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"Podcasting is like falling in love."
-Jessica Kupferman of She Podcasts
Guest on the Creatively Complicated Podcast Friday, Sept 6, 2019 
Geopats Podcast

Newsletter #5

27 August 2019

What is a geopat? Click here to find out. 

New Episode This Friday 

Drew Pells of the On The Counter podcast, about the Premier League, Champions League and more throughout the soccer world, is our guest this Friday on the Geopats Podcast.

If you’ve listened to the Geopats Podcast you know the topics I usually surround myself with: sports is just not one of them. I do like the cultural side of the World Cup but that’s it. I thought my lack of interest in Drew's passion project, his podcast, might impact the conversation that we would have. But after I listened to the first few minutes of On The Counter I knew this would not be a problem. Drew is a funny, curious and friendly person who has a serious passion for what he does and can talk to anyone about anything.

On The Counter is a deep dive into football/soccer leagues. And although we talked about his podcast as part of his virtual life, it was only a small part of everything he has done online, pre and post moving abroad. Drew followed a familiar virtual trajectory (message boards for interest friends and dating, social media for keeping in touch with friends and later for promoting passion projects, and interest websites for news and information) even when he moved to Suzhou,China. But there were some surprises also. Am I going to tell you what they were? Of course not! What I will tell you is that what Drew shares about the virtual tools he has and hasn’t used since moving to China is more revealing than he might even realize.

American Expats: 

Send Yourself A Care Package 

If you are an American expat and miss some of your favorite items, your life is about to change. Using Stackry you can have anything shipped to the U.S. address they give you and they will forward it to you most places in the world. For example, shoes and clothing in my size are hard to find in Asia, so I had two pairs of shoes, a couple of pairs of pants, two books and some smaller items shipped DHL to me in China for $80 USD. It arrived in 3 days. This is only an example and is not a price promise. Certain items are not able to be shipped, like my atm card, lol

Also, please note that I do NOT want the services in this newsletter to just be for Americans. So if you know of services for expats from other countries, please do send them to me and I will check them out and possibly add them here.  

Language Shame

My husband saw this on Facebook recently.

Can projects like Changing Scripts help stop this ridiculousness?    

Changing Scripts Update  

This feels like a good time to tell you that part of the rebranding of the Geopats Podcast is moving Changing Scripts back to its YouTube home. Decisions are still being made but there is a strong chance that some of the episodes may stay on Geopats, some will be on YouTube only AND some will be on both. Stay tuned for more updates as they happen. 

Here is an interview I did this morning with Cam, Host of
the Mandarin By Mistake Podcast
Call For American Expats 
 Last week I made a HUGE mistake!

When I reminded you about American Expat in Australia and Graduate Student Michael's Master's thesis call for American Expats to take a survey, I provided the wrong link to his podcast. Sorry Michael! 


Here is the correct podcast: the Democrats Abroad Podcast, Hispanic Caucus. 

Here is more info from MICHAEL about his research:
All current U.S. expats aged 18 and over are invited to participate in a meaningful study related to Congress (meaning, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives) and its  relationship with their overseas constituents. If you have opinions about your senator or representative, Congress in general, legislation, voting from abroad, or any other political expat concern, this is the ideal place for you to express those thoughts. The online survey is open now until September 27th. So grab that cup o' coffee and begin the survey by clicking here:

Geopats Flashback Episode
Former American Expat in Shanghai, China, Miicher Elmore is now back in the Florida, USA. We miss you Miicher! Here she is (left) being a good sport while I (right) dragged her to her first photo booth in a mall in Shanghai.

While she was in Shanghai, she was kind enough to share part of her China Chronicles posts from Facebook with us on the Expat Rewind show. I thought the Expat Rewind Show was over but now that we have rebranded the Geopats Podcast to include many different types of expat lens shows, maybe we can convince her to do the one year update. What do you think Miicher, are you game for a follow up convo? 
Wishfully hoping she will say yes, here is the episode from last year. . 

