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November 06, 2018

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For Workers and Patients, not Greed and Profits: Vote Yes on Question 1

In the midst of the confusion surrounding Question 1, successfully created by hospital management at a cost of $19 million, this personal piece by Boston DSA comrade Socialist Nurse lays bare the challenges nurses face everyday due to staffing shortages.

A Case for Safe Staffing Limits

Healthcare Working Group members Katie J and Brad B discuss the crisis facing the nursing profession as salaries and staffing levels fail to keep pace with the demands of the job and why that led their working group to vote to endorse the Patient Safety Act on the ballot this November.

MA Nurses Say “Yes on 1” and You Should Too. Here’s Why

Nafis H reports back from Boston DSA’s Healthcare working group’s panel discussion on Safe Patient Ratios ballot initiative and how the “Yes on 1” campaign, organized by the Massachusetts’ Nurses Association (MNA), is tied to larger socialist ideals.

#DonateYourVote2018 and AACC Endorsements

Members of Boston DSA have been participating in Emancipation Initiative's #DonateYourVote project, where freeworld volunteers correspond with incarcerated partners who are denied voting rights. The African American Coalition Committee at MCI-Norfolk has also endorsed candidates running if you'd still like to get involved.

Articles from the Web

The Bolsonaro Effect

Henrique Furtado offers a primer on Brazil’s newly-elected fascist president, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, along the way arguing that the political violence threatened by Bolsonaro’s regime must be understood within the larger history of violence that structures capitalism in Brazil. The article is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese versions.

Do I Really Have to Vote?

Josh Kuh condemns the culture of branding people – especially young people – who don’t vote as “lazy,” and describes the legitimate reasons young voters may not feel confident in electorally-driven change.

Three Months Inside Alt-Right New York

Jay Firestone describes his three-month undercover intelligence-gathering efforts in the alt-right community, profiling the neo-Nazis he encountered in the American fascist groups newly-empowered in the spring of 2017.

The Growing Movement To Grant All Prisoners the Right To Vote

Eli Day highlights efforts to reverse the practice of felony disenfranchisement—laws in most US states stripping people convicted of felonies of the right to vote. Day underlines in particular the work of formerly-incarcerated researcher Emmett Sanders, whose recent report for the People’s Policy Project argues for the return of voting rights to some 6.1 million people affected by felony disenfranchisement laws.

Ecosocialism’s Greatest Challenge: The Color-Line and the Twenty-First Century Ecoleft

Writing for System Change not Climate Change, Ted Franklin reflects on the recent climate justice mobilization in San Francisco lead by the It Takes Roots coalition that brought over 30,000 people into the streets with an anti-capitalist, anti-climate change message. Ecosocialists, Ted argues, are overwhelmingly white, and need to work within such coalitions in order to build a diverse movement against climate change.

A Podcast to Listen to


Swampside Chats #68: Socialist Humanism

E.P. Thompson was a British historian and communist who made his mark with influential writing on social history. In this episode, the hosts discuss his works, highlighting his points on Stalinism, Marxism, and the working class. A particularly influential piece is “Socialist Humanism: An Epistle to the Philistines.” The hosts evaluate the piece’s arguments about the working class, moralism, and revolution.  

Some Subversive Literature


Claudia Jones and the FBI Harassment of Black Radicals 

In the first of a three-part series, Denise Lynn writes for Black Perspectives about the FBI's harassment of black radicals and immigrants who were especially vulnerable due to their citizenship status. Claudia Jones was one such person, targeted as part of a larger anticommunist campaign to stymie any sense of black radicalism. Jones became the educational director of the Young Communist League in 1941 and was targeted and followed by the FBI until she was deported in 1955. Meanwhile, she wrote for the Daily Worker and Political Affairs and lead a revamped Party Women's Bureau. In this series, Lynn details how the story of Jones' life and Party affiliation is a story of American intelligence agencies' history of upholding the white supremacist, capitalist order. 


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