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75 years ago, on April 9, 1947  Bayard Rustin boarded a bus in Washington D.C. for the Journey of Reconciliation - to test the Supreme Court decision banning segregated seating in interstate travel. Rustin was an organizer and activist on the the first 'Freedom Ride' a precursor to the 1961 Freedom Rides. Bayard planned ... story continues ...
WATCH The Pioneers: A Short Film from Freedom Riders
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Photograph showing 1947 riders Worth Randle, Wally Nelson, Ernest Bromley, Jim Peck, Igal Roodenko, Bayard Rustin (he is 35 years old), Joe Felmet, George Houser, and Andy Johnson holding suitcases and coats.
PQM Spring 2021 Session

Sunday, April 25, 2021 10:30 AM - 4 PM 

Registration is required. CLICK here.

This spring session we’ll delight in green shoots and new roots, thanks to our autumn & winter work together.  We've a DYNAMIC agenda - so visit the PQM April 25, 2021 Event Page for full program description, agenda & advance documents.
Our host West Philadelphia Friends Meeting invites us all to join them for:
10:30  Morning worship & fellowship
Reconvene for PQM Spring session
1 - 2 PM   Host Program 
2 - 4 PM   Spirit filled Meeting for Business, exciting agenda with Quarter Clerk, Kathleen Karhnak-Glasby.
Come learn about West Philadelphia Friends Meeting - a preparative meeting under the care of Green Street Monthly Meeting since 2015. This small but vital community of Friends from across the globe are passionate about worship, nature and nurturing each other and range of individual ministries.
last chance - join us this week!
PQM Presents: Recording Clerk Workshop with Jim Herr

Saturday, April 17, 2021
Zoom  - 10 AM - 12 PM

Event Page for details & resources 
Jim Herr brings his joy of recording & years of practical experience to this session on an essential practice of our faith.
Wow, Everyone is Doing it! 
... Doing the Spiritual State of the Meeting report, that is. 
The Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting encourages meetings to do the annual spiritual assessment, and share their report to the PQM Clerk by April 25th. PQM clerks will receive and send all reports to the PYM Quaker Life Council by May 1st, 2021.   
FYI: PQM is preparing the Spiritual State of the Quarterly Meeting to be shared at business meeting on April 25th.
News of the Quarter
Central Philadelphia MM
CPMM continues to be overflowing with ongoing activities (see March PQM News Blast!), but this month they have a very special event that will speak to many Friends.

CPMM's Racial Healing & Wholeness Committee (Chuck Esser presented at the last PQM session with .O and Sara Palmer) is organizing a 3-day weekend retreat for its attenders and members in mid April. 
"Healing Relationships with Body, Earth and Peoples in the Homeland of the Lenni Lenape" will incorporate self-guided activities, walking and reflections. This zoom retreat will focus on four parts:
  1. Reflecting on our history: The Walking Purchase through which lands taken against the treaty with the Lenni Lenape.
  2. Bodies of water: Relationship with the waters of the Lenni Lenape. 
  3. What would repair look like?  
  4. What have we learned? How is Spirit leading us now? 
Reparations and restorative justice are on Friends' minds. What do we know about the land we have settled and the people we took it from? First-Contact Reconciliation Collaborative of PYM was formed out of the "loving relationship grounded by original oral treaties honouring Tribal sovereignty, perpetual peace & friendship" between the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation’s People and Salem Quarterly Meeting. Visit here for information, allyship and peacemaking resources. 
Edward Hicks. Peaceable Kingdom. (one of 62) 1834.

Quaker artist Edward Hicks depicted the event of Penn's Treaty a multitude of times, mostly in small vignettes within his over 60 versions of The Peaceable Kingdom based on the biblical allegory of peaceful coexistence between potential adversaries. 
Thank you to Friend s. boone murphy, o'scheyichbi for sharing information including news articles on the recent settlement reaffirming New Jersey state recognition of three Nations, Nanticoke Leni-Lenape Tribal Nation in 2018 and the Ramapough Lenape Nation and Powhatan Renape Nation in 2019

Local knowledge: We Are Still Here! The Tribal Saga of New Jersey’s Nanticoke and Lenape Indians by Rev. John Norwood (2007).

Learn about Indigenous land acknowledgments, and the broad movement for returning land.

Check out  Whose Land? app and website.

In national news, the historic confirmation last month of Rep. Deb Haaland of New Mexico to become the first Native American to led the Department of the Interior.

