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It's me again, Frank J. Fleming, your favorite author. I got some great tips today on how to come up with creative story ideas plus some other content I bothered to shove together.

Let's get to it!


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Modern Magic

What's an author newsletter without something to sell you? I know I don't want to live in a world where such a thing exists. Luckily, there's a new urban fantasy anthology called Modern Magic out now. It's got a lot of stories by a lot of great authors. Additionally, it also has a story by me!

And best of all, it's FREE! a dollar. But a dollar is like nothing these days, so that's pretty much the same as free.

I don't know how long it will stay at this price, so you better buy it while it's just a dollar away from free. I've been reading it myself, and it's a lot of great stories -- plus my weird one. So don't be an idiot; buy it now.

Today's Writing Tip

How to Come Up with Story Ideas

One big challenge with being a writer is coming up with story ideas. It's quite hard to be creative and think of something original people haven't seen before. Now, the traditional way to stimulate your brain into coming up with new ideas is to do lots of illicit drugs. There's some problems with this method, though. If law enforcement ever catches you, they'll confiscate all your illegally obtained drug ideas. Then it's some DEA agent writing your novel about a time-traveling dragon who has to save Ancient Rome from zombies.

So what to do? I guess you could get on a boat and head out to international waters and do drugs there where no one can arrest you. But guess what happens then? That's right: pirates. They'll seize your ship while you're tripping on LSD -- or whatever the kids are doing these day -- and then it's a pirate that has all your ideas. Now it's Puff Versus the Toga Zombies by Blackbeard.

In the end, drugs are just a bad idea. That means you'll have to come up with some ideas without illicit drugs -- as lame as that is. Here's what I do: Watch TV. If you like something you're watching, just take that idea. Some would call this "plagiarism" and it is frowned on in some cultures. That's no problem, though; all you have to do is change something. Like if in the show the main character's name is Steve, change the name to Bob. Now it's a brand new idea by you. And that's perfectly legal as far as I know. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure I'm smarter than one and I say it's okay.

So get to watching TV and coming up with "new" ideas. I recommend Netflix. If you need to, just a steal a login from someone. That's legal too as far as I know.


There's only a day left in the Bears Want to Kill You Kickstarter by Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop fame. If you value not being power bombed into a coffee table by a bear, this is very important book to own, and it's your last chance to get it in a special hardcover edition.

There's a great review of Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled at There's also another excellent review at the Daily Wire. But do I really need to still convince some of you to buy Sidequest, though? If so, what's wrong with you?

I finally have an author page up at I did the minimum effort, and I think it's pretty adequate.

Writing Update

Since you're all done reading Sidequest by now, you're probably wondering when my next novel is coming out. Well, my next novel is sort of a science fiction comedy set in a future dystopia with maybe some fantasy elements. I'm sure you'll love it. Even if you don't, you'll be required to buy it anyway. That one is being readied for release and will come out TBD.

And as for the long requested sequel to Superego, I am actively working on it. It will be ready in not too long, it's just things are always coming up -- like writing this newsletter -- but I progress on it every day and can't wait until you'll finally get to see it. I'm packing it full of action, plot twists, and dry humor. And I'm doing it just for you, fans of the first book.


That's it for today. I'll see you around. As always, if you have any comments or questions, just reply to this email or hit me up on social media.

Your friend,
Frank J. Fleming

P.S. I saw this neat TV show Game of Thrones and might steal that to make some books. I just need to change the names. It's a lot of names to change, though; it might take a long long time to write all those books.

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