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January 15, 2019

Tonight! Rosa Luxemburg: Remembering the Life of a Revolutionary, 7PM at the Democracy Center

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Schools For Kids, Not Cops: An Interview with #NoCopAcademy Organizers

Since 2017, grassroots organizers in Chicago have been working to prevent the construction of a $95-million police training academy in a perpetually underfunded black neighborhood. In this interview, Brian B speaks to members of the campaign on behalf of the PEWG Blog to learn from the #NoCopAcademy project.

For a Truly Pluralistic, Big Tent DSA: A Response to Jared Abbott and Momentum
Bronx/Upper Manhattan DSA comrade Adam S argues back against the centralist form of organization in DSA chapters advocated by the Momentum slate, based on his organizing experiences in New York City and the fiasco in Philly DSA.

The Coming Capitalist Crisis and the Tasks for Socialists
Ben M describes the imminent financial crisis which is brewing and could hit unexpectedly, and sets out organizing goals for socialists, especially DSA, so that they are ready for a revolution when the crisis hits.

Articles from the Web

Democracy Now! Speaks to Unist’ot’en member Dr. Karla Tait on RCMP Violence
Democracy Now! interviews Unist’ot’en member Dr. Karla Tait about the Royal Canadian Mountain Police raid on Wet’suwet’en territory on January 7th, an area targeted by TransCanada Corporation for a gas pipeline, and the history of Wet’suwet’en people resisting state encroachment and violence.

The Centennial Yahrzeit of Rosa Luxemburg
Reflections on the life and thought of Rosa Luxemburg, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her death, from the DSA Jewish Solidarity Caucus.

What We’re Building
Based on a self-conducted survey, the DSA Build editors report on what issues current DSA chapters across the country are organizing around and their tactics, raising the question of how the strategies can be fused with ongoing organizing.

What is the Left?
In this follow-up to her previous analysis of the US Left as having four tendencies, Sophia Burns discusses the main constituencies within the US Left from a social standpoint and the limitations of each group that are hindering the goals of the Left.

A Podcast to Listen to

Season of the Bitch: Episode 64: Fascism in the United States
In this episode, hosts Zo Naseef, Hellen Keniford and Waleeta Canon talk about the roots of fascism and white supremacy in the US, as part of their Global Fascism Series.

Some Subversive Literature

The Mass Strike
In The Mass Strike, Rosa Luxemburg interprets the dramatic events of 1905 in Russia—a series of large-scale strikes that began in response to a massacre of workers by Tsarist troops. A penetrating historical and theoretical document, The Mass Strike shows the development of Luxemburg’s thought regarding the role of direct worker action in moving the window of social possibility towards revolution. The attached is an abridged version from the Communist Research Cluster’s European Socialism and Communism Reader.


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