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This month is all about letting go of material things. That in itself sounds sustainable. For the past few days I have been cleaning up my apartment, starting to fill boxes for my storage and boxes that need to move with me. Moving house creates a necessity to clean and throw things out. Determining whether something is worthy of being moved, of being put through the process. I have to admit I am quite experienced in moving and throwing things out, dare I say so myself. However, this time I am finding myself on new grounds, I am moving in with my girlfriend next month. This adds an additional layer, maybe one that if you have lived together for many years you never have experienced, which is agreeing what items will actually move with me and which things don't. Which things we have duplicates of and which things are additional. Will my Playstation 3 make it? or my Mac Classic? Which I both never use. Next month more. Please say hello if you have any comments!

Till next month!
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The rise of oath milk. UBS and World Bank launch indices for sustainable investment. All you need to know about the eco coin. Please clean your chain when riding your bike. Unilever's green brands grow 46 per cent faster than rest of the business. Ethopia's history with lasagne. Running and meditation in LA, love this. 61 glimpses of the future from Tajikistan ao, 2 years old but still fascinatin
g. How a basketball team formed a culture to win. What White space means for your daily routine. Patagonia vs Trump. How is Kenya's ban on plastic working 8 months in? Why men quit and women don't. CEOs should lead on addressing social issues. A modest guide to productivity that is actually fun to read. What does it mean to be truly sustainable?
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