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MN#7 • February 2019

Hello, iGEM Community!

The iGEM Ambassadors here. We have cooked up exciting new projects during the month of February. These projects include:
  • A new issue of the iGEM Digest
  • Developing the mentorship program
  • Created a public forum to centralize iGEM and Synthetic Biology discussions
  • Developing an educational hub to share materials for instruction at all levels of education
We would love to hear about your online experience at and any ideas you have to make it better. We welcome your feedback!

This Month's Features
  • iGEM World News
  • Links to iGEM Events
  • News
  • Opportunities for you
  • Latest issue of iGEM Digest
  • Registration Info for the 2019 Competition 
Now, let's dive into the latest happenings this month in the iGEM and After iGEM world.



iGEM is launching a new discussion forum! The iGEM Forum will serve as a centralized place for discussion of the latest news, advancements, and challenges in synthetic biology; and, we hope you can help us get started by adding posts and topics! If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions for the use of the forum, please forward them here.


Start your year off right by attending conferences. Come meet new people, develop ideas, and gather inspiration!
The 2nd Annual Canada SynBio conference will be held on March 6th, to help to accelerate the growth and success of Canada’s Engineering Biology community.

Join Thea, iGEM ambassador to the European Region, as she host the first The First SynBio Conference in Cyprus to help develop a synthetic biology community in Greece.


Asimov is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer in Cambridge, MA.

Asimov’s synthetic biology team  is seeking a full-time Research Associate to engineer mammalian cells in 
Cambridge, MA.

iGEM Digest is seeking an iGEM Digest Reporter to work remotely.

Ginkgo Bioworks is seeking a Organism Engineering Padawan, this is a paid internship in Boston, MA.

Hiring? Looking for work? Visit the After iGEM Job Opportunities page, our global director of unique work opportunities. 



Missed a meetup, have you ever wondered about iGEMer lead startups, or wanted information on unique iGEM opportunities? Check out the updates below.
Japheth, iGEM Ambassador to the African Region, hosted the first iGEM Cairo Symposium to bolster the formation of more teams in the region, click here to find out how it went!

Indonesian iGEM students came together for the first After iGEM meetup to discuss the growth Synthetic Biology with local members of government and industry. Learn how it went by clicking here.

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here! Team registration for the 2019 competition is now officially open. Do you know anyone who is interested in participating in iGEM and joining the iGEM community?  Encourage them to visit the registration page and start a team! 

Hot Off the Press

In the second issue of the iGEM Digest, we feature the stories of such individuals who have not only shaped their career by what they learned from the iGEM Competition but also have provided a path for others to follow. Download/view it here:
iGEM Digest
We are now accepting stories for future issues. If you would like to share an experience in the lab, a lesson learned, an exciting revelation, or  anything else that might be of interest to your fellow iGEMers, email in your story. If selected it will be featured in the next issue of the iGEM Digest.
Submit Your Story
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Waving from all over the world, 

iGEM Ambassador Team
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