Former American Expat in Shanghai, China, Miicher Elmore returned to Miami, Florida,USA this summer and we miss her! Here she is (left) being a good sport while I (right) dragged her to her first photo booth in a mall in Shanghai.

While she was in Shanghai last year, she was kind enough to share part of her China Chronicles posts from Facebook with us on the Expat Rewind show. I thought that the Expat Rewind show was over but now that we have rebranded the Geopats Podcast to include many different types of expat lens shows, maybe we can convince her to do the one year later update episode  that we promised. What do you think, Miicher, are you game for a follow up chat?  
Wishfully hoping she will say yes, here is the episode from last year. . 

Coffee Joy
If you like the Geopats Podcast and want to support us in a small, caffeinated way, why not buy us a coffee. After a few coffee moments from Japanese coffee shops, it's time for one in Shanghai, China, where I live. Green & Safe is an organic grocery store with a wonderful restaurant inside. I loved these coffee cups and the coffee in them. My husband (whose arm you can see in this and many photos of coffee I take) had an Americano and I had an espresso, thus the different sizes of cups. 
Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Podcast Episode Recommendation


I am a huge fan of the She Podcasts Facebook group and follow both of the powerful and inspirational women that run it: Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman on social media and in their multiple projects/podcasts. In fact, the title of this newsletter is from an interview that my Co-Host, Summer, and I did with Jess for our Creatively Complicated Podcast, coming out this Friday. But this post is about Elsie Escobar and her interview on Jackie Morgan MacDougall's wonderful podcast, Forty Thrive. 

What I love about this episode is that although it touches on Elsie's podcasting and podcast community activities and wisdom, it focuses heavily on being a good digital citizen, which ties in nicely with our Virtual Expats Show on the Geopats Podcast. 

Voice Over Services  
Need A Voice For Your Or Your Company's Project? 

I am now doing remote voice over projects. Please direct all request to the website
Podcasts & Podcasting
Inevitably when we listen to podcasts we often end up making our own. I want to

help. Here are a few tools to help you make not just any podcast, but a damn good

one. Feel free to contact me if you need any more help. 

 1 Month Free Podcast Hosting

At Podbean 

 Beginning Expat

Podcasting Workshop
Hey Expats! Do you wanna join the growing group of expat Podcasters? Join us for this podcast resource dump and you will know exactly what to do to get started.

In this resource dump I will:

1. share with you a very basic, cost effective and damn good quality sounding podcast set up

2. share the most useful resources I have found online over my own 2-1/2 years of podcasting. These resources include websites, videos, podcasts on podcasting (yup, that's a thing), live streams, online groups, in person communities, etc etc. Note: These resources are mostly from U.S. Podcasters but the content can easily be applied to any Podcaster globally, albeit with a few adjustments sometimes. 

3. share the aspects of podcasting that expats and expats alone must consider

My goal is to give you a big picture view of the decisions you need to make and the tasks you need to do to express whatever it is you are passionate about into the world in a clear, good quality sounding audio experience.
We need more expat voices like yours because you offer a unique view on the place you are living in AND the place where you are from. 

Get more info about the September 25th and 27th workshops HERE.
Thanks James!

For mentioning my Medium post about guest frequency on interview podcasts in his Podnews Newsletter this week. 

Here is the article that he mentioned.

Upcoming Events
Save The Date


On September 29th at 10pm EDT (which is 10am Sept 30th here in China) I will be leading a panel of three wonderful Expat Podcasters in Asia for International Podcast Day. The entire event is FREE and online, so I hope you can join us in the chat room. 

International Podcast Day is a FREE online podcast event that has 30 hours of sessions from Podcasters around the world. Last year was the first time I online attended and it literally changed my pod listening and producing life in the best of all possible ways. The international aspect of it is not just in the title, they have wonderful Podcasters from around the world. Most of the sessions are in English but there are some in other languages too. You can still see the sessions from 2015 to 2018 on their YouTube channel:

Come into the chat room during our Expat session and say hi, ask us something, etc! Would love to read you there!
More on our 60 minute panel here:

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