6th December 2022
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Feedback Survey
Here is our feedback survey - please give your views on our new spectacular event for Framlingham at the Castle on Nov 4th - what you thought went well, what went wrong, and what your ideas are for next year.
There has been very mixed responses so far, and we would like everyone to have the opportunity to participate in our evaluation, and to help us decided what to aim for next year.

It is a survey for all - it includes questions for those who did not attend, and is open until Sunday 18th December.

A few printed copies are available in the Town Council Office during opening hours if preferred.
2022 has seen big changes - the sad loss of the Queen, two new Prime Ministers - and, from the end of December, Framlingham will have a new Town Clerk when Eileen Coe retires after 21 years at the helm.
How things have changed in those years! Eileen began working 20 hours a week as the Council's only employee. A previous clerk claimed the work occupied them for just half an hour each evening on an old typewriter. Today the Town Clerk works full-time (at least), leads a team of three and much of the work is computerised. Councillors are well used to receiving streams of e-mails on days when Eileen is supposedly on holiday and it is not unknown for her mails to be timed at 3am.
Eileen attended primary and secondary schools in Framlingham before qualifying as a hairdresser and also working for English Heritage at various sites including Framlingham Castle. Then on 1st July 2001, a date etched in her memory, she took on the challenge of Town Clerk. Since then she has clerked in excess of 2000 Town Council meetings, dealt with the idiosyncrasies of more than 85 different Councillors, managed 5 elections and several by-elections and guided the Council twice to Quality Town status.
As well as Town Clerk, Eileen has been Framlingham's Responsible Financial Officer and as such led the town through successful annual audits in each of her 21 years. She was one of the first town clerks to achieve CiLCA qualification (Certificate in Local Council Administration) and now has many other letters after her name, including ICCM (membership of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management), reflecting an aspect of the job that has always held a particular interest for her. She has helped many visitors with their family history research and was instrumental in setting up a computerised site for these records.
Eileen has always played a major part in organising Framlingham's big events, from Mid-Summer Madness to Bonfire Night to Go-cart Racing and 2022's enormously successful Party on the Pageant, and the current excellent condition of the Pageant Field children's play area, often remarked on as a wonderful asset to the town, owes much to her planning and fund raising. In her role as Town Clerk she has at various times visited the House of Commons, chatted with Princess Anne and attended not just one but two royal garden parties.
Eileen was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. Radiotherapy has stabilised this condition and she is guardedly optimistic about the future but the tumour and treatment have seriously affected her hearing, one of the main reasons for her retiring earlier than planned. Her family and dogs hope to benefit from no longer having to share her with the Council. Eileen will be greatly missed, especially for the beaming smile she manages to maintain when everything seems to be falling apart. We wish her all the best for a long a happy retirement.

From East Suffolk Council

The extent of damage to the bridge is relatively modest, however there are a couple of trees that belong to the neighbouring property that need to be removed before we are able to undertake the repairs.

One is a very large willow, which is currently partly supported by the bridge and is rather precariously spanning over a large sewer main that spans the river just downstream of the bridge – This tree will need to be removed very carefully to avoid damaging/breaking the sewer. The land owner is aware of the situation and is in the process of making arrangements for the trees to be removed but there is no confirmed date for when this will take place at the moment – We will continue to liaise with them on the timing of this work.

We have investigated/discussed the scope/details of works required and are of the view that (once the trees have been removed to provide a safe working area) we can undertake the repairs working largely from the road with a small tower scaffold being erected in the watercourse as and when required on a daily basis.

We have already applied for an exemption permit from the EA to undertake the repair works in this way, which usually takes about a week for the EA to process. If accepted by the EA?, this will avoid the need for applying for and obtaining a bespoke consent from them for erecting a scaffold in/over the watercourse, which typically takes 10-12 weeks to obtain. (There is an increased risk of disruption due to high water levels by working from a tower scaffold, but probably something that we will have to accept/manage).

The workpack has already been prepared and is about to be sent for pricing/programming.
We have stressed that these works are a high priority to us, such that the temporary TL's can be removed ASAP.

The works will require a road closure (I would envisage that the repairs should take no longer than a week to complete), for which we will need to obtain road-space for via the Network Assurance Team

We will request an "early start" or emergency closure for this, hopefully this request will be viewed favourably given the location and disruption being caused by the temporary TL's. (We can't request this until we know when the trees will have been removed.)
We can't yet give you a date for when the works will be completed as this is dependent on the outcome of the constraints/issues outlined above, but can update you as things develop.


You may have noticed that the Fens did not get its final cut and clear this year. This was a combination of Covid, machine availability and weather.

After consulting the contractor and research 'rewilding' people, the Lands committee have decided to leave it be and see how it regenerates next year. It will do no harm ecologically, and indeed there is an argument that leaving it be every few years helps the rewilding process and increases bio diversity.

The downside is that some people may think it looks a little untidy, but the bugs and small creatures will look at it differently!
The upside is that the budget will be in a healthier state for 2023.

