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Spring is in the air and PTA's are in full swing! This issue brings you resources to help your PTA bloom and information you can use to ensure your students are set up for success. Learn more about the
Resolution empowering communities to advocate for equitable access to nutritious meals and PTA supported bills on mental health, base grant and funding, teacher shortagespecial education and bus transportation for all students. Learn to be an advocate for arts education in school curriculums and read about the connection between Social and Emotional Learning and the arts. Mark your calendar with important dates for leaders and don't forget to register for Convention while you can still take advantage of the Early Bird rate

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What do you think of when you hear the term “bylaws?” Does “restrictive,” “rules,” and “Who needs them?” come to mind? The more familiar you are with unit, council, or district bylaws ― the more you’ll appreciate their contribution to running an organization smoothly.

Bylaws should be reviewed annually by the executive board, early in the term. California State PTA has a free, nearly paperless, electronic tool to update your bylaws easily, eBylaws. This tool now includes the latest 2022 bylaws version for units. Read the blog to learn more. 


PTA Advocacy is Member Driven: Learn about the 2022 Convention Resolution

At this year’s state convention the resolution, “Plant Based Options for School Meals”, will be presented to the delegates. The resolution was developed by one of our student board of managers members, Maya Bhandari from San Francisco and seeks to engage PTA members, and their communities, to advocate for and encourage school efforts to provide equitable access to nutritious meals, decrease detrimental health effects to children, and reduce climate change through the food schools have available. 
Learn more about the resolution and plan to attend this year's convention in Ontario and join your fellow delegates in shaping PTA advocacy as we debate and vote on this issue.



Join us at California State PTA Convention 2022! 


Social and Emotional Learning and the Arts

There is no question that an emphasis on the importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the educational environment has grown exponentially. Parents, guardians, and caregivers partnering with our music and arts educators are the secret weapon to implementing social-emotional learning in our schools, and arts education is the super power to once again connect our students to our schools and provide a pathway to express themselves in this post-COVID world of education. Learn more about what you can do and how the arts can help our youth. 


California State PTA Positions and Activities on State Legislation

Your California State PTA Advocates have been reviewing bills and have been meeting monthly to review our authorities and take positions. State PTA Advocates have pulled a shortlist of relevant bills for member review and information, below (you can read the full article for each on our blog). To read the most recent report of the California State PTA Legislation Action Committee visit our website.
  • California State PTA Supports AB 58: Pupil Health: Suicide Prevention Policies and Training. California State PTA strongly believes in ensuring that all California children and families receive holistic mental health support services for their robust health, growth, and education. AB 58 (Salas) will give communities the needed tools to address this mental health crisis. It will also require school districts to review and update their policy on suicide prevention and revise their training materials to incorporate best practices on suicide prevention. Learn more about AB 58 and California State PTA's position to support this bill.
  • California State PTA Supports AB 558: School meals: Child Nutrition Act of 2022. California State PTA has a long history of supporting child nutrition in schools. This bill would encourage school districts to offer plant-based meals at schools and also encourages school districts to offer meals to non-school-age siblings, half-siblings, and step-siblings of students who use the free or reduced-price lunch program, as well as foster children at schools from first to sixth grade. Read more about AB 558 (Nazarian) on our blog.
  • California State PTA Supports AB 1614, Increasing the LCFF Base Grant. California State PTA supports increasing school funding for all students. Our students deserve adequate funding for a full curriculum. AB 1614 (Muratsuchi) would raise the amount of money used as a base grant in California’s public school funding formula. California State PTA has voted to sponsor this bill. Read more about AB1614 on our blog. 
  • California State PTA Supports AB 1675: Expedited Application Process For Teacher Credentialing of Military Spouses.  California State PTA supports practices to hire highly qualified teachers. Recruiting and hiring fully credentialed military spouses will ensure that all students have access to well prepared and effective teachersMilitary spouses often have only a short stay in California. Teaching is the most common occupation for military spouses. Lengthy relicensing requirements could discourage spouses from applying for their California teaching credential. With 40,000 military spouses in California and 10% identifying education as their career, Assembly Bill 1675 (Ward) could potentially benefit 4,000 military spouses and our California students and schools. This bill would address the teacher shortage in California. Read more about this bill on our blog. 
  • California State PTA Supports SB 291: Giving Students a Voice Act. This bill gives our students, the most impacted stakeholders, a voice that will lead to a much stronger understanding of their lived experiences resulting in better experiences for current and future students in special education. California State PTA believes that representation matters. Learn more about this SB 291 (Stern) to give students a seat at the table on a special needs advisory board on our blog.
  • California State PTA Supports SB 878: the Road to Success ActUniversal bus transportation removes a barrier to school attendance and helps ensure that every child has the chance for success in school. When kids don’t have a way to get to school, they miss school.  California State PTA believes that school attendance leads to student achievement. SB 878 (Skinner) would create a universal state-funded bus plan. Districts would not be allowed to charge families a fee for transportation to school. Current California law does not require school districts to transport students and only around 9% of California students ride the bus to school (the lowest rate of any state). Learn more about this bill to remove transportation barriers that impact attendance in California schools on our blog.

