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"There are two ways to be a hero..."

I keep getting asked about the sequel to Superego -- people want to know what's happened to that lovable, psychotic, intergalactic hitman Rico -- and while I haven't exactly taken George R.R. Martin-long on it, I've taken a while. So, to show you it's on its way, I'm posting the first chapter.

Read it here.

Enjoy! Yes, Rico didn't die at the end of the first book... but I guess no one actually thought he did which is why I keep getting asked about the sequel.

As for the rest of the yet to be titled sequel to Superego, I'm currently revising the second draft. Then I'll be looking for beta readers. I have another novel, a science fiction comedy, that should come out before it, though, which I hope to have more news on soon. So lots of books upcoming. Well, two. Two books. But this time as soon as I finish this Superego novel, I'm going to start right away writing the next sequel. Because I care about you, the fans. And your money.

Today's Writing Tip

Read, Read, Read

One key to being a good writer is to constantly read. I especially recommend reading obscure books, because if they're obscure enough, you can just copy them and put your own name on them and no one will know. And best of all, that's completely legal!

As long as no one finds out. If someone does find out and confronts you, you may have to murder them. But that's completely legal!

As long as no one finds out.


That's it. Just wanted to let you know about the first chapter to the Superego sequel for you Superego fans.

Man, I need to come up with a title for it. "Superego 2." Nah, I need like a cool subtitle or something. Or how about "Ultraego"?

No, that's dumb. I'll come up with something eventually. Anyway, enjoy and I'll get the rest of that novel to you soon.

Your friend,
Frank J. Fleming

P.S. What did happen with George R.R. Martin? Did he give up writing or fall down a well or something? Or did he just get really busy with his day job managing a KFC or whatever?

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