The Town Council will look to see what can be done with the material left over from the final cut next year. The 'heaps' that are there already are doing their business as bio machines but it is good practise not to let them get too big by piling more and more stuff on top of them. It can acidify the soil too much which is not good for the trees.
The stuff cannot be used for animal feed or bedding as it will likely have some dog poo in it. Some have felt that it could be used as a bio fuel but so far we have not got very far in finding out how to achieve this.

If anyone has any bright ideas, that will not cost the earth, the Town Council would be very pleased to hear them.


ESC have approved the application for 35 homes on this site.

Framlingham Town Council (FTC) were very disappointed that East Suffolk Planning Committee decided on 22nd November to approve the new application for 35 self-build homes on the land south of Victoria Mill Road. The Committee vote was tied at 4-4, but the application was approved by the Chairman's casting vote. This was despite strong and active input from FTC, and great help from our MP Dan Poulter and District Councillor Maurice Cook and many local residents.

FTC considers there are a number of objections both to the application and the ESC handling of the application, and will consider whether ESC's decision is lawful or whether there are grounds for an appeal by a Judicial Review.

See more information HERE


If you're facing bills that you can't afford and struggling with the rising cost of energy, British Gas Energy Trust offers support, regardless of which energy company you are with.

The independent charitable trust can help with free resources to ensure you're getting the support and benefits you're entitled to and free 1-2-1 advice on money, benefits and energy efficiency.

It also runs an energy debt programme, which awards grants to households that remove energy debt and fund emergency fuel credit.

See more information at

East Suffolk Council understands the pressures faced by many people today and is working closely with partners and stakeholders to ensure support is available to help ease the squeeze for households in East Suffolk. See website for more:

The below image is available on the SCC website:
Further advice and guidance around the subject can be found at
Are for sale, at £1.50 each - atmospheric cards of Market Hill decked with festive lights, with envelopes in a compostable cellophane wrapper.
Message on the reverse:
Christmas Greetings.

All proceeds go towards events being run by the Council. Available from the Town Council office in Church Street.


Available  from:

The Town Council Office, 10c Church Street, IP13 9BH
The Bookshop, Market Hill, IP13 9BB

With a ‘Then and Now’ theme it would make a fabulous gift for a reasonable £5.

Also available for sale at the Town Council Office are:

Frambags £3 each

Jubilee Tea Towels - Reduced - now only £4 each

Jubilee Mugs £5 each

Please note that there will be no newsletter in January. The first edition of the New Year will be in February.

If you are concerned about the expected increase in energy costs that are regularly being reported in the press, and worried about how you will pay these bills, it is even more important to check you are on the best tariff for you. has a host of information and a price comparison tool.  If you find this whole area daunting then do get in touch and they can guide you through the process.

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Find out how you can manage the wide ranging effects of Covid-19 that you may still be feeling. See the NHS advice page for people recovering from Covid who still have symptoms:

The Suffolk Coastal Debt Centre has been helping people out of debt for over a year. This service is especially important now with so many being laid off work as the furlough ends - a local team supports people throughout their journey to becoming debt free.
Contact them on:0800 328 0006
or  visit their website:
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Suffolk County Council- for highways, rights of way, etc - for web chat
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East Suffolk Council- for anti-social behavior, flytipping, grounds, etc
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Suffolk Police - for anti-social behaviour and other crimes
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In the event of an emergency -999

These authorities prefer to accept details from first party representation (ie the affected person) and although the Parish Council is aware of the problems it is only a third party passing on a message and this may carry less weight.

Infomation on Changes to Testing for COVID-19in England

Click on the link below to find the latest information:

Suffolk County Council Recycling Centres Info and Booking:
Booking System Update - Visitors to all 11 Recycling Centres in Suffolk can now make a new booking, change details & cancel their bookings up to 4 hours before the time-slot now! Previously customers were only able to book, cancel and amend up to a day before appointments. Leiston Recycling Centre is now accepting bookings for vans, cars with trailers & trade waste (afternoons only currently). To book a slot at any of the 11 sites click on the button below:
East Suffolk Bin Collection Calendar:
Please use the link below to find the dates of collection for your general and recycling waste..
Reporting Faults/Problems with Street Lights, Roads, Pavements and Footpaths etc:
Suffolk County Council is your one stop shop for reporting all Highways and Public Rights of Way related problems and issues. Their website is easy to use and is the most direct way to report all non-emergency faults and matters of concern, covering a whole host of categories with anything from verge cutting and trees, to damaged roads, missing signs and street lighting etc. However, any problems deemed as causing an immediate danger to public safety should be reported on the following emergency telephone number: 0345 606 6171.
Planned Road Closures/Works:
Use the link below for information about Suffolk Highway's planned road closures, works and temporary diversion routes.
For Information on Unplanned Emergency Road Closures/Works:
There may be times that essential emergency works are required to take place on the highway network without advanced notice – you can follow Suffolk Highways on Twitter for the latest emergency roadwork updates.
Alternatively you can create an account and sign up for email notifications via the website.
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