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October 02, 2018

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No More Pinkwashing – Capitalism and Cancer
To commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nafis H breaks down the neoliberal narratives surrounding breast cancer that allows the capitalist system to profit off of people’s vulnerability, while putting the burden on the patients, in particular, those from marginalized population. He argues that awareness without acknowledging the role of capitalism in propagating this terrible disease is futile.

Environmental Justice is as Much Social as It is Scientific
In this introspective piece, Jibran M explores our relationship and interactions with our environment from socialist perspectives, ultimately reaching the conclusion that a dialectical understanding of our relationship with nature is required to achieve climate justice.

Articles from the Web

‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ Is Marxist Fantasy Porn
Malcolm Harris reviews the new Netflix food documentary series, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, drawing out its eco-Marxist themes. We shouldn’t dismiss chef Samin Nosrat’s “slow-food explorations” as “folks politics,” Harris argues. There’s much to savor in the show’s view of unalienated labor and non-capitalistic food production.

Save Our Brutalism
Felix Torkar surveys the history of the Brutalist movement in architecture, which has recently regained some popularity. Though many icons of Brutalist architecture have fallen into disrepair from lack of maintenance, or been maligned and destroyed, the article traces the style’s origins from an emancipatory social project driven by honest use of materials, economy, and the provision of beauty for the working class populations it often housed.

Democratic Consulting Firm Teams Up With Hospital Industry to Battle Nurses Union
The Intercept’s Rachel M. Cohen digs into the alliance between a major Democratic Party consulting agency and the Massachusetts hospital industry to fight against Question 1, a ballot initiative that would set safe patients for nurses. The opposition campaign, which has run a series of misleading and sometimes false ads about safe patient ratios, has created confusion about the initiative, which is supported by many labor unions and bedside nurses.

It’s Okay To Be (Painted) White: PVD Gives Fash a Makeover
The One People’s Project reports for It’s Going Down on the Resist Marxism rally in Providence on October 6th. Member of the Boston DSA showed up to along with a large coalition of anti-fascist groups to demonstrate against the fascist agenda of Resist Marxism and their violent allies like the Proud Boys.

A Podcast to Listen to

Trillbilly Worker’s Party: Episode 74: Trillbilly Deluxe (w/ special guests Shuja Haider & Tyler Mahan Coe)
In this episode, Trillbilly hosts welcome Shuja Haider of Popula and Tyler Mahan Coe of Cocaine & Rhinestones to discuss country music (Shuja’s essay can be found here), music publication Pitchfork, and popular music criticism. In the era of listicles, the pointed exclusion of country music in Pitchfork’s coverage points to the publication’s canonization of certain genres, Haider argues.

Some Subversive Literature

“Too Queer to be Square” (2014)
In this chapter from the collection After Homosexual: The Legacies of Gay Liberation, Seattle University law professor, founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and leading light of contemporary trans* theory Dean Spade celebrates the radical potential of struggles for sexual and gender liberation. Despite feeling that “we live in anti-revolutionary times,” Spade finds, in both the history of the gay liberation movement of the ’70s and the work of queer and trans activists today, revolutionary hope in a willingness to reach for the seemingly impossible.


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