2021 CFO Inspection

On October 18th the East Elgin Sportsmen's Association had our annual CFO inspection, and for the 4th consecutive year the club has had no major deficiencies or issues in need of correcting and passed the inspection with flying colours.. Mid range berms on the 300m range need topping up to increase height and side berms on the 100m range require some small restructuring to offset slouching that has taken place in the past year. 
It takes the efforts of our entire membership to
 keep this club safe and maintained to a point that we can all be very proud when we have inspections and have very near zero deficiencies.  Many thanks to everyone who have helped keep it that way. 
Covid Restrictions Change

The province of Ontario is doing a great job of lessening, and maintaining, a much lower number of cases than seen previously in 2021. It seems that (hopefully) we won't be seeing much more in the way of set backs or a return to severe group size restrictions.

As a result effective November 1st we will be permitting members to have one guest accompany them while in the indoor range.

None of us enjoy wearing the masks and I think we can all agree we'd prefer it if we didn't have to, that unfortunately isn't currently an option for a couple of reasons.
Aside from limiting the transmission of a virus, the wearing of masks indoors keeps us from being considered high risk. To allow anyone to not wear masks indoors would make us high risk and as high risk we would be forced to verify members have had their vaccines by asking to see their vaccine passport. We'd very much prefer not to get to that point. According to the most recent set of guidelines released by the provincial government regarding the vaccine passport:
This approach focuses on higher-risk indoor public settings where face coverings cannot always be worn'.
With that in mind masks will continue to be mandatory for ALL members while indoors 
  We do also request you continue to use the products supplied for both hand and surface sanitization. 

A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

At the time of writing this section the provincial government has just announced they expect to be 100% free of all Covid related restrictions by March 2022. No masks, no vax passports, no group size restrictions........ It's fair after the past two years that we may all be just a little skeptical, but it's something to look forward to also, so here's hoping they're correct.

Read About it Here

Renewal Giveaway!

Once again this year we will be giving away a small prize to the 1000th membership renewal, this year it is the Mini Sig MCX by Goat Guns

  • Comes with full SIG MCX® Model + Suppressor, 3 dummy rounds (fits up to 5), display stand and scope
  • Engraved SIG Logo on upper left side
  • Comes with mini suppressor 
  • Adjustable sight on Picatinny rails
  • Charging handle pulls back
  • First GoatGun model to load and eject dummy rounds! 
  • Ejection port opens / closes
  • Rubber end on stock 
  • Metal mag with functioning release
Good Luck!

Membership Renewals Reminder

Don't forget 2022 membership renewals are due on or before December 31st but members can renew anytime after October 1st. 

As in previous years members will have numerous choices on how to renew.
    1) Renew Online
To renew online just go to,
choose your membership package and follow the prompts. Payment may be submitted with Paypal, Stripe, or EMT. Please remember that if you choose to pay with an EMT this process is not automated and you will have to follow through and send the EMT to

    2) Call in with a credit card.
Contact the membership committee at 226-927-8831 or 519-773-8868 and we can accept your payment via credit card. 
    3) Drop Payment at Club
Drop off your completed renewal form (with cheque, money order, bank draft or cash in an envelope) in the secure mail slot located outside the Office Door in the Club House.

    4) Pay in Person 
To pay in person, you must attend one of the dates posted below at the club. These in person renewal dates are staffed by members of the Membership Committee and can accept cash, cheques, credit or debit cards.  Specific dates that membership personnel will be at the club are listed below. 
In Person Renewal Dates for 2021
Listed below are the dates membership committee personnel will be at the club to accept membership renewals. 

November - 8:00am - 1:00pm
6th, 20th, 21st and 27th.

December - 8:00am - 1:00pm
4th, 11th,18th and 19th.

Other dates will be posted on the Range Calendar as they become available. 
This year we will start a new program to help identify those that have holster certification. Any members that have their IDPA, IPSC, or Club Level holster certification may come in and get a green lanyard to help RO's know at a glance if a member has had the proper training to be wearing a holster on club property. This will save having them ask to see any ofi the certification ID's. 
Contact Head RO Barry Rawlinson or when you're next at the club to shoot or renew your membership just ask membership personnel for one. 

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

6 years ago today, the CCFR / CCDAF opened its doors for membership and donations. In these short 6 years they have brought firearm owners together as a community, raised the debate and our image as gun owners and fought the fight in all available media.
We have a battle to fight, but they promised gun owners that they would do everything they can.
And they did it.
The future of gun rights in Canada is

The CCFR is a non-profit organization funded by you. Help them take this opportunity to truly make a difference for firearm owners across the country. They are a volunteer organization so even a small donation goes a long way.

You can also send an e-transfer to (autodeposit enabled). If prompted, use the password HELPCCFR.

All donations made by EESA members between November 1st and December 31st will be matched by the East Elgin Sportsmen's Association to a maximum of $5,000.00
The fight is still on. 



Facility Rentals
Vice President Barry Rawlinson is also our facilities manager, anyone interested in renting the club facilities can contact Barry at for rates and availability or submit facility requests through the club website.  
Chief Safety Officer
East Elgin Sportsmen's Association chief safety officer is Peter Sherriff. Please direct questions or concerns about safety on the ranges or safe gun handling to Peter at
Head Range Officer

East Elgin's head Range Officer is club Vice President Barry Rawlinson. Inquiries about Range Officer courses or any other RSO related questions can be directed to Barry at

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