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Superego: Fathom Now on Audible!

Just a quick announcement: Superego: Fathom is now on Audible! If you were waiting for the audiobook because you're too busy to read it yourself or because you're illiterate, your wait is over! And Joel Richards, who narrated the first Superego, is back to once again give voice to everyone's favorite psychopath, Rico, as he tries to become a hero for a change and save the universe from an intergalactic threat. It's the greatest, most entertaining, most exciting audiobook ever, and you're about to listen to it! Pick it up today!

What Else I'm Working On

Just to let you know, I am busy on the next Superego sequel, tentatively titled Superego: Betrayal, though I occasionally have to pause working on it to write like a newsletter or something. Man, I hate promotion; if you all would just buy plenty of copies every time I put stuff out without me having to urge you, then I wouldn't have to spend time on this and have more time to finish novels. So if my novels take longer, it's your fault.

Anyway, after I finish the next Superego sequel, I plan to write the first sequel to Hellbender.

As for other things I'm working on, as many of you know, I'm the Senior Writer for The Babylon Bee, and continue to write articles there. I'm also now working on a new weekend update cartoon for them with Ethan Nicolle, the most recent of which you can see here.


That's it for the newsletter. Keeping it short as I'm to a really exciting part in Superego: Betrayal -- a confrontation between two major characters -- and I want to get back to it. So, anyway, get a copy of Superego: Fathom on Audible and enjoy!

Your friend,
Frank J. Fleming

P.S. If you've never tried an Audible book before, they'll probably just give you Superego: Fathom for free for trying it out, so what do you have to lose?

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