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Wednesday 29 July, 2020

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One of the rewards of coming to know the story of Loreto is the sense of joy I have had discovering the life of the College – the environment and the people I have encountered.  

From the moment I walked through the gates of Loreto College Ballarat I was immersed in the beauty of the grounds, the gardens and buildings that surround. It felt peaceful and a calmness transcended that allowed me to prepare for whatever lay ahead. I was even greeted with Venerable Mary Ward wearing a face mask as I arrived on Tuesday morning.
Connecting with Mary Ward, her vision and the values that she espoused, permeates the world of Loreto. Last week marked 145 years since Mother Gonzaga Barry arrived in Australia and travelled to Ballarat. The story of Mother Gonzaga Barry and the sisters in their habits being greeted by the people of Ballarat would have been a sight to behold in 1875. Whilst we weren’t able to celebrate ‘GB day’ as we normally do, students had the opportunity to mark the day in their mentor groups with a hope that we will celebrate the day later in the year.

Last week we were presented with a challenge where we were unsure if our College would remain open as we awaited a COVID-19 test result. Our community responded in a way that filled my heart with such optimism, united to support those in need and considering all those that were vulnerable. This was a time that I could see Mary Ward’s desire for freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity, shine through. 
The Archives Centre captures the story of Mary Ward and the Loreto sisters in Ballarat and houses many cherished relics including a painting of ‘The Institute Tree’. The painting represents the growth of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) and its sister order, the Congregation of Jesus (CJ), since the foundation of a religious order by Mary Ward in 1609. The tree represents the far-reaching extent of the order and is a symbol of common ancestry. It became an iconic feature of the front hall of Loreto Mary’s Mount, greeting generations of students as they arrived at school.
The Loreto uniform is also distinctive and I have been very pleased to see the students wear it with such pride. According to archival records, the lovely Loreto blue was inspired by the wild hyacinths in a forest near Munich. 

From the 1901 School Prospectus, there is a reference to the uniforms worn by students at Loreto -

In gowns of ‘the blue of the wild hyacinth’ were frocked the pupils in old German days of Mary Ward, and the same blue is worn by the young Australians who fill the study hall of Mary's Mount.

Whenever I see the blue of the uniform it resonates with the value of Felicity. It reflects a disposition of the heart that manifests itself in joy, hope, positive thinking and inner peace. It is something that I am seeing in the students as I walk into a classroom, watch House activities or receive a friendly hello at the beginning of the day. It is an opportunity to reflect that this is our time, our students are the ‘women in time’ and they ‘will do much’.
Years 7-12 Parent/student/ teacher interviews
Tuesday 4 August 2020 is a student free day

Parent Teacher interviews will be open on PAM from 4pm today (Wednesday 29 July) to make bookings for our virtual parent/student/teacher interviews via Microsoft Teams.

Link Here:

Because this is the first time we have held online parent/teacher interviews, I imagine it will take a little while for all of us, both parents and teachers, to become experts in this, so please be patient with us. It is the same platform that St Patrick’s College is using if that is any help.

One thing that will be important, is that when you click on the link to join the parent/teacher interview you will enter a lobby or waiting room. Could you please only join the meeting at your appropriate time. It is preferred that you use your own device rather than a Loreto laptop as a Loreto College login will allow you to enter any meeting early and may allow you to ‘gate crash’ another meeting.

So, if your appointment is at 2.30pm please join the meeting at that time. A teacher will let you into the meeting at that time. Please ensure you keep to the allocated Interview time scheduled. Please also be mindful that teachers are conducting back to back interviews and it will become very challenging if interviews run over time. 

We have set up meetings for 8 minutes to give teachers and parents 2 minutes to get out of one meeting and get into the next one.

