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A Social Initiative Forum Special Newsletter on the COVID-19 Pandemic
Connecting through Distance | Verbinden durch Abstand
Enlivening Social Life in these Times | Belebend Sozialsleben in dieser Zeit

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the Social Initiative Forum,

The spread of the Coronavirus and the drastic measures taken by many countries because of it have created an extraordinary social situation. At the moment, we are all busy implementing and coping with the changes - in families, at our workplaces, and more than ever, within social and caring institutions and contexts.

The task of caring for others in need, while at the same time protecting oneself, creates a heightened challenge. The world situation calls for solidarity from everyone, while also maintaining the greatest possible sense of personal responsibility and equilibrium.

In these changing times, the recognition that each living entity holds a spiritual core interconnected with a universal divinity can give us the courage to actively participate in "willingly uniting with the world in love", more conscious and intentional than usual.

The inner call consists of not letting "the beat of heart and lungs following the rhythms of time" come to a standstill. This asks us, as best we can, to practice spirit-mindfulness in our lives and in every interaction, with other human beings, with the natural environment, and in every deed and action. Not for us, but for the world.

Drawing from an abundant inner strength, this may bring new resilience to ourselves and the earth, based on an attitude of courage, openness, and collaboration, which may selflessly be guided by an inner vision - each person in their place and all together as the world community that we are.

From all of us at the Social Initiative Forum Team, we wish you good health, strength, and steadfastness in these times,
Joan Sleigh

Project Leader
The Social Initiative Forum Team

Spring | 20 March 2020 Dornach CH | © Nicole Asis [PH]
Ich trage Ruhe in mir - Rudolf Steiner
für Miriam Ege | GA 268 | Date Unknown
[EN] Quiet I bear within me,
I bear within myself,
forces that make me strong.

Now I will be imbued
with their glowing warmth.

Now I will fill myself
with my own will's resolve.

When by my steadfast striving
I become strong
to find within myself
the source of strength 
The strength of inner quiet.

When quietness smooths the waves of soul,
And patience expands in the spirit,
Then the word of gods moves through the inner being of man
And weaves the peace of eternities
Into all the life of the course of time.
[DE] Ich trage Ruhe in mir,                                  Ich trage in mir selbst die Kräfte,
die mich stärken.

Ich will mich erfüllen
mit dieser Kraft Wärme.

Ich will mich durchdringen
mit meines Willens Macht.

Und fühlen will ich,
wie Ruhe sich ergießt
durch all mein Sein,
wenn ich mich stärke,
die Ruhe als Kraft in mir zu finden,
durch meines Strebens Macht.

Wenn Ruhe der Seele Wogen glättet
und Geduld im Geist sich breitet,
zieht der Götter Wort durch des Menschen Innres
Und webt den Frieden der Ewigkeiten
In allen Leben des Zeitenlaufs.

From Das Goetheanum: The Coronavirus

Originally published at Das Goetheanum on 13th of March, 2020
Text: Georg Soldner | Translation: Tascha Babitch
[EN] This is what creates the symptoms of the disease that now breaks out: the organism is trying to get rid of the infected cells so as to get rid of the viruses that have invaded, by employing, for example, coughing, fever, and phlegm. Anyone who dies of a viral infection can therefore also be seen as a victim of their own immune defense, whose regulation is an expression of the individual "I-organization", the I-presence in the body. Continue reading here.
[DE] Er beginnt, sich gegen diese Zellen zu wenden, um sie zu eliminieren. Nichts anderes sind die Symptome der Krankheit, die nun ausbricht: Der Organismus versucht, die infizierten Zellen und damit die eingedrungenen Viren z.B. mit Husten, Fieber, Verschleimung loszuwerden. Wer an einer Virusinfektion stirbt, kann demzufolgeauch Opfer seiner eigenen Abwehr werden, deren Regulation Ausdruck der individuellen "Ich-Organisation", der Ich-Präsenz im Leibe ist. Weiterlesen hier.

SIF Nairobi 2020: Inuka Sasa Summit

Updates on New Forum Dates and Crowdfunding
[EN] Due to recent regulations against COVID-19 worldwide, SIF Nairobi 2020: Inuka Sasa Summit is postponed to 2021. We are currently in conversation with our co-partners nyendo Lernen and Sunbridge International Collaborative on possible dates and new forms for the Forum. Thank you very much for the donations you have given to support the Forum via our site Crowdfunding for SIF Nairobi. We will send regular updates on SIF Nairobi 2020: Inuka Sasa Summit, along with our upcoming Forums for 2021 and 2022. 

Thank you very much for your generous support and interest in creating spaces of exchange and co-learning!
[DE] Wegen die weltweit Maßnahmen gegen COVID-19, muss SIF Nairobi 2020: Inuka Sasa Summit ins nächste Jahr 2021 verschoben werden. Wir besprechen uns mit unsere Partnerorganisationen nyendo Lernen und Sunbridge International Collaborative über ein mögliches Datum und eine neue Gestaltung für das Forum. Herzlichen Dank für die Spenden für das Forum, die wir über unsere Webseite Crowdfunding for SIF Nairobi von Ihnen erhalten haben. Wir werden Ihnen regelmäßig Aktualisierungen schicken zu SIF Nairobi 2020: Inuka Sasa Summit und unseren bevorstehenden Foren in 2021 und 2022.

Herzlichen Dank für Ihre großzügige Unterstützung und Ihr Interesse, wodurch Räume des Austauschs und des kooperatives Lernens möglich werden.

Social Initiative Forum on YouTube

Joan Sleigh on Empathy: WSIF Japan 2018 
 © The Social Initiative Forum 2020

The Social Initiative Forum
Section for Social Sciences - Goetheanum
Rüttiweg 45 CH-4143 Dornach CH
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