FYI “The Art of Edward Hicks” is on view at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum through December 31, 2022.
Graphic:  based on Kurtz & Allison chromolithograph 1857

Benjamin West's famous painting of Penn's Treaty with the Indians (1771-72) inspired countless imitations reprinted on household items across the globe, including the chromolithograph above. 
Re-Imagining Penn’s Treaty 
The various representations of the traditional story of William Penn's Treaty at Shackamaxon have been very popular with Quakers, settlers and descendants. Why would some people find them controversial? Consider this fact: during the period that the above chromolithograph adorned millions of homes - the policy of the US Dept. of the Interior was to "civilize or exterminate" all American Indians.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Illustrations of American Indians meeting peacefully with European settlers typically idealize relations between indigenous people and colonizers by romanticizing the exotic "other" and reassuring viewers that imperialism and mutual consent can coexist. Without inquiry, such images are powerful subliminal messengers.

Art can stir ideas and conversations. In addition to learning the historical context, if we develop our media literacy and think critically while viewing art, especially images we are drawn to, we can ask: What is the intended message and the embedded values in the work?  Such inquiry can be uncomfortable and rewarding.
Chestnut Hill MM
Easter egg hunt on the Hill! The First Day Committee created a memorable experience for families. Every child was able to load up their basket with delicate shells covered with colorful tissue paper and stuffed with wonderful messages from beloved children's books characters, fair trade chocolates and decorations.  The verdict: "This is the best egg hunt EVER!"
2021 Easter Egg Hunt at Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting
Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting has a full roster of activities including Meeting for Worship via Zoom and the great outdoors, Friendly Bible Study, a monthly Refugee Support Working Group and more.
All are invited to First Day School and the Adult Classes See March PQM News Blast for details to register!
CPFM's Addressing Racism Committee recognized that some members and attenders of the meeting didn't need their $1,400 COVID stimulus checks for immediate needs, so they came up with a plan to redirect excess resources towards justice work, which CHFM is led to support.  All extra stimulus funds from CHFM folks will be directed to Ujima Friends Peace Center to further their work.
Germantown MM
Germantown Monthly Meeting continues to lift up F/friends and their work with anti-racism discussions, participated in the annual Interfaith Walk for Peace & Reconciliation last week, and is planning for hybrid meeting for worship!
Everyone is Invited!
GMM Adult Class: The Work of Historic Fair Hill
Sunday, April 18 at 9 AM

The Work of Historic Fair Hill is an amazing story. Learn about their public tours, garden program, and neighborhood public school literacy program. Join Friends Carolyn Singleton, history educator, Neury “Tito” Caba, lead gardener, and Jean Warrington, director of Historic Fair Hill. Contact Joanne Sharpless  by Sat. April 17, 5 PM to attend!
Story continues.... Bayard Rustin planned The Journey of Reconciliation to test the Supreme Court Morgan ruling against segregated interstate travel with two weeks of integrated travel in four upper Southern states. On April 13th, 1947 they met with violence in North Carolina and several riders, including Bayard were arrested and sentenced to chain gangs. For a detailed local account see The Gay Men Who Challenged Jim Crow: Bayard Rustin, Igal Roodenko, and the 1947 Journey of Reconciliation. 
(Photo: in 1986, Bayard Rustin, 74 years old with Igal Roodenko his friend from the 1947 bus ride) 
Bayard Rustin (1912-1987) changed the world by living his life in service to the Truth. Bayard was raised by his grandparents in West Chester, PA. A committed pacifist and a fierce fighter for equality, he brought his organizing genius and Quaker values to advance civil rights. Rustin lived openly as a gay person despite intense homophobia during his time as a public figure. Rivals and the FBI tried to discredit him, and his legacy was minimized in the historical record, despite being one of the most important civil rights leaders and main organizer behind the March on Washington. To learn more about his extraordinary contributions - check out the award winning documentary Brother Outsider(Photo: 1929, 17 years old)
Green Street MM
Green Street Monthly Meeting is blooming and GSFM is making plans to warmly welcome neighbors in the renovated meetinghouse once restrictions open back up. Meanwhile, Zoom and outdoor worship continue, along side numerous projects. The Care and Counsel committee organized a wonderful Art Journaling with LJ Boswell over winter and friends are clamoring for a repeat. 
GSFM friends have been participating in GREAT/ Germantown Residents for Economic Alternatives Together a local a volunteer run hyper local organization  for several years. Photo:GREAT's Gentrification & Displacement Teach-In at Green Street Friends Meetinghouse.
Green Street supports the Germantown Mutual Aid Fund - a project of GREAT that pools donations and distributes them to Germantown residents who apply for financial assistance. The pandemic hit many families very hard. Since May 2020, over $108,000 has been re-distributed to 113 households! Over $140K has been raised by 569 donators through the DONATE portal. You are invited to contribute!
Monthly Meeting of Friends of Phila.
Sunday Morning in front of the Arch Street Meeting House, Philadelphia. John Lewis Krimmel, Watercolor drawing, ~1811-1813

Back then and now, Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia invites all to worship - nowadays by Zoom and some In-Person dates.

