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Dear readers, animallovers, supporters, fans,
Every day brings us new issues and opportunities. Obstacles are to be overcome and therefore we are busy every single day.
Our website disappeared due to a big fire in the server area of our provider. Big disaster, everything was lost, we had to build it again from scratch. But it also gives us the opportunity to allow you to read all newsitems which appear on our facebookpage. It is still work in progress, but we are still impoving the website. Feel free to take a peek on the link at the end of this newsletter.

Late 2020 we started with adoptions, along with all new and current actions for Sasha’s Shelter. This is very intensive and time consuming as our goal is to match to right dog, with the right family in the right situations. It takes a lot of time, before and after the adoptions as we tend to help the adoptors with advise, tips and even house calls when necessary.
We try to organize more medical checkups in the shelter, which is not easily done in a cage free shelter and hundreds of dogs. As a lot of dogs reach their senior status, this is very much needed.
We are working non stop and Serbia being a non EU country is making things 100x more difficult. Sleepless nights are part of our routine, but thanks to your belief, your trust we are able to help Sasha’s Shelter despite all obstacles and problems. Big, warm thanks for that.
Team Dog Happiness Be vzw
"Volkswagen Caddy Maxi" it is
What was the story again with that car for which we collected all that money in 2020? WE FINALLY MADE IT❗🙏💞
It has cost us a great effort, but we finally managed to get a young secondhand car for the shelter. Ready to tackle the numerous kilometers and with the guarantee to start in the morning. An ideal shelter car, a true workhorse. Pushing cars and having to go by foot, waiting for days for spare parts to fix the car over and over again, all in the past.
It took a lot of perseverance AND flexibility AND unexpected costs to get this car during the pandamic out of Europe and into Serbia. Therefore we decided to buy a Belgian second hand car and Ivan, who brings our furry friends to Belgium, took the car back to Serbia.
This makes a huge difference for the shelter, again a step forward.

It's critical ! We must vaccinate all 750 dogs in the shelter to protected them against Parvo/Distemper/Heptatitis/Leptospirose.

***SAVE A LIFE FOR 6 €***
Tremendous job, but to keep the dogs safe this must be done !

Please help 💖 donate 🙏
Fundraiser on Facbook: < click on the blue link (each 6€/7$ or multiple donated through the fundraiser will be matched by a generous supporter emphasizing importance of medical care).

EU-bank: IBAN BE22 0018 1853 1647 (BIC : GEBABEBB) Paypal: info@dog-happiness.be
🐶🐾🐶🐾 THANK YOU 🐶🐾🐶🐾


Late 2020 Dog Happiness Be started organizing adoptions. The dogs keep coming to the shelter, a lot of dogs who are there already a long time, don’t seem to leave and the organisations who were taking care of the adoptions stopped for various private reasons.

Adoptions are very intensive, before as well as after the adoption. We try to find the perfect match for dog as well as for the adopter, our goal is to make everybody happy. Questionnaires, housecalls, organizing transports, mails, chats ,  phone calls and giving tips and advise,… a lot of administration. We want to thank 2 special volunteers, Inge and An of the adoption team to organize this. After the adoption we have canine experts available if some guidance is necessary.

It all means a lot of extra work behind the scenes but the joy and satisfaction of seeing a dog from the big shelter becoming a whole new, happy dog makes it all worth wile
Are you looking for a dog or you know someone who is 🐶🐶🐶
check out
- our website: https://dog-happiness.be/nl/sashas-shelter/ter-adoptie/
- or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sashasshelterhondjesteradoptie

We are still looking for good, qualitive organsations who can help with adoption. Currently we work together with a small shelter in Germany which does adoptions and rehoming of German and foreign dogs. Maybe you follow such organisations on social media or can give us tips, feel free to let us know on: info@dog-happiness.be

More dogs that have a nice home means less pressure on the shelter and a world of difference for each adopted dog 💞 Any reliable help is welcome.
💞 Contact: adopties.doghappiness@gmail.com
The pictures are just a few of the wonderful adoptions we realized 💖 Thank you very much adopters to choose an adoptiondog. 🐶🐶🐶 

To our adopters we kindly ask to keep us posted, either via adopties.doghappiness@gmail.com, or via our private facebookpage
"DogHappyHome". This allows the Serbian workers to follow their protegées in their new life.

The good news as well as the bad news, as unfortunately some have left their warm basket on earth and are now running free over the rainbow. A great loss for their owners, but they will not be forgotten as they can be found in the album
  "Regenboog🌈hondjes" (click on the rainbow link) 💔

🐶 Dearest godmothers and godfathers 🐶

We hope you are all keeping well. We would like to send you a little note on a regular basis, preferable with a photo or 2. Unfortunately do our workers have little time to take our pictures, as they are constantly busy with cooking our food, cleaning up our little “presents”, cleaning our dog houses, putting fresh hay,… They are too busy for fotosessions, but we steal a pat or hug on a regular basis.
And last year we didn’t get visits from Belgium. Something to do with Corona, they weren’t allowed out of their benches, so we were told. Otherwise we would have barked a little note to give to you. Do we bark in Serbian? Yes and no, the workers speak Serbian to us, we bark in a universal dog language. That is a language the Belgian helpers of Dog Happiness BE do understand.
What the message we bark? How grateful we are, because it is thanks to you we and our dogfriends get enough food to eat, we can run around all day, or just hang around with our friends. We can sleep in our nice, warm houses with lovely warm hay.
Every now and then we get a vaccine or a pill, which they tell us is necessary to stay healthy, but we don’t like it.
We also have people who help us getting ready to travel, not real godmothers or godfathers, but angels anyway as this allows us to find a warm home, every dog’s dream. Unfortunately won’t we all be able to find a nice home, therefore we appreciate your efforts to make our lives as comfortable as possible in the shelter.
We all wish for this Corona thing to be over soon so we can welcome our Belgian visitors soon. We do miss the extra cuddles we get from them.
In the meantime we send you lots of pawshakes and licks, thank you very much to be our godmother or godfather.

