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Green Conscious Consumers are on the Rise

Green Products and Green Consumers
We all know that running a business in an environmentally conscious way requires you to go the extra mile. But the environment is not the only thing that "thanks" to you for this commitment, your consumers do too! According to the Harvard Business Review and the 2019 Food and Health Survey, consumers are actively choosing products that keep the environment in mind. Environmental sustainability significantly influences 54% of consumers and of those who shop with environmental sustainability in mind, 

  •  51% look for foods labeled as being locally grown

  • 47% look for foods labeled as sustainability sourced

  • 47% look for foods labeled as non-GMO/not bioengineered

  • 41% look for recyclable packaging

  • 35% look for minimal packaging

According to a study done by NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Businesses which looked at U.S. consumers’ purchasing of consumer packaged goods, 50% of growth from 2013 to 2018 came from sustainability-marketed products. One of the biggest takeaways from the study is the fact that sustainable product sales have grown 5.6 times faster than their conventional counterparts.

But choosing green products is not the only way consumers are showing their love for the environment. A survey conducted by Hilton Hotels revealed that 33% of respondents actively research a hotel company’s environmental efforts before staying with them. Green businesses are on the rise, and consumers are responding with their support!

Demand-Side Management 

Did you know your energy bill could go up if you don't pay attention to demand response?

Managing Energy Use with Demand-Side Management.
Demand-side management (DSM) strategies can help Green Businesses complete their certification but sorting through the various DSM options can be overwhelming. Through its AutoDR workforce development project, the Center for Sustainable Energy is here to offer free technical support! 

What is DSM?
DSM refers to reducing your current energy use through manual or automated means. Utilities typically offer programs and incentives for demand response (DR) and automated demand response (AutoDR) which are aimed at reducing energy consumption when demand is high. DR activities can be as simple as turning down excess lighting during a DR event. An AutoDR system can do this automatically upon request from your utility co.

Read more about the benefits and incentives of participating in DSM here.

Green Business Rebate Program

We want to remind Green Businesses about our $500 rebate program!
The California Green Business Network (CAGBN), in partnership with the California Environmental Protection Agency, is able to provide up to $500 per new or recertifying business on a first-come-first-served basis for required changes until the available funds are spent. These funds can be used to complete measures from installing LED lighting to replacing cleaning products with healthier options.

Contact your coordinator to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity! This rebate can be used toward your recertification if your business is due this year, so don't delay on getting recertified.

PS - Please share this rebate opportunity with other businesses near you that might be interested in becoming a Certified Green Business.

Congratulations Innovator!

The Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County just certified their first Innovator level Green Business! Say hello to the Community Environmental Council (CEC), a nonprofit focused on moving the Central Coast away from fossil fuels and environmentally-harmful products!

The Innovator Tier allows businesses to go beyond certification to gain additional recognition and benefits. Contact your local coordinator to find out if this level of certification is available in your area!
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