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This is issue No. 269. The last issue had a 38.2% open rate with 16.7% of you reading this article on what's made Birchbox unappealing to potential buyers. 

Check it out if you haven't: New York Magazine goes all in on affiliate links with The Strategist. Cheers to 2PM reader Caitlyn Shaw, she handles eCommerce audience development for the new project. 

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Christian Dior Owner LVMH Backs Online Fashion Giant Lyst

eCommerce. The luxury goods behemoth behind brands such as Christian Dior and Fendi is leading a multimillion-pound injection of funds into Lyst, the UK-based fashion search engine. Sky News has learnt that LVMH, the champagne-to-perfumes conglomerate, will be the largest investor in a capital-raising expected to be announced by Lyst this week.

If you haven't, take a look at Lyst

GDPR Spawns a Swell of Data Protection 'Charlatans'

Data. Not every company is freaking out about the General Data Protection Regulation. Some are cashing in, big time. The widespread hand-wringing caused by the last-minute scramble of businesses ahead of the May 25 GDPR deadline is fueling a cottage industry of GDPR experts and consultants.

IAB: Digital Ad Spend Report

Data. Total U.S. digital ad spend reached a record-setting $88 billion last year, according to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, released today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and prepared by PwC US. This represents a 21 percent uptick over the previous year at $72.5 billion, and marks the first time in this report that digital ad revenues have overtaken television (broadcast and cable combined).

Brands Are Creating Virtual Influencers

Media. We all know that spokespeople and endorsers can be erratic. Wild antics can generate negative PR and damage brands. What if you could eliminate the threat of a spokesperson going rogue while still tapping into the massive influencer audiences?

Brandless is Launching Pop Ups

DNVB. What's in a name? If you ask Brandless, the company behind the $3 everything e-commerce company, not much.The company recently opened a physical pop-up shop in West Hollywood, California. There, people can go in and try some of its most popular products, like Lemon Verbena Hand Cream or Black Bean & Corn Salsa.

Top 25 NPS Scores of Brands Americans Love Most

Brand. Americans really aren't so fickle. Ask them what brands they like best, and they'll generally chose the ones they routinely encounter, whether at work or in the home. That's why the latest list of America's best-loved brands, based on survey data from the market research firm Morning Consult, is packed with names in technology and...

Amazon's Alexa is the New Biggest Challenge for Brands

Data. That's a challenge for brands - maybe the biggest in two decades. As smart speakers take off, companies like General Mills , Hershey , and Procter & Gamble are racing to understand the technology and make their products stand out. "A new Wild West has opened up," said Z.

Lyft's New Look Meant to Energize the Growing Brand

Brand. Lyft has a new look. The company created a signature font, icons and expanded its color palette-adding "a dynamic secondary palette," according to Lyft vp and creative director Jesse McMillin-as a way to energize and elevate the growing ride-sharing company.

On Google's Style Match

Data. For years now, startups and retailers have had their sights set on making fashion items easily and reliably searchable by image recognition. The pitch is always the same: You see someone walking down the street carrying an excellent bag, you snap a picture of them in passing, and in seconds you'll be able to find out where to buy that same purse - or, at the very least, something similar.

'Content and Commerce coming Together Just Makes Sense'

Content x Commerce. Porter editor-in-chief Lucy Yeomans joined the Glossy Podcast to discuss why Net-a-Porter considers content and commerce an integral part of both its marketing and merchandising strategies, how fashion media has evolved and why a cohesive brand voice is so important.

'Alexa' Has Become Less Popular Baby name Since Echo

Data. Amazon started widely selling its Echo speaker, voiced by the personal assistant Alexa, in 2015. That year 6,050 baby girls in the United States were named Alexa, or 311 for every 100,000 female babies born. Since then, the name has declined in popularity by 33 percent.

How Much Is That Sneaker in the Window?

eCommerce. Stadium Goods is hardly the only player in this fast-growing field, of course. GOAT (derived from the popular sports acronym, Greatest of All Time) has raised $97.6 million from investors like Alexis Ohanian, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary and venture capital firms like Accel Partners and Upfront Ventures.

What's the Next Status Hand Wash (That Isn't Aesop)?

DNVB. The award for the Best Semi-Public Bathroom in New York City goes to Lalito, the Mex-Californian restaurant tucked away on a side street in Chinatown. The room is inspired by a clip from Jennifer Lopez's " Waiting for Tonight " music video, so it's decked out with green strobe lights; fake jungle plants hang from the ceiling; and on the loudspeaker, the song plays over and over again.

Inside Allure's Beauty Box Business

Content x Commerce. In the media age of we're-more-than-a-magazine, building a business model that extends beyond ad revenue and subscriptions is a print publication's only shot to avoid shuttering. At Allure, its three-year-old Beauty Box is at the center of a new revenue stream, and a new outlook on audience relationships, for the beauty publisher.

Retail's Innovation Problem

Retail. With checkout lines being one of the oldest and most persistent points of friction in retail, Kroger had been exploring potential solutions to the problem for a number of years. As one executive put it, "We asked a question: If we could open up a lane exactly when we needed it, what would happen?" What happened was that the average waiting time in Kroger line-ups went from 4 minutes to less than a minute — a significant improvement to be sure.

Medium Pulls the Rug From Under Publications

Media. Chris Faraone knew something was wrong when he got a reader email the morning of May 7 asking if the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism was shutting down. Faraone, who founded BINJ in 2015, was working on deadline for DigBoston, where he is editor and co-publisher, but he couldn't ignore the steady trickle of concerned [...]

Facebook's Fake News Algorithm Seems To Be Working

Media. Facebook's January 12 announcement that it would begin to deprioritize news in users' News Feed left publishers shaking in their boots. "[B]y making these changes, I expect the time people spend on Facebook and some measures of engagement will go down," admitted Mark Zuckerberg, much to the horror of every major media outlet, most of which relied heavily on the traffic generated from the site.

Issue No. 269: Voice Commerce and Brands

According to the Cowen Company, one in seven American consumers owns an Amazon Echo device. Additionally, ComScore notes that 50% of online searches will be voice controlled by 2020. The following is an actual sequence from today.

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