Signed, the old dogs of Zoran, Belo Belo, Burleigh, Helga, Isidora, Joe, Kucka, Majka & Aleksandra, Marie, Mikki, Peter, Saphira, Simba, Teri, Thor, Tumba, Zak, Ziggy and all our doggy friends in the shelter.


🐶 Godmother and godfather 🐶

This is actually a virtual adoption in which you support one particular dog, but it benefits the whole shelter.
For 10€ (or more if you like) per month you can choose a dog for which you want to be godmother or godfather. You can choose among the dogs
- on our website: https://dog-happiness.be/nl/sashas-shelter/ter-adoptie/
- or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sashasshelterhondjesteradoptie

Your name will appear with the dogs name and when he/she finds their golden basket, you will be informed and you can choose another dog. Some people support old Zoran with his 29 old dogs, which are now living in the puppy area.
Transfer monthly 10 euro (or more) on the account of Dog Happiness Be vzw: IBAN: BE22 0018 1853 1647 (BIC : GEBABEBB) mention: "Peter / Meter + name of the chosen dog”.
If you like to prepare a dog for travelling (and possible for adoption): a bloodtest costs 55 euro, including the necessary vaccinations 77 euro. To  be paid on the above account, mention “reisklaar maken + name of the chosen dog”

Dear godmothers and godfathers, virtual adopters, our big thanks for your monthly support: Adam N., Baecke C, Borhagen A., Claus A., Collart T.-Durdu M., De Backer E., De Coninck F., Desmet L., Broos V., Geerolf R., Goossens G., Joye-Vanden Bogaerde, Boeckx K., Landuyt L., Leroy A., Mesrar O., Nayeri S., Paijmans E., Penninkhof T., Schepens S., Schotel B., Sticht A., Stuurman E., Szylhabel S., Tomlinson L., Anonimus, Anonimus, Van Der Raaij C., Van Laecke C.

💦  Swimming pool action  💦

During winter, hay and wood for heath, during summer cooling down is the big challenge. We did a call-up for swimming pools which got a great respons. Super, many thanks, dear donators. ❤  We were able to purchase cheap pools and send them back with the returning dogtransport last month.
“Huh? What is this?” the little ones must have thought when they discovered the pools under the watchful eye of Milena and Milan. Unfortunately the pools are also favorite chewing material, so we are currently looking for more sturdy alternatives. If you have tips, feel free to let us know 💦

Mimica - Silke

The story of Mimica, the old shepard dog has touched many hearts. After a horrible life of many years being chained she suddenly found the golden basket. She’s got a new name, Silke and with your support she was able to leave the shelter at old age.
She enjoyed her new life from the beginning, feeling young again, playing with balls and she wasn’t picky, small or even the big ball from the horses, any ball would do. She learned lots of new things, was lovingly welcomed into the pack and had the most wonderful owners.
She was spoiled, got the necessary supplements to tackle the inconveniences of old age and she even made progress. Building up muscles, was happy and joyful in her new life.
Suddenly the worrying signals started coming, it started small but at an astonishing rate the disease consumed her. No pill or operation could help and her health declined further rapidly. It wasn’t meant to be.

“Sweet dreams dear Silke
Thankful for knowing you, for letting you in our heart.
Your joyful bark, your little growls, your… We’ll miss you, but the memories will live forever.
Cancer has won the fight, you’d had enough, you made that clear to us.
Sweet dreams sweet girl”

Unexpected help in the shelter

And all of a sudden we got help. “Wandering vets” they call themselves. 2 young vets had heard of Sasha’s Shelter and wanted to help for free. Small problem, they wanted to start the next day 🙂 🙂 Ingrid did all she can, via social media and google translate did we manage. With the support of Dr Rados – the regular vet of the shelter- were they able to examine about 6 dogs, take blood and they assured us the dogs all looked happy and well taken care of. They were very impressed the way the shelter was run. Taking care of so many dogs is not easy as they know the situation in Serbia very well.
As they had helped in a lot of shelter all over de the world, it was really nice to hear. We couldn’t have done this without your help and support.
Dogs Lepa, Maks, Dragan, Isidora, Maca and some others got a check up and blood test.
But every dog was very keen to come and meet the wandering vets in the improvised container where the check-ups were done.
Thanks ladies

avoid unwanted pups
and immens animal suffering

Sterilisations avoid unwanted puppies and animal suffering.
After the winterstop we started again with the sterilisations of stray dogs and dogs owned by people who can not afford the surgery. It is the only effective way to keep the stray dog population under control and limit the number of dogs coming to the shelter. It is needed very badly. Do you want to help the fight against animal suffering?

                          Sterilisation 30 euro – castration 20 euro
                          IBAN: BE22 0018 1853 1647 (BIC: GEBABEBB)
                          PayPal : info@dog-happiness.be
                          Please mention “sterilisaties”

🙏  Thanks for avoiding animal suffering 🙏
Please continue to follow and support us:
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