Outreach and Welcoming Committee plans a summer fire pit evening, resuming attender dinners and walks when restrictions lift. 

Celebrate NHL Reopen House Day*  at Arch Street Meeting House!
Sunday, April 18th 
10 AM - 4 PM

No registration is needed.

11 AM - 3 PM Live music with Jocko MacNelly on the grounds.

10 AM - 4 PM  "Ask a Quaker" program for visitors to learn about Quaker relevance and history.

* Our region's 67 National Historic Landmarks re-open to the public! Visit the interactive Philadelphia Heritage Map for local landmarks.
Ujima Friends Peace Center
The Ujima Friends Peace Center  is an essential worship community for many Friends in the Quarter.

Watch this recent November 8, 2020 video to hear Ujima members share what the Ujima Friends Peace Center means to them.
Ujima Friends Peace Center  does fantastic work with their neighbors.

The peace center grew from out of the commitment of the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent to address state sanctioned violence. 

Ujima's community work in North Philadelphia aims to reduce violence and provide a safe haven with educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for adults and young people.
Here is a project that we can all support:
100% outdoors Freedom Summer program for middle school and high school students.
Please see the attached program and needs description

Organizers are seeking Friendly outdoor spaces to bring the students to once a week. 
Donations are also welcome
Historic Fair Hill
Historic Fair Hill, a 300-year-old Quaker burial ground in Philadelphia is the final resting place of early abolitionists and women’s rights leaders. A bequest from Quaker founder George Fox in 1691, this national historic site is a fantastic community partner in the Fairhill neighborhood  greening, urban gardening, school partnerships and events.
The burial ground is located at 2901 Germantown Ave. Phila. PA 19133. Winter hours: Saturday 12 - 3 PM.  (Just check out the the burial records page!)

Make sure to register for Germantown Monthly Meeting Adult Class on Sunday, April 18 at 9 AM to learn more about The Work of Historic Fair Hill !   Click on image for virtual tour with Historic Fair Hill Guide Carolyn Singleton.
News Beyond The Quarter
Early registration opens April 15 - 29, 2021
2021 Gathering of Friends General Conference
June 27 – July 3, 2021

Click here for details, schedule, and to register early to ensure space in the sessions of your choice.
WORTH A MENTION:  All of the monthly meetings in our quarter are wondering how to transition from all Zoom based worship communities as the world re-opens. FGC is holding a day on "What Have We Learned? Spirit and Community-Building Online" on April 17, 2021
We learned that virtual worship made meetings more accessible for many friends. What will a blended in-person and online worship community look like, and how can we incorporate what we have learned as we move forward?  
This session is already closed for registration, but we can look forward to it being available in a recorded format.
PYM's Giant Children’s Meeting!
4th Sundays, 9 AM thru May 2021
April 25 is the last one - until Fall! These have made a huge difference for many children. 
Register online.

July 28 - August 1, 2021
Preceded by sessions and workshops May 1 – July 16, 2021
The Philadelphia Quarter Matters
'Quarterly Meetings are vital to Quaker life. They strengthen meetings by joining Friends together in quarterly meetings “to support one another through worship and fellowship, and to consider matters of regional or common concern”. 
Source: Faith and Practice, III Faith Reflected in Our Organization, B. Quarterly Meetings.

PQM includes all F/friends within these Eight (8) Quaker meetings within Philadelphia:

Central Phila. MM
Chestnut Hill Friends MM
Frankford MM
Germantown MM
Green Street MM
MM of Friends of Phila. (Arch Street)
Unity MM
West Philadelphia Friends Meeting (a preparative meeting)

Riverfront Friends
Historic Fair Hill

All are Welcome and Encouraged to
Attend a Quarterly Meeting!
 We’ll share worship and a program designed by the host and a Spirit-led Meeting for Business. Come for all or part of the day.

Spring / April 25, 2021
Hosted by West Philadelphia Friends Meeting

Summer / July 18, 2021
Hosted by Green Street Friends Meeting

Autumn / October 24, 2021
Hosted by Germantown Monthly Meeting

Winter / January 23, 2022
Hosted by Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia  - aka Arch Street Friends

For Session Details, Minutes, and more - Visit
Let Your Light Shine !
PQM welcomes all Quaker meetings & affiliates to send news and announcements of interest / open to Friends in the Philadelphia Quarter.

L. Lanza
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Mailing address: 1515 Cherry St. Philadelphia PA, 19102
Philadelphia PA, 19102 

Office hours Mon - Wed 9-12, offsite since pandemic.
Offsite Phone: 215.990-3196
Facebook: PhiladelphiaQuarterlyMeeting
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