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Welcome back to the reincarnation of my newsletter. Previously called "sustainable solutions", now called "i am telling tim". Yes, it is a bit tongue in cheek. The last months got me thinking about authenticity and while reading more personal newsletters, I decided to rebrand the newsletter and change to a monthly schedule. Please let me know what you think.

Speaking about authenticity, in a number of meetings I've had with sustainability professionals recently, I felt they subconsciously did not champion sustainability but rather tried to lower goals so they would fit within the organization. For instance, there may be legal constraints around implementing sustainability initiatives, and the sustainability person would defend these limits to avoid having to push boundaries. However, isn't it the challenge for the sustainability manager to break down those constraints, since many of the megatrends will require innovative and not incremental change? Maybe we should leave law to the lawyers? And rethink what the role is of the sustainability professional?

What I've been reading:
A group of 5 activists who are more afraid of climate change than prison. How big business can solve the world’s largest, most mind-numbing problems. How Nature Reduces Risk. What Cross-Country Skiing Reveals About the Human Condition. The brain’s role in setting our physical limits. Outside Magazine tells us that to delay death, we need to lift weights. Talking about death, are we improving ourselves to death? How to design your best afternoon routine, or just forget mornings. 10X your results, one tiny action at a time. Reread my intro and sustainability managers could lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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