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World Social Initiative Forum Summer 2020
Solstice as Turning Point
Shifting consciousness to what is truly human
Editorial Turning Point  by Joan Sleigh [ZA] | Photo by Juan Bottero [AR] 
In recent times, the world has moved through months of pending and real disaster, beginning with the threat and manifestation of global climate change. At the beginning of 2020, this was quickly overshadowed by the growing anxiety of the highly infectious COVID-19 virus - a fear triggered by contradictory accounts of the cause and treatment of the virus and intensified by the lack of a

vaccine with which to control it. As the third state of disaster, the world is currently uniting in ongoing global protests for social justice - demanding an end to racial and economic discrimination, police violence, and cultural state-supported prejudice. The world and all its citizens are at a dramatic turning point in history.  Things must and have changed, but is there real transformation? Are we going to recognize that the crisis was long in coming, created and manifested by a chronic and unsustainable desire for accumulation of possessions, wealth, and profit? Or are we urging to return the familiarity of self-satisfaction as soon as the restrictions lift?  Read the full editorial here.

From the Team by Milena Kowarik AT/CH

Our first WSIF Webinar Series is also in the works, which will be launched at the end of July. In this Series, initiative-holders will speak and discuss topics and questions related to our current world situation. With this new project, we wish to reach out to more people - within and outside our Network - hoping to bring impulses and courage for the future. Read the full report here

Save the Date First WSIF Webinar Series 
Details here | For inquiries, email us at Webinar Poster Design by Juan Bottero [AR]
Currents Local Perspectives on Global Issues 
US: Social Change as a Creative Whole by Dottie Zold & Frank Agrama [Elderberries 3fold, US]
A tenderizing has befallen us since the pandemic began. Are we starting to feel ourselves a part of a greater whole? If we continue to believe that the greed of humanity can not be overcome, then how do we come to understand what is coming to life since the killing of George Floyd?  Continue reading here
Brazil: Solidarity heals by Vanusa Coutinho & Coordinators Team [Monte Azul, BR]
These are indeed arduous times. But in the face of all this, we also see the emergence and strengthening of a desire in each one to do something to help everyone. This is indeed a moment in which to preserve one’s wholeness - fraternity kindles from within - thinking also how to care for the other. Continue reading here
ZImbabwe: COVID-19 as experienced in Kufunda by Marianne Knuth [Kufunda Village, ZW]
How can we meet fear then? We lived into the deep understanding that our thoughts and feelings are as real as what is outside and that there is real medicine in tending them consciously and peacefully. We fully appreciated that nature is an incredible resource. Being in the community strengthened each of our individual journeys. Continue reading here

Do Epidemics have a Common Message to convey  by Daisuke Onuki [Tokai University, JP]  

Epidemics such as AIDS and COVID-19 have a common message to convey to us, and that is "the world is one". We are all interconnected. No one is safe as long as someone in the world is not safe. It is no surprise that the major impact of  COVID-19 is in the economic sphere. So are the impacts of climate change, the refugee crises, and other global problems that demand humanity to understand the interconnectedness of the world. Continue reading here
Initiatives-in-focus Addressing Social Needs through Local Will
On Interfaith Dialogue & Child Care
ReGeneration [US] is an interfaith community dedicated to early childhood development and education for children in crisis zones afflicted by conflict, poverty, and natural disasters. Know them
On Activism & Upholding Human Dignity
Elderberries 3fold Café [US] is more than just an organic-vegan café. Started by LA-based activists, it is a community that organizes peaceful protests against racism, capitalism, & moral decline. Know them
On Youth & Entrepreneurship
Sunbridge International Collaborative-Brightmoor MakerSpace [US] is a “School for the Future” where young people discover their vision and mission through meaningful work and artistic collaboration within a global community. Know them
Voices Individual Views
A 4-part Series on COVID-19 - Joan Sleigh [ZA]
A new level of observation, looking, and perceiving beyond one's own inner experiences of anxiety and vulnerability seem to offer some kind of a balance. Along with it, a new possibility to sense and face the unknown and unreliable future emerges. 
4 articles: 1 On Fear  2 On Encounters 3 On Work 4 On What is Hidden
The Pandemic of Fear  - Medicine of Love by Ben Cherry [UK]
So we come to the existential question: What kind of world do I intend to create with others? And how can I summon up the courage to turn this into an unshakeable decision of the will?  Full article here
Research A Culture of Questioning
Carbon Footprint Center [EG] - The Future of Agriculture in Egypt
Seada et al: The agriculture inputs in organic farming systems are not subsidized but they improve the soil structure, maintain water quality, increase soil organic matter, increase biodiversity, and yields while decreasing the total cost to produce one ton of any crop. Full Research
Youth Section - Goetheanum [CH] - When Words become Action
De La Cruz: In the spirit of questioning and research, we will meet again on July 8th from 17:00-19:00 CET to find a common question with which to work and live with over the next 6 months. We are inviting any young person interested in stepping into this process to get in touch and begin enquiring about the future with us. Full Article
Participate Upcoming Events

Anthroposophical Council for Inclusive Social Development 
International Conference on Curative Education and Social Therapy

5th - 8th Oct, 2020 at the Goeatheanum, Dornach
Register here

Free Columbia
M.C. Richards Program

A 9-month Residential Program for Adults
Aug 2020 - May 2021 at Free Columbia, New York
Register here
Call for Support Help a Local Project 

Koberwitz 1924 Inc. [Philippines]
Bridge the Water Gap


Barefoot Initiative [Australia - Ethiopia]
Sponsor a Student


Maria Carla Gallini & Associação Comunitária Monte Azul [Brazil]
Masks & Goods for Monte Azul


Notfallpädagogik - Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.V.

Editors Nicole Asis & Joan Sleigh | Layout Nicole Asis | Contributors Joan Sleigh & Milena Kowarik (WSIF), Dottie Zold & Frank Agrama (Elderberries 3fold Café), Vanusa Coutinho (Monte Azul), Marianne Knuth (Kufunda Village), Daisuke Onuki (Tokai University - WSIF), Helmy Abouleish - Christine Arlt - Nadine Greiss (SEKEM Group & Heliopolis University), Ioana Viscrianu & Andrea De La Cruz (Youth Section-Goetheanum), Jan Göschel - Bart Vanmechelen - Sonja Zausch (Anthroposophical Council for Inclusive Social Development), Nathaniel Williams (Free Columbia), Benjamin Cherry,  Massa Ando (WSIF) & Maria Carla Gallini (Masken für Monte Azul), Dr. Grace Zozobrado-Hahn & Walter Siegfried Hahn (Koberwitz 1924 Inc.), Kyra Marwaha (Barefoot Initiative), ReGeneration US, Elderberries 3fold Café, Sunbridge Intl Collaborative/Brightmoor Maker Space | Additional Photos  Juan Bottero (WSIF), Kfar Rafael, Vincent Ghilione @lamoune 

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