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Newsletter #16  • 2020
Image of students at iGEM Competition in Boston. The students are smiling and having  fun.  One student is covered in ballons.
Hello, iGEM Community!

Hello, iGEM Community!
Holly and Revathi here from the After iGEM Communications Team. The past few weeks have been exciting. We interviewed iGEMers from all over the world to grow our Ambassador Program. The new team of Coordinators have been working on filling the iGEM Network with fantastic opportunities and experiences for you. We are also improving iGEM Network—you can now:

We would love to hear about your online experience at and any ideas you have to make it better. We welcome your feedback!

This Newsletter Features:
  • Applications For After iGEM Committees
  • Stories from iGEMers
  • Events To Look Out For
  • SynBio in the News
  • Opportunities

Now let's explore!

Applications Open From After iGEM Committees
The image contains the names of the different committees. There is communication, education, academia, industry, high school, and policy committee. To join a committee, you must submit your application to by March 8, 2020. If you have questions, please email

Are you looking for an avenue for positive change in the world of synbio? Well, explore the unique opportunity offered by the After iGEM Committees.

After iGEM Committees are specialized teams composed of iGEMers who are passionate about the values of the iGEM Competition and possess skills to be a part of dedicated After iGEM projects. Members are knowledgeable in the area of their committee. As a part of the team, you can contribute towards the development and implementation of goals that strengthen the growth of the iGEMer community.

We are recruiting new members in each committee: Communication, Academia, Education, High school, Industry, Policy. Apply below and find your team!

Application Deadline: March 8th, 2020

Apply Now
Do You Want To Be A Part Of Something EPIC?
Discussion panel of with five people. The people are discussing growth stage ventures.

Have you ever imagined what impact our collective iGEM projects could have on challenges in food, health, and water if they went beyond the competition? 

The iGEM Entrepreneurship Program International Committee (EPIC) is launching its pilot program this spring in Boston, Paris, and Singapore to enable iGEMers to return to the community where it started and developing impact based startups. This is a great chance for you to kickstart your entrepreneurial career within the fast-growing field of synthetic biology. You can find out more about the program here and sign up via the application form.

If you have any other questions related to the lab shoot over an email.

Join The Venture Creation Lab


 Share your news! Want to share your news with the iGEM Community? Send us an email at or tag us in post with #AfteriGEM.
Fight Against Plastic: iGEMers Take The Lead
Image of the PETexe iGEM team holding their iGEM award and iGEM certificate with gold medal sticker on it. Everyone in the picture is smiling.

One team from 2019 is all set to kick-off the new year with a startup venture. PETexe, a team of 10 interdisciplinary student researchers at the  University of Exeter is developing an enzymatic filter to capture and degrade plastic microfibres that are released through the washing of synthetic clothing. After their success at the iGEM Competition in October, they are now developing their filter for industry-wide use.

Plastics Made Smarter.
 There are four pieces of plastic in the photo. Two pieces are green, one-piece is blue, and one-piece is red.
Two students are looking at a piece of paper.
By harnessing nature’s embedded intelligence, Primitives, a startup led by iGEMers Virrj Kan and Nora Machover, is creating materials with advanced sensing, display, and biodegradation properties by engineering plastics with algae and other bio-based feedstocks that are “smarter” than traditional plastics.
Algae: An Alternate For Animal and Petroleum Derived Compounds?
Elliot Roth is taking a selfie with a big sign in front of the iGEM sign at the iGEM Jamboree.
There is a massive cloud of blue powder created by Surjan Singh clapping his hands together.
From the mind of former iGEMer Elliot Roth came Spira. At Spira, they are using algae-based ingredients to replace animal and petroleum-derived compounds. Discover how they are working with an international network of farmers to change the future of food by clicking here.

Help iGEM Measurement Committee Create New Resources For New Teams

Past iGEM teams have built, coded and produced great resources for the community, and this year the Measurement Committee is setting out to make these available to everybody! They want to hear from iGEMers past and present what you’d like the committee to integrate.


Start your year off right by attending conferences. Come meet new people, develop ideas, and gather inspiration!
Together We Built, We Shared, We Celebrated! What's Next?

You've heard the news: iGEM is opening its first international chapter in Paris - now it's time to celebrate the official launch of iGEM Europe! We are co-hosting 3 events at the iGEM Welcome Summit in March. Join us on March 11 as we enter to open our new chapter with more programs, our vision for a sustainable future, and the road to 2021.

Join Us
Sustainable Biofutures 2020
Sustainable Biofutures 2020
iGEM, together with Hello Tomorrow and La French Tech, is organizing Sustainable Biofutures 2020. SB2020 is a biotech stakeholder event that aims to generate critical insights on how to improve the French/EU biotech ecosystem. 

7th International Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop

Seventh International Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop. May 21-22, 2020. Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, UK
Pioneers in the fields of synthetic biology will meet with a diverse group of their scientific contemporaries at the 7th International Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop. Their goal will be to highlight and inspire cutting-edge synthetic biology research. Register to attend this unique event by clicking below.
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After iGEM After iGEM


Reshma Shetty On co-Founding Synthetic Biology’s First Unicorn

Dr. Reshma Shetty is sitting in a chair address an audience.
Dr. Reshma Shetty has been a significant influence in the synthetic biology community. She had a major role in the first International Genetic Engineering Machine (iGEM) Competition with her co-founders. In 2008, she was named one of ‘Eight People Inventing the Future’ by Forbes and, in 2011, one of the "100 Most Creative People in Business" by Fast Company. In her interview with Forbes, she reflects on her journey of co-founding synthetic biology’s first unicorn.

What Opportunities Does Synthetic Biology Open Up?

Four people stand smiling.
Professor Richard Kitney, Co-Director SynbiCITE, James Field co-founder of Lab Genius, and Dr. Yvonne Armitage from KTN discuss all things Synbio with Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4's show The Bottom Line. Listen to it here.
Synthetic Biology Takes Center Stage In The Fight Against Coronavirus
A board of Chinese health officials sits in front of the backdrop of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam sits (center)and announces travel restrictions in a bid to halt the coronavirus outbreak.
With today’s coronavirus outbreak, synthetic biologists are applying cutting-edge tools and technology to help responders go from detection to cure with unprecedented speed and scale. Click here to read about what all these synthetic biology companies, such as IDT, Twist Biosciences and GenScript, are doing to combat the virus.


A global directory of creative companies and job opportunities
Ginkgo Creative Residency
Ginkgo Bioworks

Industry Advisor, Biopharma
Head of Business Value Services

Bioprocess Scientist (Downstream)
PhD Fellowship at DynaMo Center
University of Copenhagen

Open Postdoc Position at Peer-Produced Research Lab

Research Technician at Systems Genetics and Precision Health
Zooming in on a box of chocolates.

This newsletter is like a box of chocolates; it's full of tasty surprises for you to enjoy! 
You have participated in iGEM... but what happens beyond the competition? Click here to find out!
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