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PTA Connects - December 8, 2021
IN THIS ISSUE: Find helpful information so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year — winter break! Check PTA Insurance, Workers' Comp and plans for your Nominating Committee off your list. Consider giving Students the Gift of Advocacy by sending them to the 2022 Legislation Conference. Join in the conversation by participating in December's Screen Side Chat and the December Leg Team Call, or Take Action on Federal Legislation. Read the latest guidance on Hybrid PTA Meetings, learn more about Handwashing and join us in celebrating Inclusive Schools ... and More!

Keep in touch! In January we'll be sharing info about PTA's 125th Anniversary and HS Senior College and Career Scholarships! Follow us on social media or let us know what questions you have. Your California State PTA wishes you a wonderful winter break! 

Nominating Committee: The Most Important Committee of Your PTA

The future of your PTA depends on the essential work of the nominating committee today. Plan now to elect your PTA’s most qualified members to this important committee. Your local bylaws determine when your nominating committee should be elected (typically in January or February).  Read the full article from California State PTA Parliamentarian, Brad Waller for resources and information to ensure the future success of your PTA. 


Student Voice: The Legislation Conference Strengthened My Confidence and Connections

Learn more about the Legislation Conference from a student's lens, "In my opinion, the most special aspect of the Legislation Conference is that students are welcome to attend. Legislators want to hear from students. They care about what we have to say. As a student, it’s not only important to understand what your role in PTA is, but to also learn about how you can make a change." Read Kathryn’s full article and learn more about the role students have in PTA advocacy.


Hybrid Meeting Tips for PTA Leaders

Two years ago the term “hybrid meeting” was pretty much unknown. The pandemic changed all that and our guidance for PTA leaders continues to evolve as we all gain experience. PTA bylaws now allow telephone- or video-conference meetings and voting. Read the full article from California State PTA Vice President for Leadership, Michael Morgan, for step-by-step instructions to using conferencing technologies for virtual and hybrid meetings, electronic voting, and additional resources.


Action Needed on Your PTA Insurance

California State PTA is committed to ensuring you have the best possible insurance coverage and service to protect your unit and your members. This month California State PTA Treasurer, Laura Hawk-Loya shares important information for two types of insurance for your PTA: your annual/general insurance and workers' compensation insurance. 

PTA Insurance Premiums Are Due Now! Check With Your Council and/or District for the Deadline

PTA insurance premiums are due now. Check with your PTA council or district for your insurance due date. Your regular PTA insurance premium of $258 for local PTA units is due in the California State PTA office no later than December 20! That means you need to get it into your council or district before their due dates, so they can process it for payment. Insurance received in the state office after December 20, is subject to a $25 late fee. Do not send your insurance premium directly to the California State PTA office, it must go to your council (if in council) and/or your district first!

Many school districts require a new copy of the certificate each year showing your coverage. Read the full article for links to resources, support just for PTAs, and more information about insurance. 


Look for Your Workers’ Compensation Survey

On December 15, the window for reporting your workers’ compensation status opens. Your president will receive an email with the link for filling out the workers’ compensation survey. You have until January 31, 2022 to report. Read the full article for links to resources, support just for PTAs, and find more information about workers’ compensation insurance.


It's Time for Your PTA Mid-Year Audit/Financial Review!

Your bylaws state that you should be conducting twice yearly audits of your financial records. For most PTAs that means you have a mid-year audit coming up (July 1 - June 30 fiscal year, otherwise, check your bylaws). A financial review is required by both the PTA  insurance company, and the California Attorney General’s office, for all nonprofits statewide. The financial review ensures that PTA funds are being spent on things that the association has approved and that the money is being accounted for correctly and transparently. 

We provide support to PTAs, because failure to perform the financial review can result in the insurance company not paying claims if theft or mismanagement of funds is suspected. Read the full article for helpful tips and resources to guide you in your review process. 


Celebrate Inclusive Schools
This Week
And All Year Long

The National Inclusive Schools Week celebration offers ideas that local PTAs can use throughout the year to create fun inclusion programs, examine their own practices, and encourage school leaders to do the same. Read the full article from California State PTA Vice President for Health & Community Concerns, Derby Pattengill for resources and more information.


Celebrate Handwashing Awareness Week

The holiday season is upon us, along with cold and flu season! California State PTA’s Health and Community Concerns Commission wants to remind you that December 5-11 is National Handwashing Awareness Week. Read the full article for tips on how and when to wash your hands!


Why Do You PTA? 

The Member Services Commission wants to connect with our members and build community through our shared commitment to the mission of PTA. Send us an email at with a picture and one sentence answering our question: "Why do you PTA?" We'll share it out as we continue to build camaraderie and PTA membership.

Bipartisan Background Check Act of 2021 (Thompson)

For more than a century, California State PTA has advocated for safer schools. While gun violence is a public-health crisis that affects us all, it is of particular concern when it comes to the safety of our children and youth. Deaths from gun violence are preventable. 

California State PTA supports state and federal legislation that protects all children and youth from gun violence. Read the full article on our blog by California State PTA Legislative Advocate, Dianna MacDonald to learn more.


Participate and Win in 2022 with Membership Awards & Incentives

When you win with membership, we all win as one voice for all children in “Your KIND of PTA.

We're sharing nine checkpoints that your route to successful membership should include. We’ve made the directions simple as you embark on your journey. Visit each checkpoint along the route to build a strong membership campaign for your PTA this year. 

Tag us on social media as you achieve the Membership Drive checkpoints within your community. Keep an eye on the California State PTA social media accounts for posts about you and your membership accomplishments!

Read the official rules, find deadlines, download the Membership Drive Map and fill out the award application forms on our website.

PTA LEADERS - Save the Date!

You're Invited to Join in the Conversation!

Join California State PTA President, Carol Green, in an interactive, online chat focusing on PTA Advocacy. At least 40-minutes of the hour will be devoted to member Q&A. Questions should be submitted with registration, a limited number of live questions will also be accepted.

Happening on December 13, 6:00pm and again on December 14, at noon, click the link below to register for the time that works best for you.

  • Click here for the link to join on December 13th at 6:00 pm.
  • Click here for the link to join on December 14th at noon.

Each month Carol will have a different guest and topic, all are welcome to join the chat or listen in. Save the date so you can participate in the conversation!

Legislation Team Monthly Call for Local Leaders

December 14, 2021, 7:00 pm
Learn more about how you can implement local advocacy and get the latest updates on our 2022 Legislation Conference. Meet with our Legislation Team in breakout rooms during the latter half of the call for discussion and information to help you in your local advocacy work. Click the link below to register!
Visit our website for more upcoming events



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