In support of the Glowing Glowing Gone campaign and the Tahiti Pro Teahupo'o men's surf championship, World Surf League PURE collaborated with Dr. Austin Bowden-Kerby, founder of Corals for Conservation, to lead a workshop for Coral Gardeners, a youth-led coral restoration organization based in Tahiti. Video by Ryan Borne (Coral Gardeners).
  • In mid-August, Dr. Austin Bowden-Kerby traveled to Moorea, French Polynesia and guided the Coral Gardeners on how to upgrade their coral gardening work to be more effective in the face of the changing climate and warming seas.

    • This trip follows on the heels of a mass coral bleaching event that killed an estimated 40-50% of the corals on Moorea in March through June of this year. 

    • The Acropora corals, formerly dominant on the reefs of Moorea, have become increasingly rare, a worrying trend repeating itself on many reefs throughout the Pacific.

  • The workshop training included the creation of a gene bank nursery of bleaching-resistant Acropora corals, with rope culture of staghorn and digitate species, micro-fragment "garlands" of table Acropora species, which is a new method specifically developed for this growth-form, and cement 'cookies' used to cultivate larger mother colonies of digitate and table forms for regular trimming to produce micro-fragments for outplanting. A-frame methods for growing staghorn corals to help avoid Stegastes damselfish and predatory snails were also taught. 

  • Corals for Conservation is based in Fiji and holds several coral restoration workshops throughout the year, sharing knowledge about advanced coral restoration ecology, coral nursery, and out-planting methods, with 42 trained in the past year, and with several coral gardeners placed at resorts as a new profession, helping coral reefs adapt to climate change.  

  • The next international Corals for Conservation workshop, Coral Gardening for Climate Change Adaptation, will be held from Sep. 23 - Oct. 4, 2019 in Fiji. The course will be repeated in early February, 2020.

Special thanks to the CRC’s Executive Coordinator, Dr. Tali Vardi, for connecting WSL PURE and the Coral Gardeners with Dr. Bowden-Kerby for this special event. 

Check out this NEW VIDEO on the work being done in Tahiti, including the unique methods developed by the young Moorea Coral Gardeners, plus the new methods just introduced to them. 
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Johnson, Lauren M. (August 22).



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