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Free! For Two Days!

Yes, Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled is free for two days on Kindle. No catch. That's probably all of some of you are going to read, but for the rest, here's more newsletter.


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Sidequest FREE

Yes, Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled is free on Kindle for two days (July 3rd and July 4th). No catch. I don't really understand it myself. Just go over there and get it... unless you're reading this after July 4th. Well, that teaches you to read my newsletter right away.

So, if you don't have it yet -- or if you have the paperback or audio book version and would just like to have the ebook as well -- go get it.

And if you already bought Sidequest, God bless you. You're who keeps me writing. 

So, no excuses now. Check out my hilarious, exciting fantasy adventure. And I'd love more opinions on the controversial ending. I thought I nailed the landing and really wrapped things up nicely, and many people loved the ending. But plenty liked the whole book except the ending. What did you think? I'd love to hear from you.

Chronicles of Dubya on Kindle

Here's one for the long time IMAO fan. In the long long ago (2006), I self-published a book The Chronicles of Dubya Volume 1: The Defeat of Saddam on paperback. Now this was before ebooks were really even a thing. Since then, I've left it in print but mainly forgotten about it. Now, I finally went and put it on Kindle so anyone who is curious can get it for less than the $20 paperback.

I don't even know how to describe it. It's weird. And it's all about political jokes from way back in that era. I'm not even sure it makes sense anymore. Honestly, I can't really recommend it to anyone. On the other hand, it's only $2.99 now, so factor that in. It's also on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.

Anyway, some people still think it's hilarious, so check it out if you want. And I don't think they ever did catch the Rumsfeld Strangler.

Superego Sequel Update

People keep asking about the sequel to Superego to find out what happened with everyone's favorite psychopath, but it's been so long since the first one that I'm starting to feel like George R.R. Martin. So I'm going to keep giving you regular updates to let you know it is being worked on every day and will come out in not too long.

Currently, I'm about 2/3rds of the way done with the first draft. The way I write, the first draft is completely incoherent (the later parts don't match up with the earlier parts) and full of holes (I don't like to pause to come up with made up names as I like to keep momentum). After the first draft is done, I go and make it readable to other people. Then the alpha reader reads it (my wife) and after that I'll be looking for beta readers.

Before Superego comes out, I will release another novel, a scifi, dystopian comedy with maybe some supernatural in it, but when you see that's the next novel, don't worry, the sequel to Superego is still coming. Just buy that novel to tide you over until the Superego sequel is out.

Featured Book

Night's Black Agents

Since I don't write enough so you can just read my books (I'm working on it) I like to feature books by other authors you can read. Well, I'm a big fan of Daniel Humphreys's Paxton Locke series (I even blurbed the first one, Fade), and the second one, Night's Black Agents, is out now. I already got to read it, and it is a lot of fun. It's a great urban fantasy with ghosts, witches, and firearms.

So check it out if you want a great summer read. Just, as always, make sure you've read all of my books first.

Today's Writing Tip

Describing Characters

Instead of spending a lot of time describing every character in your story, I find a good idea is to just give the reader one strong physical characteristic to hold on to and let them fill in the rest. For instance, you might say "he had a patch over his left eye" for one character, giving your reader a strong visual. Then for another character you might say "he had a patch over his right eye" giving another strong visual, but distinguishable from the previous character. And if you have a third character... hmm, now I'm kind of out of ideas.

Oh yeah. Duh. "He very conspicuously had no patch eyes."


Well, that's it for today's newsletter. Go get your free copy of Sidequest.

And please write reviews of my books... especially if you got it for free. That's just common courtesy.

Your friend,
Frank J. Fleming

P.S. If you feel guilty getting Sidequest for free, you can always pay for the paperback or audio book version, or buy one of my other books. I'm here to help.

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