is not the case. We are all working toward the same goals. It is important to remember that. By the same token, hearing interpreters need to give Deaf Interpreters the power to make decisions about how and when translations and interpretations should happen.

When we reclaim our “Deaf Interpreter norms”, you will see increased collaboration between Deaf and hearing interpreters, elevated conversation and discussion about language and interpreting choices and much more.  Deaf and hearing interpreters will be working as true teams, coming together as a unit in courtrooms, mental health and medical settings, job trainings, education, performing arts – the list of possibilities is endless.

Full transcript at here


Hurricane Season

Preparedness Guide
Hurricane season is here for both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. If you live in a region that can be impacted by a hurricane, here is a very useful guide, prepared by ASL Services Inc. of Kissimmee, Florida. 
Hurricane Season Preparedness Guide video in ASL.
Hurricane Preparedness Guide - 2021  (English)
- Out There -

Off the Grid Missions

First featured in May 2021, we have an important request for help from Off the Grid Missions for their work in Haiti:

Off-The-Grid Missions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing life-saving resources to deaf and hard-of-hearing people around the world. We have been working with the Deaf community in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake and continue to witness and navigate horrific crimes against humanity that target the very individuals we work to support. Deaf people can not continue to fight against brutal crimes against humanity alone, which is why we are asking for your help.

“Deaf people in Haiti are treated like animals. We are not even equal to other disabled people–because other disabled people still have the privilege of hearing and communicating verbally. Deaf people are isolated and used like slaves because society knows they can not speak-up. They kill us because they believe we are cursed.”
– Members of the Deaf Community in Haiti 

You can help by signing the petition to end human rights abuses of deaf people (link below), or by donating to Off the Grid Missions.

*TRIGGER WARNING* Extreme violence against people with disabilities.  Various types of severe abuse against women, children, and people with disabilities will be mentioned. Reader discretion is advised. Parental discretion is also strongly advised.  Content may not be appropriate for minors. 

Sign the petition at here

Donate to Off the Grid Missions here

The View from IC is interested in featuring Canadian and American businesses and organizations owned/created/operated by Deaf or hard of hearing persons. Recommendations? Let us know.

Or, if you are involved in one of these businesses or organizations and would appreciate some FREE promotion in Out There in a future issue, fill out our form here. Kat will be in touch!
 *** The IC Book Club ***
Cover of the book Goodbye, again
Every month The IC Book Club presents a book that gives us an opportunity to learn about others' lived experiences and widen our perspectives.

In the slower months of summer, here is a book for those of us who are feeling the need to recharge. Take a breath and contemplate Goodbye, again: essays, reflections & illustrations by Jonny Sun.

From Harper Collins' page about the book:

The wonderfully original author of Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too gives us a collection of touching and hilarious personal essays, stories, poems—accompanied by his trademark illustrations—covering topics such as mental health, happiness, and what it means to belong.

The pieces range from long meditations on topics like loneliness and being an outsider, to short humor pieces, conversations, and memorable one-liners.

Jonny's honest writings about his struggles with feeling productive, as well as his difficulties with anxiety and depression will connect deeply with his fans as well as anyone attempting to create in our chaotic world.    

It also features a recipe for scrambled eggs that might make you cry. 

For more info about the book, here are two reviews:

NPR's review of Goodbye, again

Publishers' Weekly review of Goodbye, again
Our English Oddity for July: 

The house was completely unfinished. 
Angela Petrone Stratiy in ASL.
Description: Angela wearing a dark shirt sits in front of a dark blue background.
Angela will explain another English Oddity in ASL next month.

View all past English Oddities at The View From IC Blog. 
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