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Somehow you’ve been able to make it through 2020 intact and just as powerful a being as ever. While we can’t promise that 2021 will be any better externally, we can certainly support you in ensuring that it’s better internally. How?! We’ve got three words for you:


That’s right. Throughout December at My Sex Bio, we’ve been learning about and developing our own rituals for sexual wellness, connection to self, manifestations and inner peace.

In today’s installment of our e-newsletter, we’re going to take a peek at a few possible frameworks for these rituals: Crystals, Baths, Breath, and Menstrual Rituals.

Using Crystals for Sexual Wellness

Adding crystals to your sexual experiences (both solo and partnered) can be a great first step to developing your own rituals for sexual wellness. There are a lot of crystal sex toys out there to choose from.

Chakrubs is a great resource for further reading, as they are the original crystal sex toy company. As they write on their company page:

“Creating an intentional practice with Chakrubs entails learning to quiet the mind in order to feel subtle energies, develop emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awareness, and accepting every aspect of who you are.”

Now, how lovely does that sound?!

Another great way to integrate crystals in your sexual wellness is in the use of yoni eggs. Not only do they help manifest wellness (depending on the stone you are using), but they can help strengthen your pelvic floor, improve blood circulation, help you achieve new kinds of orgasms and lubricate easier. Some even claim using a jade yoni egg can help ease PMS.

Take a Spiritual Bath

This idea is inspired by MookyChick Magazine, and we love it!

How to hold a spiritual bath:

✨Set the scene with any crystals, oils, candles, etc. that you feel will support you in centering, grounding or whatever you’re looking for.

✨Speak your intentions into the water, your crystals or another item of your choosing.

✨If you’re menstruating, allow yourself to free bleed during the bath and revel in the beauty of it.

✨Look at and touch your naked body, thanking it for all it has done for you (aloud).

Connecting to Your Sex Organs Through Breath

We would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to reflect on our interview with Denell Barbara Nawrocki of Cervical Wellness on our Carnal Theory Podcast.

“When we take long deep inhales through our mouth during sex this opens up the female pelvis to be able to receive penetration and more pleasure, and it makes it more possible for us to achieve what we all dream of, which is cervical orgasm.” – Denell Barbara Nawrocki

Listen to our full episode “Using Your Breath to Achieve Orgasm” to learn more about how breathing rituals can completely change your sex life and enhance your personal wellness.

Additionally, you can use your breath to make masturbation a more meditative and ritualistic experience. Mindful masturbation is one of the purest sexual wellness rituals out there. Emily Morse wrote a wonderful article about this practice, saying:

“Start by prioritizing your pleasure, and set aside some time in your busy day that’s just for you. Find a space in your home where no one will bother you, lock the door, and put that phone on airplane mode.

Next, set up your space in a way that feels soothing to your senses. Maybe you’d like to light a candle or two, enjoy some aromatherapy, perhaps cozy up with a few soft pillows or blankets, massage in some scented oils – the possibilities are endless.

Now it’s time to find a comfortable place to sit down, and just relax for a moment, letting your mind rove through your body. Are there places that feel sore or tense? Send them some loving, soothing energy. Once you feel relaxed and comfortable, allow yourself to think about what you’d like to get out of your self-love today.”


Menstrual Rituals

Last month, we discussed honoring and understanding the menstrual cycle, and there is so much room to build upon that theme when it comes to sexual wellness rituals. There are many, many ways to honor your menstrual cycle (or a loved one’s) through ritual.

Writer and Womxn’s Coach Becca Piastrelli is full of wisdom and inspiration when it comes to developing rituals around menstruation.

“I started giving my blood to my garden each month,” she writes in her blog, “(diluted with water, blood is strong) and saw my lemon tree transform. Blood contains high nitrogen and protein composition, which is just what our plants need to grow strong.

“[This] is a little ritual that strengthens my connection to my moon cycle and helps me to reprogram my shame into pride to be a woman who bleeds.”
Other people prefer to use their menstrual blood as face masks or annoint a stone with it while speaking intentions. The list of how you might develop a menstrual health ritual is virtually endless.

Writing prompt:

  • What are the three major goals I would want my own wellness rituals to be focused on?
  • Where in my schedule (either daily or weekly) can I fit in time for my own wellness ritual?
  • What are three ideas for what my wellness ritual could look like?

This voluntary monthly prompt invites you to explore your sexual biography.
Tips on exploring this: Set aside 20 minutes with your phone on silent and relax in a comfortable space with a pen and paper. Go slow. Start with what comes to mind from your first read of the prompt. Continue writing your stream of consciousness. 

Mantra of the month

"Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence."

                                                                                                  –Deepak Chopra

Researching our sexual biographies:

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