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Yikes, two days late. Let's not get into excuses but let's say I have been going to places. If I was Al Gore, someone would be quick to point out the carbon footprint of my past few weeks and accuse me of being a sustainable fraud. Alas, I do not have such a reputation. All joking aside, March I spent at the always impressive Impact Summit in the Hague and I ended in Helsinki walking on a frozen river. I was in Finland for an annual study and meditation weekend my friends and I organize. Start of April, I spent time in lovely Nairobi, nicknamed Nairoberry by some, and sure robbery occurs but by taking precautions it can be a beautiful place too. For fun, I went to visit a tea farm where sustainability and health&safety were an unmistakably part of everyday business, definitely recommended. For business, I did a training with a private equity fund on sustainability standards and the SDGs. Then this past weekend, Dublin welcomed friends and myself with diesel trains rolling into the city (Ireland, what's up with that?). Last night, I concluded with a dinner aptly called "food for thought" hosted by Circl, the circular pavilion in the Dutch financial district of Amsterdam, owned by ABN Amro. I learned about DGTL, a festival on its way to circularity, and ECO Coin, an alternative currency to express environmental value. Never a dull moment they say.
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I will send this to anyone wanting to discuss dieting. Native Americans and basketball, there is more to it. The benefits of enduring pain, by Malcolm Gladwell and a runner. War on throwaway culture. Bridgewater's Ray Dalio claims meditation most important factor of success. But Ray, are the most successful people in society just the luckiest people? Heineken made a circular brewery, at least the building in Mexico. A new formula for fast fashion according to McKinsey. To change habits, try to replace them this article says. The end of scale, the end of big business? Nike created a design challenge for a waste-free future. Can localism transcend politics? The downside of the enlightenment. An investor guide to B Corps. Spiritual ecology, we thought it was for hippies but maybe we need to reread this. The role of green projects in scaling climate investments.
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