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Superego Returns

Hey, are you staying home and a bit bored? Well, here's a great new newsletter for you! It's all about my first novel, Superego, and my plans for the series. If for some reason you don't know about Superego, I'll tell you all about it!

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My first novel, Superego is back!

Yeah, it was out of print briefly, but now it's back with an awesome new cover (by Allison Barrows and Romas Kukalis of for ebook and paperback. The old audible version is also still available. And it's also only $4.99 for the ebook and available on Kindle Unlimited if you're a subscriber. You'd have to be criminally insane not to read it now.

Superego is about a psychopathic intergalactic hitman named Rico. It was sort of my exploration of morality by having a nihilistic main character with no practical use for it. It was supposed to be my first attempt at serious writing, but one of the main things I hear from people is how funny it is. Oh well.

Anyway, it's a fun, exciting adventure, and for years now people have asked, "When is the sequel coming out?" Which brings us to our next piece of news...

Superego: Fathom

Finally, the sequel to Superego is here... soon. It's written. It's edited. It has an awesome cover. It just needs a bit more formatting and some last checks and it's ready to go. And if you're reading this, then you're all prepared to know when it's ready because I will send you out a newsletter. Cool!

Anyway, the sequel is called Superego: Fathom, and I think it's my best novel yet. I used all I learned since writing my first novel to make this sequel even funnier and more exciting. My goal is a novel with plot so fast-paced and gripping that you feel compelled to read the whole novel in one-sitting... which Superego: Fathom has achieved with beta readers. So I'm really excited to get it out soon so you can see the further adventures of everyone's favorite psychopath, Rico. 

And this time, you won't have to wait as long for the next sequel as I'm already writing it. It's tentatively titled Superego: Betrayal. It will be followed by Superego: Echoes to complete the story arc (though I may write the first sequel to Hellbender first as that's also already started). So lots more Rico to come.

Coronavirus Preparations

Since every single business you've ever dealt with in your entire life is emailing you about how they're dealing with the coronavirus, I'll just go ahead and join in. Anyway, I'm not leaving my house at all and constantly washing my hands. I don't know how that affects you, though. If you're worried about one of my books you order having coronavirus on that, you need to talk to Amazon about that. They won't even let me near where they make the books. I once asked, and they said no. I kept persisting, and then Jeff Bezos chased me off with a shotgun.

Anyway, hopefully Amazon is using good practices if you order a paperback. Still, maybe you should get the ebook to be on the safe side. Just wipe down your Kindle with a Clorox wipe before downloading.

But really, stay home and read. It's the safest thing right now. And read my books; the CDC says my writing boosts your immune system because I write so awesome.


As I mentioned before, I now regularly write for The Babylon Bee. I was also on their podcast again recently with other writers, so check it out. In addition, I helped with their new book coming out, which is available for pre-order.  


Today's Writing Tip

Posthumous Cash-In

As part of being a great writer, you should have a bunch of unfinished manuscripts and notes. You just kind of collect these all in one place, and then, after you croak, your kids will then hastily put these together and publish them as some cynical cash in.

You kind of owe this to your kids for how much you neglected them while you were alive since you were so obsessed with your writing. Still, you want to keep your integrity and haunt them for putting out in public all your writing you didn't think was up to your standard. How you haunt them is up to you. I'm thinking of a more modern approach where I mess with the wifi. They'll be like "Why did the internet suddenly go out when I went to check on the profits for publishing my father's unfinished works?" Spooky fun!


Hope you enjoyed the newsletter. So, make sure to read Superego so you're all ready for the sequel!

Your friend,
Frank J. Fleming

P.S. I know a lot of you already own Superego, but maybe you should read it again. And you should probably just buy a new copy as that's way easier than hunting down wherever you put your old one or searching through your Kindle for it. I'm just looking out for your time.

P.P.S Please stay safe from viruses.

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