Last week, we had grand plans to spend time with extended family in the Adirondacks. Mother Nature had other plans, unfortunately! The phrase “violent, damaging winds” caused us to rethink our family visit entirely, so we skipped tent camping and opted for a stay-cation instead!

We kayaked in Little Falls and visited a number of fantastic local restaurants that make JFF products look so good. We found fantastic inspiration to share with you—check it out below!

Sister-in-law Dana and niece Abby show how it’s done!

Inspirational Local Restaurants

Having family in town means EATING! We combined deliveries to Hamilton with a lunch out to Flour & Salt, one of our favorite bakeries. We had amazing sandwiches from their fun and diverse menu, including “The Jonesy”, which features our Kuyahoora Creme made into a tangy garlic & herb spread, a fried egg, sausage, pickled onions, and balsamic drizzle. Dana wanted “The Suzie", complete with our goat cheese and beet hummus!

“The Jonesy,” photo: Flour & Salt, Hamilton

Long a favorite of our entire family, we went out for a wonderful dinner at Tailor & the Cook on Friday evening. Among other goodies, I had the “It’s Tomato Season” small plate, which features our goat’s milk feta baked in honey and herbs and served with some of the best heirloom tomatoes I’ve had this year. For dessert, we had the Griddled Poundcake with preserved raspberry, almond crumble, and our Kuyahoora Creme. The Kuyahoora is whipped until it resembles frosting! We all loved it with the tang of the raspberry and the lightly sweet crumble. Be sure to order it next time you’re there—and before they change the menu!

“Griddled Poundcake,” photo: Tailor & the Cook, Utica

This Week

We are BACK at the Clinton Farmer’s Market this week, with online ordering available if you are interested. Our farm store continues to be open every day, 10am-6pm.

Can’t make it to the market? The online farmer’s market Local Foods Mohawk Valley has you covered. As we near the end of the summer farmer’s market season (we have another month—don’t panic!), be sure to sign up for their newsletter!

Thank you, as always. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know!

Suzie & Peter