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My first book The Bootlegger's Legacy was loosely based on people very much like myself.  The two main characters, Joe and Mike could have been one of several people in my life.  These were very ordinary people living somewhat boring lives dealing with mundane problems like money and family.  They weren't very happy but didn't really feel like that was a big problem; after all nobody they knew was real happy; it was life. 

The character who was at the heart of the story Pat Allen, the bootlegger, was not like that at all.  He was a larger than life character.  He experienced life as joy not a burden; until it was.  There were also four strong female characters who matched their male counterparts in attitude and morality; with the possible exception of Pat Allen's suffering wife, Bugs. 

All of these characters and most of the people in my books have one thing in common, they are flawed.  Some more so than others, but they have serious faults.  Of course, that should be expected.  The perfect person would not make a very interesting character in a book.  Sure it would be nice to have perfect people as husbands, wives, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers--but would you want to read about a perfect person?  Probably not.

One aspect of my writing that is mentioned by reviewers is the language.  Some like it; many don't.  The words used by the characters are part of who they are.  The gangster Giovanni would not be a soft spoken polite man; he would be loud and offensive--which he is.  I've tried to match the language with the people and the circumstances.  A good example is Mike Allen, the son.  He goes through a transformation during the book from a more rowdy character to a religious reawakening.  As a result at one point he scolds Joe for his language.  Words that they have often used in the past --- now were offensive to Mike.  He was a new person.

Before I started writing I was a mega reader.  I read all kinds of books.  Some I liked some I didn't.  But I read a lot.  Never thought too much about the process of writing; after all I was a reader and all I wanted to know was who did it?  When I first considered writing myself I revisited some of my favorite books and re-read them with a different perspective.  Several that I really liked had a interesting quality I had not noticed much before--they were consistent in how the characters acted within the story.  Each character had their own personality and quirks.  They could do something out of character but as a reader you knew it was out of character.  This may have been the most important lesson I took from reading to writing.  Know you characters and let them be themselves.

I have written before about how characters almost write the book themselves.  Once I get going and I know who they are I let them just be.  I know that sounds weird but it is what happens--the story goes this way because that is what this character would do.  Of course on some occasions I will mix that up just to make it interesting.  But my goal is to let you the reader get to know the characters; who they are, what they think and how they will act; and of course what they will say, even if it is a few bad words.

My favorite character right now is Vincent Malone.  A man so flawed he is almost toxic.  From what was going to be a great life of privilege and honor; disaster occurred as everything fell apart due to his weaknesses.  For the next few decades he punished himself because of his failings.  I wanted the reader to sense that Malone was a good man who had lost all of his confidence and was merely looking for a way to die in peace.  He was done, a broken man.  He had paid the price for his tremendous shortcomings and now he wanted to be left alone.  That is how the first book starts--he's just about at the end.  
What we get to see is how he re-builds his life from one strange circumstance to another.  He starts to become a whole person again--still with an impressive list of faults; but we care about the man and we want him to experience happiness.
Just finished Fiction No More the third Vincent Malone book.  Not to give anything away but at the end of this book Vincent does something that is generous, kind and selfless; all qualities he had lost.  It is odd as the author to be proud of one of your characters because they are becoming a better human being--but I'm proud of Vincent.
One Book Wonders
My initial goal when I started writing was ten books, now that I'm at eight, I've increased that goal to maybe twenty.  There are many authors in the age of Indie books and Amazon who have written sixty or eighty or more.  Just amazing.  The question might be are they any good!  I guess that depends on the reader--these authors with lots of books do seem to sell many, many books.

It might be surprising to think about the authors who only wrote one book.  Here is a list of some of those One Book Wonders:
  • Gone With The Wind
  • Black Beauty
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Doctor Zhivago
  • The Catcher In the Rye
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Catch-22
There are of course a lot of one book authors who we have never heard of--but this list is pretty impressive.  The two that stand out to me are The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and The Catcher In the Rye by J.D. Salenger.

I was surprised that Oscar Wilde only wrote one book.  He wrote many short stories and plays but only one book.  J.D. Salenger wrote one book that was a huge hit and he became a recluse.  Write a bestseller and drop out of all of the hubbub, probably somebody worth knowing.  I believe he is still alive at 100.  Amazing!


Santa Fe Trees
Blue Flower Red Thorns centers around the contemporary art scene in Santa Fe.  This is a huge industry in Santa Fe and something that has intrigued me for years.  When visiting Santa Fe this is a must see; all of the fine art galleries that are located there--the art is wonderful.  One of my favorite subject matters in art is trees.  Santa Fe is a mountain town with lots of trees.  As a result trees are a common subject but always with a unique Santa Fe interpretation.
Ted Clifton (short) bio
Ted Clifton, award winning author, is currently writing in three mystery series—Pacheco & Chino Mystery series, the Muckraker Mystery series and the Vincent Malone series.  Clifton’s focus is on strong character development with unusual backdrops.  His books take place in Southwest settings with some of his stories happening in the 1960s, 1980s and current times.  The settings are places Clifton has lived and knows well, giving great authenticity to his narratives.  Clifton has received the IBPA Benjamin Franklin award and the CIPA EVVY award--twice.  Today Clifton and his wife reside in Denver, Colorado with frequent visits to one of their favorite destinations, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
If you have read (or plan to read) any of my books, please leave a review on Amazon.  Nothing assists me more in reaching new readers than good word of mouth.  You can click on the links below to view the book page, the "write a customer review" button is located where the reviews start toward the bottom of the page. 

Thank you so much for your time in leaving reviews on books you have read.
Book Updates

Seasonal slump.  I do my best writing at a rather frantic pace.  When things are going well I'm writing every day and completing several thousand words.  The Christmas/New Years season throws a monkey wrench into that whole schedule.  I really enjoy the holidays but it will be good to get back to gloomy January/February and get some things done.

Murder So Final --on sale now.  Each book in this three book series is currently priced at $2.99.  Give it a try and discover Tommy Jacks.

Fiction No More.  Looking at February/March 2019 released date for Vincent Malone #3.

Durango Two Step.  Vincent Malone #4 has started.  This book opens with an amazingly violent accident which follows a cold-blooded killing at a truck stop diner.  The truck driver causing all of this mayhem was hauling, illegally no doubt, a load of toxic something; and he was now dead.  Soon Malone is in the middle of this stinky mess.

AudioBook-- Santa Fe Mojo.  In the works.  No estimated time on completion but it will be out in the first part of 2019.
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