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The Official Newsletter of LWVHC

June 12, 2022

We need YOU and your VOTE
to conduct important LWVHC business. 

You must register in advance HERE to attend this meeting.
After registering you will receive a link to join the meeting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 11 am
Via Zoom

Celebrating Our Influence

Speaker: Renee Kumor
"Henderson County Knows We Are Here!"

Renee will reflect on how LWVHC's past research and involvement in local government continues to drive positive change in our community.
Please review these important documents before the meeting. They were sent to members May 14; we are re-sending the links
for your convenience.

Meeting Agenda
Click HERE to review the Agenda

Proposed Annual Budget
July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023
HERE for Income
HERE for Expenses

Proposed Slate of Officers
Click HERE

2022-23 Program Focus
Click HERE to see our proposed Program Focus

Agreement and Plan of Merger to Create LWVHC as a 501c3 Organization

Click HERE to see the Merger Plan

 Email us with questions about the meeting or agenda.
LWV CEO Virginia Case Solomon issued this statement as the bipartisan House Select Committee to investigate the January 6th Attack on the Capitol hearings begin.

The day after the hearings,  David Leonhardt of the NY Times wrote in part:

"Jan. 6 hearings are part of a larger struggle over the future of American democracy. Americans will probably never come to a consensus on many polarizing political issues, like abortion, guns, immigration and religion. That’s part of living in a democracy.
But if Americans cannot agree that the legitimate winner of an election should take office and if losing candidates refuse to participate in a peaceful transfer of power, the country has much bigger problems than any policy disagreement." 

The Alice Group is taking a break in July

But please join us at our August meeting (more info in our next Update) as we examine another thought-provoking article.
The Alice Group engages in conversation around an article or topic of interest. Board member Paul Goebel facilitates our group.  

Thursday, August 11th, 3:00 - 4:30 PM 

Register for this program HERE

After registering, you will receive a Zoom link to attend the meeting.




Merger Update: Conversion to 501c3 Status

At our Annual Meeting on June 14, we will consider a merger plan that allows us to convert LWVHC to a 501c3 charitable organization under IRS rules. Many other Leagues have already taken this step.

For LWVHC, a committee has been at work since last year to ensure that the merger of LWVHC and our Education Fund is done legally and with proper approvals.
  • In May, 2021, the Board of the Education Fund (HCLWVEF) approved merging the Education Fund and the League of Women Voters of Henderson County. 
  • In June, 2021 the LWVHC Board approved moving toward merger, and a Merger Committee was appointed (Renee Kumor, Nan Jennings, Ruth Baldwin, Judith Katz, Brenda Sherrer, and Kelly Johnson.) This action was reported at our 2021 Annual Meeting and reflected in the minutes.
  • Attorney Anderson Ellis of Van Winkle Law Firm has guided the committee throughout the year to prepare merger documents for approval by membership at the Annual Meeting 2022, and for filing with the NC Secretary of State, and Henderson County.
  • In May 2022, the LWVHC Board voted to approve the Merger Document.


                                                           FRANCEE SHERMAN AWARD

Congratulations to Hailey Kasney of West Henderson High School, pictured above with President, Brenda Sherrer. As the winner of our 2022 Francee Sherman Student Award, Hailey was awarded a $500 scholarship from our Education Fund for her essay on the role of public education in supporting our democracy.

This school year Hailey also completed a research paper on how our League supported feminist values in its earliest days. As part of a note she wrote to thank us for our help, she said: "LWVHC values are ones that I hope to take with me in all of my future endeavors. Namely, respect of all people, your emphasis on cooperation, and your humble, yet impactful, dedication to helping the community. Thank you for all the stories, lessons, and history you helped me to uncover."

Best of luck to Hailey as she heads to Duke University this fall and thank you to the Education Fund for its sponsorship of this annual award.


HUGE thanks and shout out to our Vote411 Team---including Kathy Gevers, Jen Butcher, Charlie Wilkinson, Barb Jackson, Nancy Pellegrini, Bettie Liebzeit, John Ariatti, Susan Silverman, and Betsey Kelsey--- who helped with our tremendous VOTE411 success in the North Carolina 2022 primary.  Thanks also to all those VS volunteers and members who encouraged friends, family, and neighbors to use Vote411 and used it ourselves!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: we had a 236% increase in voter usage over the 2018 primary, and 64% of candidates who participated won their respective races.  North Carolina’s 12 participating local Leagues covered 30 counties, 240 races, and 806 candidates.  Go, VOTE411!!

More opportunities to Learn and Engage 

June 14, 2022 Tuesday, 2:00 pm

Online Introduction to Creating and Using Historic Decisions Issue Guides. Sponsored by the National Issues Forums Institute. Join museum and humanities educators from across the country for an online introduction to creating issue guides for deliberating about historic decisions. Featuring Gabrielle Lamplugh, from Mikva Challenge; Magdalena Mieri, from the Smithsonian; Nichole Moore, from the National Center for Civil and Human Rights; Clare Shubert, from Junior Achievement of Michigan Great Lakes; and, Sarah Wilson, from Autry Museum of the American West. Facilitated by Mark Wilson, from Auburn University and Cristin Brawner from the Kettering Foundation. 

Click here to register for this event.

Wednesday, June 22 at 5 pm, Election expert Rick Hasen and Election Journalist Greg Bluestein on the topic: Are Voter Suppression Efforts Working? (Register Here)
 Wednesday, June 29 at 5 pm, Peter Baker and Susan Glasser, both long-time Russia-based foreign correspondents in conversation with Madeleine Brand: Russo-Ukraine War: Where are we? How will it end? (Register Here)
 Wednesday, July 6 at 5 pm, veteran journalist and social commentator, David Brooks in conversation with Larry Mantle: Defeating Authoritarianism at Home & Abroad.  (Register here

  North Carolina demographic information is available and regularly updated.  Check out the Carolina Population Center website HERE and sign up for their occasional newsletter/email with the most current NC population information.

Located within the Carolina Population Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, population-level data and other available research provides context and perspective to people working to shape North Carolina’s future.

UNC Carolina Population Center makes population estimates and forecasts, analyzing population-level and economic trends, and communicating that data back out into the world in a way that’s easy to understand and act upon. Their work informs decision-making, evaluation, and policy across North Carolina, where they serve organizations and people in all 100 counties.

All meetings held virtually unless otherwise noted. Email to register as indicated.


14 - Annual Meeting, 11:00 am. Register in advance for the Annual Meeting.

20 - Immigration Team 1:00 pm. Register in advance for the Immigration Meeting.

22 - Voter Services Team 1:00 pm. To register send an email to

23 - H/OT Team Meeting - 10-11:00 pm via Zoom. Register in advance for the HOT meeting.

 7 - Board Meeting, 10:00 - Noon, Register in advance for  the Board meeting.

14 -- Education Team - 1-2 pm via Zoom.
 Register in advance for the Education Team meeting.

18 -  Immigration Team Meeting, in person, for information email Immigration Team Leader.

27 - Voter Services Team 1:00 pm. To register send an email to

28 - H/OT Team Meeting - 10-11:00 pm via Zoom. Register in advance for the HOT meeting.

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 2238
Hendersonville, NC 28793

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