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June 5, 2019

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In this introspective analysis, Alyssa Battistoni reflects on her experience as an organizer for the graduate student union at Yale and how the grunt work can grind you down but also lift you up with any incremental victories you achieve.

It Takes Organizers to Make a Revolution
In this piece from late 2017, Rodrigo Nunes explores the supposed opposition between “organizing” and “spontaneity." Looking closely at Lenin the organizer, he points out that “it is only by organizing itself that any kind of spontaneous initiative can take place and produce effects; but it is only because there is the spontaneous inclination to do something that there is something to organize.”

Red State Revolt: An Essential But Flawed Story of the Teacher Rebellion
Michael Mochaidean, a WV educator involved in organizing the successful teacher strike himself, reviews DSA member Eric Blanc’s new book Red State Revolt. Mochaidean says that while Red State Revolt is an important book that provides a close look at the online and on-the-ground organizing, it perhaps attributes the origins and success of the strikes too much to the presence of DSA members and their connection to the 2016 Bernie campaign.

Tiananmen Square and the March into the Institutions
This piece published by Chuang provides some valuable historical context to the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, the different factions involved, and their specific (and differing) grievances with the Chinese government.

A Podcast to Listen to


Episode 84: Emma Goldman, WHO IS SHE
Laura, Kellen, and Zoe of Season of the Bitch delve into the story and writings of the anarchist Emma Goldman, whose radical ideas on sex and the family informed her life’s work.

Bad Take of the Week

Republican Congressman Shrugs Off War Crimes, Says He Probably Killed Hundreds of Civilians
This piece from ThinkProgress summarizes some of the recent media appearances of Duncan Hunter, Republican congressman from California and former Marine Artillery Officer. Hunter has been publicly campaigning for former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who has been accused of multiple war crimes, to receive a presidential pardon. Hunter says he “probably killed hundreds of civilians” and asks “should [he] be judged too?” If only Duncan… If only...

Behind the Paywall

Introduction: America's New Left
In lieu of Subversive Lit, read this week what five DSA members (Jeremy Gong, Sarah Mason, Magally Miranda Alcázar, Arielle Sallai, and René Christian Moya) wrote about the organization in the newest issue of the British journal New Left Review.


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