Parents/guardians will need to go onto PAM to book an interview as you would normally. The link to join a meeting will appear for each teacher in your PAM booking schedule. Please see below for an example. You will need to click on each teacher booking before each interview to join the teacher meeting.
Further instructions will be sent to you via an email and the College app to help you navigate through this process.
Parent Elevate Session

In previous years we have hosted Elevate study skills sessions for both students and parents. Our students have found these sessions very beneficial. Because COVID-19 we are unable to host these events at school. However, here is a great opportunity for parents to hear a speaker on: How to motivate students? To learn more about this session and to register your interest, please click on the link below. 
Event Title: Elevate Education – Motivation  
Date: Tuesday 4 August  
Time: 6pm AEST 
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Free 
Click here to register your interest
Face Coverings on for Students and Staff

It has been fantastic seeing our students and staff embrace wearing a mask or face covering this week, setting a great example for our wider community. Some students and staff were busy over the weekend making their own masks with colourful variations appearing throughout all the classrooms this week. The College was also very appreciative to receive a donation of 100 disposable masks from a current family - a special thank you to this family for such a thoughtful and supportive gesture. We appreciate how the Loreto community has really jumped on board in being COVID Safe!
Term 3 Canteen 

The canteen will now be open at recess and lunch time with limited items

Lunch orders will be online using Simon. The link will be available on the daily notices each day.

Eftpos will still be available for payment as well as cash.

If your daughter is late or has forgotten her lunch please tell her to go to the canteen as soon as they can and we will help them.
Year 7 Indigenous History Virtual Workshop
As part of the Year 7 Indigenous History unit, past pupil Emma Leehane (Class of 1994), joined our Year 7 students virtually to take them through some of the key elements of Indigenous culture and history. Emma taught the students about how Indigenous people lived before European settlement through the use of maps, artefacts and stories from her own life. She also delved into the rich culture Indigenous people had prior to European settlement and how this culture lives on today. Within these workshops, Emma also covered kinship, totems and the Stolen Generation. 

These workshops were a fantastic insight for the students and will provide them with a strong understanding to discuss and further explore Indigenous history moving forward. 
Intra-School Sports Competition

Despite having our highly anticipated Term 2 and 3 BAS afterschool sport competitions being cancelled, the sport department have organised an intra-school sport competition to run in place of these for this term. This has allowed the girls to conjure up their competitiveness that they would usually be putting to good use for school or externally, with age group rotations every few weeks for football, netball and volleyball, playing against other houses in their respective year levels. The atmosphere and strong house spirit we have seen from all year levels just in these past two weeks alone has been amazing, particularly with our senior girls putting on a show in volleyball with chants and even face paint! Please find below our overall house ladder as of the 29 of July:
Year 7 Weekly Briefing

Hello Year 7,

Congratulations to those of you who participated in and supported the Junior Football games at Vic Park on Thursday lunchtime. It was fantastic to see you all over there and enjoying the game! A special thank you to the staff, volunteers and umpires who made this happen.
It is important to take your laptops home with you each day so you can access work from home if you are absent. If you are absent teachers will post-class activities and resources that you can access and complete. You do not need to email your teachers to ask for work or let them know you are away.
The Australian Geography Competition 2020 will be in the Theatrette on Thursday in period 6 – go there straight after period 5 with a pencil and an eraser.
The Tournament of Minds is a creative presentation of a STEM, The Arts, Language and Literature or Social Sciences 'problem'. There is something for everyone! If you are interested please contact Mrs Vandenburg to find out more.
It was great to see so many of you wearing masks this week – this is now our new normal.
Remember to only touch the elastic and try not to fiddle with it too much!

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you for Week 3.
Year 8 Weekly Briefing 

Hello Year 8,

Have you sourced some face masks yet? Please remember to have these on when in class or moving around the school. Only touch the ear loops - not the fabric - and dispose of them at lunchtime to replace with a fresh one (if using a disposable mask.)
Congratulations to our Year 8 Committee Representatives for Semester 2! We very much look forward to working with you 😊
8 Blue – Maddie Lane and Madi Jones
8 Green – Arna Howard and Breanna Quirk
8 Purple – Ella McCormack and Lindsey Wood
8 Red – Georgia Wemyss and Abbey Britt
8 White – Bridgette Andrews and Chloe Cook
8 Yellow – Olivia Jones and Ava Connally
So what is on for this week??
1. Monday 27 July, 8.45am – Virtual year level assembly in the MG.
2. Thursday 30 July, P. 1 – Australian Geography Competition 2020.  Girls completing the competition need to go to the Theatrette at the end of MG. 
3. Thursday 30 July, P.4 – FL lesson
- SG 501 – Can be used during break times.  It is a privilege, so please treat it with respect – cleaning tables, removing rubbish and keeping a safe distance.
- ABSENCE – Your teachers will be posting class resources/activities on previously used platforms, so it is not necessary to email your teachers to ask for work or inform them of your absence. You are expected to keep up with the class work as best as you are able.
- YOU CAN’T ASK THAT – Have you a question that you would like to ask about Australia’s Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples? Remember to find the boxes around to school and post your question there.
CORRIDOR DUTY – 8B  TBC ** Please remember that part of this duty now includes picking up Yr 8 lunch orders from the canteen at 12.45pm.

