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May 22, 2019

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DADS Team Statement

A message from the Direct Action, De-escalation, and Security Committee of Boston DSA.

Articles from the Web

Why Did We Not Know?

“The notion of idleness is important to the argument: land cannot be allowed merely to sit there minding its own business – it needs somehow to be put to work, to be efficient.” Ian Jack explains how the 20% of British land once owned by the public was carefully and quietly sold off over decades.

The Socialist Network - Inside DSA's struggle to move into the political mainstream

NYC DSA comrade Doug Henwood follows the historical path DSA has taken and optimistically speculates how the new wave of interest in socialism and rise in DSA membership can bring us closer to an equitable society despite internal conflicts.

In this response to Jasper Berne’s nihilist lamentations about the Green New Deal in Commune, Providence DSA comrade Thea Riofrancos lays out a realistic strategy towards making the ecosocialist version of the Green New Deal a reality.

A Podcast to Listen to


Citations Needed:Episode 14: The Iran Deal Protection Racket

From a media criticism perspective, Adam Johnson and Neema Shirazi discuss the Iran deal and how the media sold us the idea of an aggressive and warlike Iran. This episode provides good context to the most recent saber rattling of the Trump administration. (Note: This episode is from 2017.)

Bad Take of the Week (new!)

Dear Millenials: The Feeling is Mutual

Biden has been catching some heat for saying that he has “no empathy” for the millennial generation. In this piece, NYtimes op-ed writer Bret Stephens valiantly defends Biden’s honor by claiming millennials deserve it because some college students get super mad at racists on occasion.

Some Subversive Literature


OAAU Homecoming Rally

November 29, 1964 - after coming back from a politically and personally transformative trip to many African countries, Malcolm X — whose birthday was this past Sunday — addresses the Organization for Afro-American Unity (OAAU), which he helped found earlier that summer. In a set of stirring remarks that are as relevant today as they were more than half a century ago, in the “era of revolution” as he calls it, Malcolm X highlights the importance of connecting the black liberation struggle in the US to the anti colonial national liberation struggles in the Congo and elsewhere in Africa.


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