Attendance Issues Could Drive a Change in How School District Funding is Calculated

In California, school districts receive funding based on the number of students who attend a school or what is known as Average Daily Attendance (ADA). This funding system has become challenging for school districts today because of a decrease in total enrollment in K-12 traditional public schools and the impact of COVID-19.

Legislators are proposing multiple strategies to help districts with volatile enrollment numbers and increased absenteeism due to COVID-19. Read the full article on our blog to learn more about the three bills California State PTA took positions on to help districts ensure more fiscal stability.


Schools Can Access a Wealth of Free Resources That Support Media Literacy

Do you know how well your local school is doing at addressing media literacy? It may be hard to tell if you just look for middle and high school courses with that title. Instead, the consensus among most researchers, educators, and media professionals is that the skills needed for media literacy can and should be incorporated into subjects across the curriculum. 

That means media literacy “lessons” are likely to look different, depending on the subject matter. To support that kind of flexibility and diversity, both public and private organizations have been working to provide high-quality resources across all age levels and subject areas that teachers in local schools can access. Continue reading on our blog to learn more about the resources available to support media literacy. 



Monthly Calls for PTA Members

Looking for ways to interact and engage with other PTA members through the state? Have questions? Join one (or more) of our four monthly zoom calls just for California State PTA members: 
  • Screen Side Chat  - two sessions: April 11th at 6pm & 12th at noon - Join California State PTA President Carol Green for an informal chat about all things PTA. Share your stories, ask questions or just listen in.  April's call includes special guest Ellen Torres, California State PTA's Vice President of Convention. Carol and Ellen will share the latest updates and answer your 2022 Convention questions.
  •  Legislation Call  - April 19 at 7pm - Join the California State PTA Legislation Team for an informational briefing, followed by an opportunity to speak with Legislation Team members, in small group settings, to ask questions and discuss effective ways to advocate at your school, district, and the greater community, during office hour.
  • Leadership Call  - April 21 at 6pm - join the California State PTA Leadership Services Commission to learn best practices for post-election handoffs/officer transition. Bring your questions to this interactive chat!
  • Communications Call  - March 24 at 7pm - to get the April Social Media Kit and a demo of the new Leaders' Website. 
    April 21 at 7pm - to get the May Social Media Kit and learn more about our new podcast "Let's Talk PTA".

Special DEI Presentation: Why Land Acknowledgements are Important for PTAs

Join this panel discussion with Linda Black Elk, Ahán Heȟáka Sápa and members of the California State PTA DEI Committee on Land Acknowledgement and why and how PTAs can incorporate them in their programming and school communities.



March is Arts Education Month

Here are some ways to promote arts education for all students in California:

March 31st is the Last Day to Receive the Early Bird Rate for Convention! 

Don’t miss your opportunity to register and save for the California State PTA Convention! 

See PTA Proclamations throughout California (and submit yours!)

Click here to download the PTA Proclamation Kit to use as your guide in getting started.



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