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Please Welcome the New iGEM Ambassadors!

The iGEM Ambassadors represent the iGEM community all over the planet. This year our numbers grew! Adventurers, dreamers, and explorers from all over the world joined this wonderful team.  What is the pathway that you foresee for the growth of iGEM in your region? What are your ideas to improve the experience of your fellow iGEMers? Reach out the Ambassador from your region, share your ideas and let's work together to shape the future!

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Latest News Around the iGEM World!
Once A Team. Now A Partner!
We are really excited and proud to be welcoming our newest Platinum Partner, Ginkgo Bioworks! Co-founded by several alumni of the iGEM 2004 competition. Find out more about this partnership and the role they play in the future of synthetic biology. 
Nordic Meetup!
Our colleagues Ana and Will were able to attend this years Nordic iGEM Conference. Learned about what happened during the event by clicking the button below! 
iGEM News!
Let's Explore Some iGEM Opportunities.
Would you like to assist fellow iGEM teams? Our Mentorship program is seeking applications! We have decided to extend the deadline, take a peek at the website and be sure to apply by the 6th of July!
We are currently looking for judges for iGEM 2018! Take a look at the judging page and find out if you qualify.
Do you have any ideas on how to keep synthetic biology safe, responsible, and good for the world? You can be a part of the Human Practices Committee. Click here to learn more.
Do you want to represent iGEM at local meetings? We can provide materials and support. Be the official authority on iGEM!
Job Leads
Asimov is seeking a full-time Mammalian Synthetic Biologist to engineer mammalian cells.  Qualifications: Ph.D. in Biological Engineering or  Biology, and 3+ years. Click here to find out more.
Opentron is looking for a Director of Sales to join our interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, designers. Click here to find out more!
Our literary chefs are busy cooking something new for After iGEM. We need writers and Editors to create the perfect meal of words and stories surrounding the world of iGEM and Synthetic Biology. For further information visit the iGEM Digest page.
To see more job opportunities go to the after iGEM page by clicking here.
What is After iGEM?

After iGEM is for everyone who has gone through the competition since it began in 2004. Nearly 30,000 iGEMers -- students and instructors -- have participated in the program over the past 13 years.

Where are you? What are you up to? How did iGEM affect your world?

After iGEM is a way to continue to make an impact on the world. You are the leaders of the field -- and we want to help you succeed.

Join After iGEM to (re)connect with this powerful community, to join programs created exclusively for you, to take what you learned in the competition and expand that to continue to build a better world.

Find fellow iGEMers, post your own opportunities, and find out more about After iGEM programs and opportunities at:
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