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We know that for just about everyone this month, the spread of COVID-19 has brought unexpected challenges – for our personal health, relationships, family and work. 

We want to remind you of the importance of prioritizing time for self-care especially when there’s extra stress – and we hope that this e-letter about the fun and exciting emerging world of audio porn will enlight, entertain and inspire you to invest in your own pleasures and well-being. 

Kicking off the topic with a word from our partner, Laura Stromboni (@mydearvagina): “Alternative pornography exists today...and it’s f**king good!”

The origin story:

Many experts believe that the audio porn we now know today – which can be found in podcast form, on YouTube and as audio files in popular forums – all stems from the once-popular phone sex hotlines.

But now, it is much cheaper, more accessible and comes in any shape and size you could possibly want.

This rebirth began with the r/GoneWildAudio subreddit, which is made up of over 366,000 users, uploading and listening to homemade erotic audio. As it became more and more apparent that there was a huge audience for this media, the movement evolved into their own type of Pornhub.

One of the most popular hubs for audio porn today is the website Quinn, founded by Caroline Spiegel and Jackie Hanley and referred to as: “the internet’s best-kept secret.”

As Liz Stinson put it in a 2019 Quinn article, “Quinn is part of an audio porn renaissance.” What started as one woman’s idea for making porn more relaxed and fun for women, is quickly growing into an empire – peaking at half a million unique visitors this past November.

Another popular site, Dipsea, raised $5.5 million in two months when it first launched. In total, in the year 2019, audio erotica sites raised $9 million to further their development. Even the age-old classic, Literotica, has found a substantial audience for this medium, with over 3,000 audio stories to choose from.

What makes audio porn so much better than visual porn?

For what seems like forever, porn has been focused on an audience of heterosexual cis males, which is great for them but unfulfilling for anyone else looking to embrace their sexual side.

With mainstream porn comes many cons – many of which we discussed in our September 2019 e-letter about ethical porn. For example, the people portrayed are typically (certainly not always) fitting into a niche body type of large-breasted women with no belly fat, or men with above-average sized penises. Not that these traits are inherently negative, but they can be intimidating for some. And it’s rather difficult to relax into a self-pleasure session when you can’t push your insecurities from your mind.

For some it’s difficult to watch porn when you can’t identify with the main character or worse: are made to feel insecure by them.

In addition… other forms of porn can be inaccessible to those who are less abled. Those who are blind cannot watch porn or read erotic literature – and neither can those who live with dyslexia, or at least not without difficulty.

Let’s not forget that most porn is heterosexual and, in turn, leaves out a huge portion of people looking to explore this erotic medium. Anyone who is not looking for penis-vagina penetration isn’t going to find satisfaction when porn almost exclusively shows this type of sex. And when it does show women having sex with each other, it’s usually choreographed for a male audience.

Lastly, there can be an aspect of guilt that comes in when watching mainstream porn. While many ethical porn sites (like Make Love Not Porn and XConfessions) ensure that their videos are produced ethically, with fairly treated and paid actors and a proud production staff, almost any free porn out there is likely using exploitation tactics to be able to offer their videos for free on sites like Pornhub. (See September’s e-letter)

Here is where audio porn steps in.

As Nana Baah writes, “Audio porn fills a gap for those who don’t or can't enjoy video porn.”

Audio porn leaves room for YOU. . .

Let’s not pretend that cis men are the only ones indulging in porn. 31% of women watch porn weekly and another 30% watch it a few times a month.

Studies have found that 90% of women use visualization techniques, such as mental framing, when having sex with others or themselves. Audio porn makes room for this.

You can listen, despite many disabilities, you can visualize the sexual encounters to fit your own tastes and, most of all, it’s usually made by listeners for listeners, with an ethical mindset.

Spiegel, of Quinn, has strict rules for the files her actors post: 

“Our golden rules [include] nonconsent,” she says. “But you can have consensual nonconsent, so like within the boundaries of fantasy or play.”

In addition, many of these sites allow content creators to be “tipped” by listeners, which can end up being surprisingly lucrative for them. One creator, age 35, told the New York Times that he suspects he will eventually be able to quit his day job at a Chicago bank and support himself solely off his audio erotica recordings for Quinn. 

Several experts feel that audio porn may be a more feminist form of erotica, however the feminism of porn is a long-debated subject, and perhaps what is feminist is simply the act of seeking out ethically produced porn – which nearly all audio porn is.


If you’re a beginner and need some guidance, there is a plethora of guided masturbations out there to choose from. There are even guided meditations that integrate what is known as “ASMRotica.”

You may have heard of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). It’s another huge auditory medium that’s sweeping the internet. The main angle of these audio recordings (often originated by YouTubers in the form of video) is to bring you relaxation through the triggering of your meridian response system with sounds like light tapping and whispers.

ASMRotica plays off of the ASMR genre, bringing a sensual edge to it. Many people refer to the spine-tingling sensation that is triggered by ASMR audio as a “braingasm,” so it seems only natural that we would combine that with an actual orgasm.

For nearly a decade, ASMRtists (the nickname for creators of ASMR videos and audio tracks) have pushed against the sexualization of their art form, urging that there are ways to experience pleasure without the intersection of sex. So, we want to make it clear that ASMRotica is not the same thing as ASMR, it merely utilizes the stimulating qualities of traditional, asexual ASMR.

Some of the top ASMRotica creators are: ASMR Amy, ASMR Cherry Crush, Sarah ASMR and Juicy Peach. They offer a wide variety of content. Some creators make pretty explicitly sexual content, but whispered to you, often involving role play of some sort. Others, like Juicy Peach – who refers to herself as creator of “vanilla content” – offer soft, sensual sounds or support to their listener, playing the role of a caring partner.

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Attia Taylor, founder and editor-in-chief of Womanly Magazine, and we think she sums up how we also feel after reading deeper into the topic of audio porn: “I have a soft spot for audio,” she told us, “so it makes me excited to know the depths we can reach with just sound as a stimulant. I think it’s incredibly beneficial as a form of expression.”

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