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Dr. Jennifer Plichta, of Duke University Cancer Center to speak at our next Zoom meeting on Wednesday, December 7 at 1 pm EST, 5 pm BST, 10 am PST

Hodgkin's International is pleased to announce that our next Zoom meeting will feature Dr. Jennifer K Plichta, Associate Professor of Surgery, Associate Professor in Population Health Sciences, and Member of the Duke Cancer Institute. Dr. Plichta specializes in those with an increased risk of breast cancer. As this is a topic of concern for many Hodkgkin's survivors, we are looking forward to hearing from this dedicated and well-regarded clinician. Dr. Plichta will be with us for the first hour of our meeting, from 1-2 pm EST, 6-7 BST, 10-11 PST. The following half hour will be an opportunity for us to just catch up with each other. Registration is required. We hope you can attend, and we look forward to seeing you on the 7th!

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Dr. Jennifer Plichta- Bio
"Health Benefits and Cost-Effectiveness of Children's Oncology Group Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines for Chest-Irradiated Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors" F.L Wong. et al, in The Journal of Clinical Oncology 

This recent article in The Journal of Clinical Oncology explores the cost-effectiveness of annual mammograms for survivors with irradiated chests. We now know that regular mammograms are a key part of long-term follow up care for Hodgkin's survivors. There are discussions regarding the addition of MRI's to survivorship protocols, especially for those who may have additional risk factors for breast cancer. In either case, it has been argued that the costs of these procedures may outweigh their value. This research indicates otherwise. The following is a preamble to the entire research paper. You can read the full version (and/or share it with your physician) by clicking on the link below.

"Key Objective
Childhood Hodgkin lymphoma survivors treated with ≥ 10 Gy of chest radiation are at elevated risk of subsequent breast cancer and are recommended to undergo annual mammography (MAM) with adjunct breast magnetic resonance imaging starting at varying screening ages by the Children's Oncology Group Guidelines, but the benefits and cost-effectiveness of these recommendations are uncertain.

Knowledge Generated
Using a microsimulation model, we showed that the most cost-effective strategy at the commonly cited cost-effectiveness thresholds is annual MAM from age 30 to 74 years. Adjunct breast magnetic resonance imaging is not cost-effective at the current costs, but could become cost-effective if the costs were to be reduced to $300 US dollars.
Relevance (B.G. Haffty)

Promoting regular screening using MAM for chest-irradiated Hodgkin lymphoma survivors from age 30 years will save lives and is cost-effective. Guidelines for survivors of childhood cancers should take into consideration cost-effectiveness in their screening recommendations.*

*Relevance section written by JCO Deputy Editor Bruce G. Haffty, MD."
Cost Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening in Chest Irradiated Hodgkin Survivors
GivingTuesday Is Coming!

For ten years, a global generosity movement, GivingTuesday, has been successful in creating awareness that organizations, large and small, depend on the generosity of individuals. That is true of Hodgkin’s International. 

Were you diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma? Was someone close to you diagnosed? Do you need to find a connection with others who are having a similar experience as you or simply “get it?” Hodgkin’s International was established to be that place—not your hospital or physician’s practice, but a community of individuals who seek useful information, friendship and understanding. 

As a small non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of those who appreciate what we have built and are enthusiastic about our next steps:
    - to communicate more professionally about a comprehensive list of topics
    - to obtain technology so that we can provide sophisticated presentations and virtual meetings
    - to hold regional and national meetings featuring top experts
    - to collaborate with other organizations, including on clinical research

Those are our goals; your gift on GivingTuesday will move us closer to achieving them. As you pause to celebrate Thanksgiving, and you reflect on your reasons for feeling gratitude, please consider Hodgkin’s International—on GivingTuesday or with a year-end gift. 

Thank you.
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Gwen Nichols, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

"Kids With Cancer Deserve More Than a Cure" in, October 2022

This is a powerfully written editorial from Gwen Nichols, MD, Chief Medical Officer of LLS. It is a short but poignant message about the long-term cost of cancer treatment. While we may not have been diagnosed with Hodgkin's as children, most of what Dr. Nichols has to say will resonate with all of us. THANK YOU to Dr. Nichols and LLS for their tireless work on our behalf.
Policy Solutions for Long Term Cancer Survivors- Gwen Nichols, LLS
Results of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship's State of Survivorship Survey- 2022

Wow! This is a very interesting and important study on cancer survivorship. NCCS is at the forefront of cancer survivorship advocacy, and this survey is one of the many examples of why they excel at what they do. Here is an excerpt from the study- on 'Post Treatment Care.' Click the button below to read the entire report. It's worth taking the time.

"Survivors tend to have low expectations during the post-treatment stage.

When asked about their post-treatment care, approximately six in 10 respondents say they are satisfied — which is 10 points lower than satisfaction with in-treatment care — and less than half of respondents say their health care provider did a good job transitioning them to this stage. During this stage, 63% of survivors reported that they discuss follow-up tests to monitor their cancer with their health care provider, but far fewer discuss other critical issues like quality of life (34%), exercise and nutrition (34%), physical function (29%), the mental and emotional impact of their illness (26%), and fatigue (18%) and pain (16%) that interfere with daily life."

NCCS- The State of Survivorship
"Experiences of Cancer Survivors in Europe: Has Anything Changed? Can Artificial Intelligence Offer a Solution?" Iman Hesso, et al, in Frontiers in Oncology, September 2022

Terrific piece of research that explores the state of cancer survivorship in Europe. In addition to providing new data on the cancer experience, this article also includes personal quotes from survivors. This is an important and timely study, and one that long-term Hodgkin's survivors will find both compelling and familiar.
Experiences of Cancer Survivors in Europe
"Navigating Late Cardiotoxic Effects in Chidhood Cancer Survivors" in ASCO Daily News, October 2022

This is a great article on the late cardiac effects of cancer treatment. (While the title specifies 'childhood cancer survivors,' it should be noted that this generally includes survivors who were diagnosed up until the age of 19, and in some instances also includes the category of young adults.) We referred to it on a recent Facebook post but wanted to include it here as well. One of the authors is Dr. Greg Aune, who is a long-term Hodgkin's survivor. 
Navigating Late Cardiotoxic Effects
"Aortic Valve Reconstruction Surgery: Patient Advantages" By Adam Pick, with Dr. Chris Malaisrie, is one of our "go to" sources of information on heart disease. This article appeared in their October 26 newsletter with the title, "Trend to Aortic Valve Reconstruction Gains Momentum." It is a fascinating look at yet another possibility for heart valve repair. Hodgkin's survivors clearly benefit from a wider range of choices to repair or replace heart valves given our treatment histories. Heart disease, particularly heart valve problems, are common in long-term Hodgkin's survivors. This new procedure is welcome news for us!
Aortic Valve Reconstruction

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