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November 4, 2019

Published on our Blog

The Power to Remake Our Cities: An Interview with Sam Stein
Boston DSA housing working group comrade Adam H talks to Samuel Stein, author of "Capital City", on the real estate capital and state, gentrification and the housing crisis, tenant organizing, the Green New Deal and much more.

Articles from the Web

The Revolution isn't Being Televised
Alan Mcleod details the gross imbalance (and difference) of media coverage between the Hong Kong protests and the other many national protests currently ongoing. Mcleod analyses the differences between the protests through a Chomskian lens to point out the corporate medias preference towards protests that serve the neoliberal agenda rather than oppose it.

Chile's Class Rage
In Chile, a transit fare hike has produced a national protest wave against austerity – and the most severe state repression since the Pinochet dictatorship. René Rojas describes recent events.

Ongoing Protests in Beirut/Lebanon
This summary of the ongoing protests across Lebanon, updated daily by the editors of Jadaliyya (“dialectic” in Arabic), gives a sense of events unfolding on the ground, and describes the power of these uprisings, which have so far resulted in the resignation of government officials including the Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri.

A Podcast to Listen to

The East is a Podcast: Lebanon Revolts w/ Jana Nakhal
Host Sina Rahmani talks to Jana Nakhal, urban planner, Marxist feminist organizer and a member of the Central Committee of the Lebanese Communist Party, on the recent mass protests in Lebanon against the government’s failure to resolve the economic crisis that began last year.

Worst Take of the Week

Greta Thunberg Meets our Malthusian Reality

Greta Thunberg is continuing to rile up the right wing “intellectual” sphere, and over at The American Conservative they are partying like it’s 1798. In this piece, Gilbert T. Newell invokes the spirit of the english political economist John Malthus and his theories on overpopulation before asking the tough questions like “how is saying we shouldn’t accept african immigrants racist?”

Some Subversive Literature

Speech on Environmental Protections by Karl Liebknecht
Karl Liebknecht, co-founder of the spartacist league in early 20th century Germany, speaks on the importance of environmental protections in 1912 to the Prussian House of Deputies. He emphasized the importance of not only protecting the environment, but connecting and integrating it into everyday life.


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