Year 9 Weekly Briefing

Thanks for a positive week Year 9s. Goals sessions were a highlight, as was your capacity to look after your learning space and protect your community with the wearing of masks on Friday. Much appreciated.
For next week keep in mind:
  • Take some time to congratulate your new class reps! (See attached)
  • Please make an effort each day to take home essential school supplies that you might need in the event of a temporary school closure. Non-essential items can remain in locker. 
  • Contribute to our 'Sock Drop'
  • Nominations for 'Sustainability Rep' (Monday deadline)
  • 'Goals for Growth' #2: Setting Semester 2 goals (Wednesday)
  • Drafting some informed choices for your subject selections  
Monday: All Clear
Tuesday: Reps meeting (Lunchtime)
Wednesday: Goals for Growth Session # 2 (Periods 5 & 6)- Replaces normal classes
Thursday: Period 4 (Mentor Group session)
Friday: All Clear
Have a great week!
Year 10 Weekly Briefing
Congratulations Year 10, we have now completed week 2 of Term 3, 2020. So far this year we have experienced many things that we could not have predicted 1 year ago. It has been a journey and is teaching us to be flexible in our teaching, learning and all aspects of our life. The Year 10 Coordinators and Mentors have been extremely impressed with your adaptability skills from homeschooling, separating desks, hand sanitising and now wearing of face masks. I’m looking forward to seeing the wide variety of face masks that everyone will be wearing this week.

As per last term, please only bring the books you need for the day to school. All other books should be at home, not in your locker. Bring only the books you need for the day.
Subject selection:
You should be talking to your current teachers about your options and researching your potential future pathways. Some useful links that can be found in google classroom are:
  1. Prerequisites for 2023 courses and a link to the VCAA's Study Designs
  2. Year 11 2021 information
  3. How VCE works
  4. Year 11 2021 VCAL
  5. Year 11 2021 VET
The final 3 subject selection periods will take place this week. They are p.3 Wednesday and p.3&4 Thursday. By the end of these sessions, it is expected that you will have completed your portfolio and have some possible career pathways mapped out. The portfolio should include:
  • Semester 1 Report
  • Mentor Report
  • Commendations
  • Morrisby Report summary
  • 3 pieces of Sample work you are proud of (Or more) that supports your application
  • Further studies research evidence (i.e. Courses you may be interested in and the prerequisites) – this is highly important
  • Sample Subject Selection form filled in
  • Any other items that you wish to show that demonstrates your strengths. 
Clarifying the application process for Year 11 2021.
a). Students applying for a Unit 3/4 2021 need to apply through the link in PAM. This link was activated at 9.00am today (Friday 24 July) for Unit 3/4 2021. This must be completed before Friday 7 August.
b). Everyone will receive an email from Ms Sofis on Friday 7 August which contains a link to complete your subject selections. Everyone completes this, even those who have applied for a Unit 3/4 (students to assume that their Unit 3/4 application was successful – if it is not you will be contacted). This email containing the link will be sent to you on Friday 7 August and must be completed by Friday 14 August.
Duty Group this week:
Mulhall 2 is on duty this week
  • Check lunchrooms and remind others to pick up rubbish
  • Take recycling down from classrooms to large bins
  • Check photocopy paper and refill if necessary
  • Take vacuum to lunchrooms
  • Vacuum the corridor at 1:20
  • End of lunch - Ensure desks & chairs are in correct configurations
  • Check the microwave and either clean it or report to coordinators if not clean
  • Take any discarded Tupperware/containers to lost property
A reminder that all classrooms are to be left in a clean and tidy state at the end of recess and lunch, otherwise they will be locked and not available for use. A complaint has been made about the state of SF124 on Friday lunch which is currently being investigated ☹.
Elevate – Time Management
Well done to everyone who participated in the Elevate Time Management seminar which covered:
  • Developing routines to balance study and lifestyle
  • Working smart by completing high-value work
  • Utilising study groups to leverage time
  • Techniques for overcoming procrastination
It was fantastic to see you all engaging in the material. The feedback from staff, students and presenters was very positive. The key now is to put into practice what we have learnt/reinforced. Thursday period 4 in week 4 we will be revisiting and strengthening what we learnt. Please bring your completed booklets with you to this session.

