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It's Finally Here

In these uncertain times, couldn't you use the greatest, most exciting novel in human history? Well, great news! The sequel to Superego, Superego: Fathom, is finally here! Buy it! Read it now! Don't even bother to read the rest of this newsletter as I just bashed on the typewriter like a chimp just to fill it out.

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  • Superego: Fathom
  • Superego for $1.99
  • Superego: Personality Test
  • What's Next
  • Today's Writing Tip


Superego: Fathom

Did you love Superego? Well, now you're going to think it's a stupid piece of garbage and feel like an idiot for ever liking it after you read Superego: Fathom because it is so much better.

Yes, after years of "Where's the sequel to Superego?" "When are you going to write the sequel to Superego?" "Why aren't you writing the sequel to Superego now?", it's finally here, and I knocked it out of the park if I do say so myself. Some of the beta readers said they stayed up all night to read it in on sitting, which is exactly what I'm going for -- intense and grabs you all the way through.

Plus some humor. Because I like humor.

After the events of the first Superego, Rico has decided to try and be a hero for a change -- which is great since an unknown group known as the Fathom is terrorizing everyone and trying to take over the universe. It's just the sort of thing it would be nice to unleash a psychopath on.

Superego: Fathom is available on ebook for only $4.99 -- which is crazy as economists estimate it has $32.43 in reading value. It's also available through Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that. And you can also buy it on paperback if you can't enjoy reading unless a tree dies (I understand; we all hate trees).

Buy it now! Start reading. I can't fathom why you'd possibly wait.

Ha. See what I did there? I'm so clever. You're going to love my writing.

Superego for $1.99

To celebrate the release of Superego: Fathom, the first novel, Superego, is, for one week, only $1.99 on ebook! That's insane! I mean, that's absolutely FREE (if you round down).

And you get the brand new edition with the great oil painted cover by Allison Barrows and Romas Kukalis that goes with the one they also made for Superego: Fathom. I mean, I'd buy it even if I already owned the older edition of the first one. The bits have to be getting stale on that ebook.

So grab a copy quick as the sale price ends next week. In a way, it's morally wrong to discount such a great novel.

Superego: Personality Test

Do you want more Superego? Then good news: There's a short story prequel to Superego called Superego: Personality Test you can read for free on my website. Without giving too much away, it's told from the perspective of Rico's AI, Dip. So, check it out now. This is almost too much Superego, but instead it's still not quite enough.

What's Next

When I started writing the sequel to Superego a couple years ago, I joked that I'd try to get it out before Winds of Winter. Well, mission accomplished. I'm more reliable than George R.R. Martin. Still, I don't want everyone to wait this long again (5 years!) so I'm already deep into writing the next one, Superego: Betrayal. After that, I plan to finish writing the first sequel to Hellbender (tentatively titled Hellbender 2: Double Hockey Sticks) and then write the fourth Superego that will finish the story arc (tentatively titled Superego: Echoes).

So, plenty more books coming. If you want to help encourage me to write faster, buy more books. There is little as encouraging as a big check. I remember when I got my first big royalty for Superego. I was like, "Yeah, guess maybe I should write another."

Today's Writing Tip


There are a lot of overused phrases in writing. These are known as cliches. You may think you should instead come up with your own original writing, but that's a fool's game. All the good phrases have been thought up; anything you come up with is going to be inferior. So instead, just use cliches; the reason they're used so much is because they are the best way to say things. So stop wasting time coming up with your own words; instead, just string a bunch of cliches together and you'll have some great writing that's already been tested by time.


I hope you enjoyed the newsletter. Go read Superego: Fathom, and I'd love to hear what you think about it. So write a review and hit me up on Twitter or just reply to this email.

Your friend,
Frank J. Fleming

P.S. Superego isn't a stupid piece of garbage. It's a great novel you'll enjoy too if you haven't read it yet. I was just trying to be boastful about the new one and I think I went too far.

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