When was the last time you really looked at the eggs in the grocery store and the dizzying variety of labels on them?

Of course, these labels go way beyond brown or white, large, extra-large, and jumbo. Cage-free, free-range, organic, vegetarian-fed, pasture-raised, natural, soy-free, and certified humane are just a few of the descriptors used to help consumers navigate the expansive field of choices. Some of these terms are regulated and administered by agencies that actively audit farms to ensure compliance, while others (like “natural”) are virtually meaningless.

So many labels!

Of course, since we have laying hens that give us fresh eggs every day, I have no reason to peruse the egg section at our local grocery store. I had no idea!

And I suddenly felt rather sad for consumers everywhere.

These labels are meant to bridge the gap between consumer and farmer; to stand as proxy instead of a conversation or personal interaction. In an agricultural landscape dominated by increasing consolidation and massive “farms”, it is little wonder labels have become as important as they are.

Which is why we are forever grateful for you, our customers! We are incredibly fortunate to have a warm and supportive community, one whose loyalty is not based on labels but on human interaction. It has been our privilege to have open and honest conversations with you surrounding food and our practices, and an honor to have earned your trust.

When our family sits down for our Thanksgiving dinner this week, we will have Harold’s fresh turkey; Bruce’s butter; Jason’s carrots, shallots, and brussels sprouts; Angela & Leon’s milk; and John & Ally’s spinach. No labels, just friends feeding friends.

Check Out This Podcast!

What You’re Eating is a deep-dive into our food system, in all its complexity. It is not a downer, by any stretch. In fact, I think they share some really great insights and practical advice on how we can effect positive change. I highly recommend!

Recipe of the Week: Chicken & Dumplings

We made this recipe from Bon Appetit and it was fabulous! Chicken & Dumplings is a staple of childhood and the perfect dish for these cold, dark nights. Plus, these dumplings are so tender. We have only small whole chickens, legs, and soup bones left in stock, so please don’t hesitate to grab some!

Buttermilk from Kriemhild makes the dumplings extra tender.

Remember, our farm store is open daily, 10am-5pm. Please remember to avoid the seasonal road between our farm and Schuyler. Follow Route 28 north out of Herkimer instead!

Can’t make it to the farm? Find many of our goodies listed on Local Foods Mohawk Valley and Off the Muck Market.

Thank you for your tremendous support. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Suzie & Peter

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