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Louise Jennings, long-term Hodgkin's survivor and resident of the UK will speak about making a presentation at the International Symposium on Hodgkin Lymphoma in Cologne, Germany this past October.
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"I Was Unprepared For the Harsh Realities of Cancer Survivorship" by Natasha Carlson, MD
an article in Cure Today, October 2022

Thank you to Susie Leigh, long-term Hodgkin's survivor and dedicated advocate, for catching this article on line. It was written by a survivor who also happens to be a physician. It offers a unique perspective on the cancer survivorship experience.
The Harsh Realities of Survivorship
What To Know About Mastectomy With Flat Closure After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Survivor's Story
By Tracy Tyner, NP
in Cancer.Net, January 2022

"A recent study found that most women were satisfied with their flat closure results. However, 34% of women reported not receiving adequate information about their surgical options, and 20% did not feel their decision to go flat was supported by their surgeon. Some women even experienced flat denial, which is when a surgeon denies their patient an agreed-upon flat closure either through negligence or disregard." Tracy Tyner, NP

Here is a personal look at the flat closure procedure from a breast cancer survivor who is also a nurse practitioner. The author stresses the importance of "doing your homework" before making a decision to go flat.

We know of several Hodgkin's survivors who have chosen this option, and while all would agree that it is an extremely personal decision, having a thorough understanding of what's involved is invaluable.

What To Know About Mastectomy With Flat Closure
Why I Decided To Get A Prophylactic Double Mastectomy To Help Prevent Breast Cancer
by Andrea Walens, PhD
in Cancer.Net, February 2022

Dr. Walens discovered that she had the BRCA1 mutation when she was 22 years old. In this article, she shares her family history of breast cancer and her need to "have some control over an uncontrollable ticking time bomb."

This is a great article and it includes several links to support services for those facing a similar decision.
Why I Decided To Have A Prophylactic Double Mastectomy
What Almost Dying Taught Me About Living-
a Ted Talk by Suleika Jaouad

Many thanks to Amy Erickson for posting about this amazing woman. Her Ted Talk is just one of several presentations that Suleika has given on cancer survivorship. She is an extremely insightful, warm, and loving presence. Her words will resonate with just about anyone, but particularly those who have walked in her shoes. Suleika is an accomplished writer as well. She is a gem.
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Suleika Jaouad Ted Talk
Why Am I Angry?
by Gary McClain, PhD 

in Coping Magazine, January 2023

"When we feel angry, our anger is usually a cover-up for an underlying emotion, like fear, disappointment, or sadness"

Long-term survivors have plenty to be angry about. We have been traveling a very rocky road, riddled with pot holes, and sometimes even a sink hole or two. We've been ignored, misunderstood, and misdiagnosed. This article provides a different perspective on anger and offers some helpful suggestions for dealing with an emotion that is all too human.
Why Am I Angry?
What About Amiodarone For Atrial Fibrillation After Heart Valve Surgery"
by Adam Pick

Cardiac disease is one of the most significant and possibly deadly late effects of earlier Hodgkin's treatments. We cannot stress enough the importance of being vigilant about your heart health. We hear all too often about a survivor needing some form of cardiac surgery. The most frequent surgery we hear about is heart valve replacement or repair. 

While this can be a daunting experience, many of us have had successful procedures, leading to better overall health. is an excellent source of information for those with cardiac disease. This recent article is about Amiodarone, a drug that is often used to treat AFIB. 
Amiodarone For Atrial Fibrillation After Surgery
7th Heaven Alum and Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor Barry Watson Reflects On More Than A Decade Of Survivorship 
by Jessica Webb Errickson
in Coping Magazine

Barry Watson's personal story of Hodgkin's begins with a very familiar symptom- extreme fatigue. He later found a lump in his neck. Diagnosed with Stage IIB Hodgkin lymphoma, Barry was treated with chemotherapy for six months. He has been in remission for over 20 years now. Read Barry's story in this article that appeared in Coping Magazine.
7th Heaven Alum Barry Watson, Hodgkin's Survivor
How This Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor Defeated Cancer and Blindness
by Kristine Setting Clark, EdD

in Coping Magazine

Long-term cancer survivor Kristine Setting Clark tells a remarkable story of being diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's in 1977 as a young mother of two. She endured over ten months of blindness in both eyes, and continues to suffer from partial blindness. Dr. Clark is a well-known author and has written over ten books. This article appeared in Coping Magazine two years ago. 
Kristine Setting Clark, EdD, Hodgkin's Survivor
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