You Can’t Ask That
Have you a question that you would like to ask about Australia’s Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples? Remember to find the boxes around to school and post your question there.
Intra-School Sports Competition
Stay active and be involved with the Intra-school Sports Competition. This week Mulhall v Ward; and Barry v Mornane
- Year 7 and 8 Football (Thursday)
- Year 9 and 10 Netball (Monday); and
- Year 11 and 12 Volleyball (Tuesday).
Australian Geography Competition
The Year 10 girls who volunteered for the Australian Geography Competition 2020 will be completing the competition on Thursday 30 July 2020 during period 4 in the Theatrette.  Don’t forget to meet Ms Carrigg in the Theatrette at the start of the lesson (she has also emailed you).  You will need to bring your own 2B or HB pencil and an eraser. The competition will take about 35 minutes. It is fantastic to see that you are grasping opportunities that are being offered, well done.
Enjoy your week 😊
Year 11 Weekly Briefing

Hello Year 11!
In Felicitous Life lessons you have been continuing your discussions about leadership in anticipation of the election of the 2021 Senate later this term. Take the opportunity to get involved in the conversation about what makes a good leader and start thinking about who you might want to put up for nomination in a few week’s time. Also, if you are someone who is interested in taking on a leadership role next year, consider what you could be doing to show your peers that you are someone they can count on and who has the ability to help lead the student body. If you are not someone who wants to stand for a leadership position then start thinking about how you will contribute to the year and how you will work with others to make it a success!
Covid-19 updates
As you are aware, all three Catholic secondary schools in Ballarat are asking students to wear masks at school. We know that in a school situation, social-distancing is extremely difficult so we are all making adjustments to protect ourselves and each other! Masks need to be changed and washed every day. Here are some sites to help you make a reusable one at home.

Victorian government:
Recommendations are for at least two layers of tightly woven fabric (you shouldn’t be able to see through it). 
As a precaution, please make sure you are taking your computer home every night. As we are trying to minimise your locker books, keep your books at home and bring in only what you need each day. 
Thank you to everyone who voted on the hoodie designs. The votes have been tallied and the winner is OPTION 1! Keep an eye out for order forms over the next week for these AND for vests. You need to get these signed and returned quickly so we can get the orders in.
Just another reminder about classrooms being used at recess and lunchtime. You need to ensure that furniture is put back where it was, rubbish is put in the bins and the teacher’s desk is not used. It is your responsibility to keep them tidy and to be respectful of other people in them.
Make sure you get involved with the Intra-school Sports Competition. It’s a great opportunity to stay active and support your house. Keep an eye out for emails from Lucy with the latest details for the upcoming week.
The VCE/VCAL Parent subject information nights have been recorded and links were sent to parents and students on Wednesday 22 July. If you have recently changed subjects or are thinking about your pathway for next year, then please watch this recording with your parents so you have the appropriate information to help make your decision! Coming up next week there will be an on-line Q and A session to verify any other questions you may have.
Environmental reps
Thank you to all of you who have volunteered for this role, keep emptying the recycling bins and keep an out for an email from Ms. Colmont.
A few other reminders:
Looking ahead to Week 4, Tuesday August 4 is a student-free day as Parent/Teacher interviews are on. As such, there will be no supp session that day. Supp Sessions will be running on Tuesday and Thursday next week as usual in SF168 starting at 3.30pm sharp. Remember to get a pink slip to Ms. Harrison 48 hours before
Keep an eye out for ‘You Can’t Ask that Posters’ and question boxes that will appear next week. We are working towards a better understanding and appreciation of each other, and asking questions and listening to the answers is the first step forward. We all live on Watharoung land, and it is our responsibility to understand what that means. Pop your questions in the box for the girls to answer!
Anyone who put their names down for the Australian Geography Competition, this will take place during Period 4 on Thursday the 30th of July in the Theatrette. Please check your email from Ms Carrigg for the details.
Finally, if there is anyone interested in helping out with the development of The Abbey magazine this year, please email us by Monday. We are looking for two representatives from Year 11. 
As always, continue to be vigilant with hand washing and hygiene and try to source yourself a mask or face covering. 
Year 12 Weekly Briefing

