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Dear Friends,  
Who will we be to each other in this moment? Will we go back to old habits, or will we build something new, given everything we’ve experienced?

I’ve been wrestling these questions as we move into the next phase of life together. We have the opportunity to reflect on the impact a pandemic had on us – something that required us to isolate and distance ourselves from one another – and its effect on the shape of our lives. If we didn’t know before, we certainly know now: we need each other.

This month, I’m excited to share with you something big that we’ve been working on for some time: A Call to Connection: Rediscovering the Transformative Power of Relationships. This new primer seeks to ignite a national conversation about the power and possibility of social connection by demonstrating the benefits of becoming more deeply connected with each other as individuals, describing how connection contributes to our success as organizations and our collective wellbeing as a society, and offering practical guidance for how to do so now.

Alongside the primer, we’re excited to share reflections from numerous people who are answering the call already and inviting others to join them. Casper ter Kuile of Sacred Design Lab, and one of the primer’s authors, reflects on the process of its compilation. Linsey Morrison, a corporate leader at Eventbrite, explores the benefits each of us can gain from practicing connection and why it should matter to business leaders today. Our Building Lead Jonathan Gruber explains the different ways the primer can be useful to leaders across sectors. And our Bonding and Bridging Leads Ira Hillman and Itai Dinour reflect on the primer's significance for early childhood and youth development practitioners respectively.

We’ve also compiled a collection of resources specifically curated to help you go deeper in understanding and acting on the importance of connection in our lives. We hope you’ll join us and answer the call: download the primer, share it with friends using our social media toolkit, and try out connection practice #1: telling and listening to stories. When we share our personal stories and take the time to listen to others, we can see each other in a new light.

Together, we can create a healthy and thriving culture that prioritizes the relationships between us, and we can put this radically old technology of human connection to good use.

I hope you'll join us and answer the call,

Jenn Hoos Rothberg
Executive Director

Through the Prism

 with Nanyamka Redmond
Search Institute

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A Call to Connection  

To investigate a topic that is already rich with research, Einhorn Collaborative invited Sacred Design Lab, with support from Greater Good Science Center, to convey why and how human connection is a necessary and often missing ingredient in many of our efforts to ignite positive social change. The primer dives deeply into research and practices to help us nourish our most intimate relationships, connect with those who are different, and repair relationships suffering from disconnection. 

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Reflections on Human Connection

We Can Relate

by Jonathan Gruber

Einhorn Collaborative commissioned A Call to Connection to elevate the power and possibility of human connection. 

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Constructing a Call to Connection

by Casper ter Kuile, Sacred Design Lab

The lead author of A Call to Connection reflects on the process of creating the document and the promise it holds. 

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Reclaiming the Practice of Connection

by Linsey Morrison, Eventbrite

A corporate leader in public policy and social impact encourages all of us to see the benefit of improving how we relate to each other and why it’s good for business. 

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Relationships: What Young People Need to Thrive

by Itai Dinour

The wellbeing of America’s youth depends on our ability to create and foster relationship-rich environments.

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Relationships Aren’t Just Good for Babies

by Ira Hillman

Human relationships rooted in emotional connection build the tools of empathy, repair, and healing that are necessary for society to flourish.

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WATCH | The Science of Relationships

Martha G. Welch, MD explains that emotional connection in a relationship between two people is not a mental process alone.

READ | Loneliness in America: How the Pandemic Has Deepened an Epidemic of Loneliness and What We Can Do About It

A 2021 study from Making Caring Common explains the dire impact loneliness and social isolation are having on American youth and new mothers.

WATCH | The Circle of Human Concern: Video + Curriculum

Othering & Belong Institute Director john a. powell discusses how to change the dynamics of public and private space so that all people—and not corporations—are at the center of the circle of human concern.

ACT | Bridging Differences Playbook

This in-depth guide from Greater Good Science Center highlights key research-backed skills and practices to help individuals and groups navigate and overcome divides.

LEARN | Lesson: The Power of Active Listening

Find a friend or colleague to join you in this 45-minute immersion into the power of active listening, guided by StoryCorps.

LISTEN | This Is Our (Caring) Revolution

Krista Tippett speaks with Ai-jen Poo, the founder and leader of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, on OnBeing about what we gain from caring deeply for each other.

READ | Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World

Now two-time U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy writes in his groundbreaking book about the case for addressing loneliness as a public health issue that exacerbates many of the other social ills in our communities.

This month, we hope you’ll join us in answering the Call to Connection by downloading, reading, and sharing the primer with someone else who is ready to answer the call.

You can access it via our web reader, here, or download the PDF to your desktop to print and/or read at your leisure.


We also hope you’ll join us in experimenting with Practice #1: Telling and Listening to Stories. Invite a loved one, friend, or colleague to review the primer, too, and ask them to join you in a story-share!


You can also use the Reflection Prompts in the primer to identify some of your own connection aspirations and obstacles, and share them with a colleague, family member, or friend. Then invite them to do the same with you. We’re sure you'll be on a fast track to deeper connection!

Download the Primer

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