Hi Year 12s 😊

We appreciate your resilience, application to your schoolwork and a common-sense approach when adapting quickly to situations as they arise.
A reminder:
  • Wearing masks: It was such a quick response by you all to be wearing masks on Friday. We thank parents for the support for swiftly acting on the schools request. If you have having trouble accessing a mask, please let us know. 
  • Let’s not get complacent; remember social distancing, do not crowd in hallways, kitchen, lockers, wash hands/use hand sanitizers/masks.
  • We ask students to take laptops home and any essential books. There is no need to empty lockers.
  • what you need to bring to school each day. Most texts are (heavy!) on laptops so perhaps not necessary to bring these in each day.
Other items:
  • Elevate sessions were held on Monday – Topic: The “Finishing line” – we know this information works!
Each year you have been attending these sessions and learning about study skills, then using this information to apply to your own study habits. This included study routines for swot vac and the holidays. The program has also provided stress management techniques for your overall wellbeing.
  • Australian Geography Competition Thursday 30 July, 2020 during period 4 in the Theatrette. 
We have a few Year 12s ready to go and we wish them all the best.
  • Sustainability Ms Colmont would like the names of any interested Year 12s who would be interested in supporting causes such as emptying the recycle bin.

    Ms Colmont has some interesting ideas coming up this term. Thanks so those girls who have put their names forward with mentor teachers.
  • Lunchtime intra-school sport competition – you need to sign up fast!!
Year 11 and 12 Volleyball (Tuesday) – if you miss this week, more opportunities to come.
This week will be focused on Mulhall v Ward; and Barry v Mornane
Girls go along and support the lunchtime games! The junior students would love to see you there! 😊

Please find the sign up link here.
VIP: Any spare Carlton Football masks (we're sure they're a hot item) would be greatly appreciated by Mr Morris and Mrs Fraser – Go Blues!)
Have a great week 😊
In this week's Career News:
  • Applications for NIDA, WAAPA and the VCA
  • Career and course exploration resources
  • Electrical apprenticeships (Melbourne and Canberra)
  • Creative arts competition
  • Learn financial literacy skills and go into the draw to win $1000!
  • Love humanities? Check out these amazing courses and initiatives at 4 universities
  • Virtual open days start next week – have you registered your place yet?
  • University applications – VTAC opens on Monday and early entry applications closing in August
  • STEM quizzes
  • Upcoming webinars and online career events
Click here to download the full Career News PDF
How to Make a Mask

With masks now required at school, you might want to learn how to make one! This handy link from the ABC goes through the material needed and how to make one. Give it a go!
To access all communication to families regarding COVID-19 as well as the documents below, click here. This information will also be sent out via the app so ensure you have notifications turned on. 

This page will be regularly updated with new information.
Financial Counselling Services 

CAFS Ballarat are still providing Financial Counselling services during COVID-19 for people experiencing financial hardship. The service is completely free and confidential.
For more information and to book an appointment: 5337 333 or
Conveyance Allowance 2020

The conveyance allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school in rural and regional Victoria. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

In some locations, students are unable to access free school buses. In these instances, students may receive a conveyance allowance to assist with travel costs.

To be eligible for a conveyance allowance, a student must reside 4.8km or more from the College.
Application forms are available at Main Reception or click on the following link, which also provides additional information.

Please note that in 2020 parents who successfully applied and received the Conveyance allowance in 2019 are not required to complete a new application form unless their details have changed – address, mode of transport, etc.

Application forms MUST have the following documentation attached: Myki receipts or statements or other bus company receipts.

Any enquiries please email
Due to the unpredictability of the current COVID-19 situation, please keep an eye out on PAM, the Loreto College App, website and social media for any updates to scheduled events.

For the full Loreto Events Calendar please visit via the Loreto College Ballarat app or

Tuesday 4 August
Student Free Day - Online Parent/Teacher/Interviews 

Tuesday 1 September 
Fathers Day Mass - online event 

Friday 18 September
Term 3 Concludes

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